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12 July 2024

Another new set of images from a photoshoot. This time in 1955, and in black.

Sabrina (Norma Sykes) in black in 1955

9 July 2024

Every so often, a lorryload of surprise Sabrinastuff dumps its delightful load at Encyclopedia Sabrina. Getty Images seems to have engorged itself in the past year, and many new and improved Sabby pix (albeit with watermarks) are available. For example: Sabrina insures her breasts in 1957.

Sabrina insures her breasts in 1957

5 July 2024

More brand-new photos - this time, Sabrina's in gold!

Sabrina (Norma Sykes) late 1950s

25 June 2024

And another brand-new collection of pics - Sabrina in a Boat in April 1956. We don't why, but we're glad it happened.

Click the pic to see the nautical picture miniseries.

Sabrina in a boat

22 June 2024

A great day at Encyclopedia Sabrina: twenty hitherto unknown pictures of Sabrina taking singing lessons with Maurice Burman. Where and when is unknown. Click the pic to visit the Sabrina Songs page.

Sabrina takes a singing lesson with Maurice Burman

30 May 2024

Sabrina is off to Rome in 1958

Sabrina and Lord Anthony Moynihan, 1957

sabrina and Lord Anthony Moynihan 1957

22 May 2024

I was sure I had posted this, but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks to Bryce for sending it in.


4 April 2024

Found the programme of Sabrina with Virginia Mayo in The Loving Couch 1965

1 April 2024

I was sure I had posted this already, but I can't find it. The Rigby cartoon celebrating how Sabrina's crowds caused an airport roof to collapse in Australia.

Sabrina cartoon by Rigby - airport collapse

30 March 2024

Found an ever-so-slightly different angle on Sabrina's turn in London - The 'Tatters' Series

Sabrina - Tatters series

And an uncropped version of this 1955 'Tatters' image

Sabrina 1955 uncropped

29 March 2024

I've been quietly updating the Sabrina in Court and the Cinderella Nightingale pages.

Also found a nice upgrade of this Sabby-about-to-drown pic.

Sabrina in the waves

18 March 2024

Sabrina contract with Russell Gay 1956

We have a Sabrina Mystery! A 1956 contract between notorious nude photographer Russell Gay and Sabrina regarding pictures of her to be used in a book to be released.

Remember when Sabrina appeared on stage in plays?

16 March 2024

Sabrina 18 March 1963 rehearsing

English glamour model and actress Sabrina in rehearsal for her appearance with Arthur Askey on 'Sunday Night at the Palladium' in London, UK, 18th March 1963.

Sabrina greetings from a wall in 1955

Greetings from 1955. A new picture from the little Wall Collection.

Sabrina fans at the stock exchange 1958

British actress Sabrina stands in a street surrounded by male admirers while on a visit to the London Stock Exchange, London, April 29th, 1958.

Sabrina dancing with Harry Secombe 1955

Actor and comedian Harry Secombe (1921 - 2001) dancing with model Sabrina during a BBC Television Tea Party held at the Television Centre in White City, London, September 26th 1955. The party was given by Cecil Madden, assistant controller of the BBC, to inaugurate the new extra hour of afternoon TV. Due to the large number of guests, the event was filmed in the TV Centre's scenery dock.

Sabrina gatecrashes the Ascot Races in 1957

Sabrina arrives at the Ascot races 1957

British glamour model and actress Sabrina, wearing a halterneck evening gown with floral decoration on the chest, with black evening gloves and fur wrap, sheltered by a man in uniform holding an umbrella, as she emerges from a taxi having arrived to attend a premiere in London, England, 29th October 1955

Sabrina at premiere 1955

13 March 2024

Some things bug me: Donald Trump, inaccurate weather forecasts, and anal itching. But especially Sabrina pictures with no back story. Like this one:

Sabrina with actors.

Sabrina with Kenneth More, Nigel Stock, and Windsor Davies and two ladies... but I don't know why, where or when.

But today I may have found the why, where and when of this mystery pic.

Why: to plug ITV's autumn shows: "All are scheduled to appear in shows for ABC TV are (l-r) Jeremy Brett, Diana Rigg, Ian Carmichael, Vanessa Redgrave, Francesca Annis, Kenneth More, Sabrina, Nigel Stock, Pauline Yates and Donald Churchill."

Where: Hyde Park, London

When: 23 September 1964

So. That's what I achieved today (2024-03-13). What did you accomplish? :-)

12 March 2024

Some colourised enhancements to the page in which Sabrina tosses Joe Robinson down.

11 March 2024

Sabrina with Barbara Roscoe and Bob Monkhouse at the Miss Venus 1956 Beauty Contest

Sabrina with Barbara Roscoe and Bob Monkhouse at the Miss Venus 1956 Beauty Contest

7 February 2024

Yes, it becomes harder to find new Sabrinastuff after 23 years of drag-netting the internet.

But I've found a better image of Sabrina with Sammy Davis Jr in Sydney in 1959.

12 January 2024

Thanks to the noble Sir Paul J, we have new Sabrinastuff regarding her visit to Eastbourne to open a shop on 22 May 1958.

SABRINA is coming to Eastbourne on Thursday morning (1958-05-22) to open the new Victor Value Supermarket in Terminus-road.
The ceremony, in which she will cut a tape at the entrance to the shop, will be at 10 a.m.
A police escort has been arranged.

From the Eastbourne-Herald, 1958-05-17


20 November 2023

Found a nice colourised version of Sabrina under the mistletoe from 1955.

Sabrina under the mistletoe 1955

5 November 2023

Sit back and enjoy the vocal stylings of Sabrina on a new copy her disc. Vinyl, that is - with 45 of your human RPMs. Acquired at great expense (and little wisdom) in 2023, and cleaned by Martin at move.com.au.

Persuade Me

I Want a Man


5 November 2023

Another new magazine, from 1958. The Weekend wonders if Sabrina has done the wrong thing in choosing to come to Australia.

Sabrina, 'Weekend'
6 December 1958

Click the pic to view the article

3 November 2023

A new magazine! From Pix in 1966, one of Sabrina's last appearances - but only to publicise Australian singer Barry O'Dowd.

Sabrina and Barry O'Dowd 1966

7 October 2023

Shocking news - today I learnt from Bryce W what became of Sabrina's scrapbooks and the rest of her legacy.

It involves arson, drugs, deaths, and a manhunt - a tale worthy of a Hollywood movie - but it's not a happy one.

3 September 2023

Yes, things have cooled down at Encyclopedia Sabrina, but the hunt continues. This adds to to knowledge of Sabrina's visit to German in February 1957 with Steve Cochran.

Feb. 02, 1957 - British television Star ''Sabrina'' at Garmisch: The British television star ''Sabrina'' her real name is Norma Sykes arrived at Garmisch Partenkirchen for a short visit. The well known bob-sleigh racer and president of the sports-club Bobmeister, Hanns Kilian, received the guest at his hotel. In the bar of the hotel Alpenhof, Sabrina talked about her plans in movie-acting.

9 August 2023

You can watch an 11 minute YouTube documentary by Neil Sean, filmed on the sites important to Sabrina's story.

25 July 2023

An augmentation to the Spotting Sabrina page.

Bev Williams (aka Delia Klaasen) wrestled under the name 'Sabrina' in New Zealand in the early 1970s - and confused MANY people in the process. Including me. There are at least two big reason why.

Not Norma Sykes! Bev Williams (aka Delia Klaasen

22 July 2023

Having exhausted the Sabrinastuff in Google Books/Newspapers, I randomly searched for her and manger Ray Bolwell (who treated her badly, according to Sabrina). And this appeared... Sabby in NZ with Ray Bolwell, after her Australian tour in Pleasures of Paris.

Sabrina in NZ with manager Ray Bolwell and (left) Dick Spurdle

14 July 2023

Sabrina opens the Victor Value supermarket in Abington Street, Northampton, in 1957

Sabrina opens the Victor Value supermarket in Abington Street, Northampton, in 1957. Those two guys in white look like they're about to wet themselves with excitement.

13 July 2023

In 1957, a Canadian reports on the London revue scene, including Sabrina.

Sabrina studies ballet

12 July 2023

Still finding new stuff - this time, in archive.org. Also tidied up the Books page.

18 July 1956 - Variety (U.S.A.), p.48

Gimmick angle is seen in two shows. Sabrina (Norma Sykes), “dumb blonde” of British TV, is featured in an undistinguished song- spot in “This’ll Make You Laugh,” the Tom Arnold-Jack Taylor revue at the Hippodrome cinema.

and this delightful biography from "The Encyclopedia of British Film" (2005)

Sabrina (b Cheshire, 1935). Actress. RN: Norma Sykes. Blondely bulbous non-actress, first on TV as a dumb blonde in Arthur Askey’s Before Your Very Eyes (1954), made a few film ‘appearances’ in the 50s, mainly in sex-symbol cameo roles, like that in Blue Murder at St Trinian’s (1957). then turned up in US films such as The House of the Black Death (1965). other British films: Stock Car (1955), Ramsbottom Rides Again (1956), Just My Luck (1957), Make Mine a Million (1959).

10 July 2023

"Don't Dress Like Sabrina" - Advice for Women by Dr Billy Graham - Sydney Morning Herald, 22 April 1959

Dr Billy Graham, the American evangelist, told women in a record weekday crowd of 33,000 at the Sydney Showground last night that they should not dress like Sabrina.

He said women should make themselves as attractive as possible to their husbands, but they should not dress like Sabrina or “paint themselves like a Jezebel.”

He said wives should run out and greet their husbands with a kiss when they came home from work...

The long haul through thousands of newspaper articles in Google Books has finished. They certainly dried up quickly after 1962, and I never want to hear of a "Sabrina neckline" ever again.

Also found a pic of Sabrina on the Steve Allen TV Show in the USA, 1959

Sabrina and Steve Allen 1958

And a none-too-flattering piece in 1957... Bulletin and Scots Pictorial, p.8

Askey has a lot to answer for

Arthur Askey has more to live up to (or to atone for, depending on the point of view) than any other comedian.
I always feel it was the resounding success of his “Band Wagon" all those many years ago that made the weekly comedy series not only fashionable but essential.
Probably they would have arrived anyway — but the silly little man certainly speeded their coming.
Last night he started a new run in a thing called "Askey Galore!" abetted by David Nison, daughter Anthea, Vanessa Lee, and Sabrina, all doing precisely what experienced listeners would expect them to do — Nixon hesitantly assertive and Askey himself briskly ingratiating, a warming ball of fire.
The curious point made noticeable last night is that, while Askey has gone on unchanged for 20 years and more, it is Sabrina who seems dated.
Mere gimmicking wilts with time. Talent, like spring, is fresh with every repetition.


7 July 2023

The search for Google Books' Sabrinastuff has ended.

5 July 2023

Sabrina is stunned by Vincent Lopez in 1960

5 July 2023

My dive into 1960 newpaper articles about Sabrina has uncovered this beauty - Queen of the World Trade Fair 1960.

Sabribna- World Trade Fair 1960

3 July 2023

I'm still unearthing lots of new Sabrinastuff from Google Books' newspaper archives. I'm onto 1960 now. For example, Sabrina at the April in Paris Ball, New York 1960.

Sabrina 1959 - April in Paris Ball

1 July 2023

  • We learn that in 1958, Sabrina was to receive the 2023 equivalent of over a million pounds for 10 films which she was to make for Steve Cochrane. Spoiler: none was made.
  • We also find that after finishing her 1959 NZ tour, she was to be paid £53,500 ($US 150,000) to star in an eighteen-week American tour of Vegas, Miami and NY. In 2023, that's $US 1,567,665. That's $87,092 a week.
  • And she gives some good advice too.
  • 19 February 1959 - Farewell!

    So Long Melbourne. Thank you, Kay's. Phone MU7777.

    Sabrina's Kay Rental Car 1959

    Lovely Sabrina in her Kay's Rental Car. See more of Sabrina selling stuff

  • At the end of 1959, Sabrina was broken.

    "I can’t tell you how depressed I am. When I first saw Hollywood two years ago it seemed so glamorous.But now I’ve seen it at close quarters I hate it. It’s all so nothing. There’s no culture... "What I want is a new gimmick. The bust thing is finished now."

30 June 2023

  • Found a valuable site called TV Pop Diaries, which neatly lists pop music on British TV between 1955 and 1999 - including Sabrina's appearances. e.g. on Val Parnell's Palladium show on Sunday 3rd February 1957, Sabrina performed " I Want A Man Not A Mouse" but Parnell banned the gown that Sabrina had planned to wear at it was considered too revealing.
  • Made quite a few little additions made to the 1958 Sabrinalife page, including this interesting tidbit from 29 March 1958 - Evening Times. No date is given for the tour, but I have never heard of it happening. But Sabrina did appear in an episode of Tarzan in 1967...

Sabrina going on rock 'n' roll tour

Sabrina will head, a rock 'n' roll company, including Colin Hicks, brother of Tommy Steele, and the Cabin Boys, which will tour South Africa in December, Mr John Kennedy, Steele's personal manager on his South African tour, said to-day.

  • Finally got into 1959 newspapers, and have noticed increasing gaps in time between articles covering Sabrina. Maybe the glossy Sabrina shine has started to fade already. Check the Sabrinalife 1959 page for new items.
  • Finally found video of Sabrina christening the duck of the good ship Magga Dan before it sets sail for Antarctic research.

29 June 2023 - another busy Sabrinaday

  • On 7 April 1956, The Bulletin and Scots Pictorial posed the question: Are Scots women influenced by the curve cult, as personified by Sabrina?
  • Broke off the incident where Sabrina's spoke at the Variety Club, 10 April 1956 into a separate incident page.
  • A Canadian newspaper finds English music hall is quite different to that in the Americas.
  • The Age reports on 27 November 1958 that "English showgirl, Sabrina, is not expected to make any "live" TV appearances during her Melbourne season for Tivoli Theatres. She will, however, be heard on radio.
  • On 4 December 1958,several hundred people crowded the steps of Victorian Parliament House to see Sabrina visit politicians. Check the 1958 Sabrina Life page for more.
  • The Scottish Evening Times reports on Sabrina's arrival and photoshoot at Renfrew Airport.

    Sabrina, the girl who “busted” her way to fame with a dumb act on television, breezed into Renfrew Airport to-day and gave passengers arriving and departing a surprise.

    She stood shivering on the tarmac in an all-black outfit while photographers “shot” her. Read more.

    Sabrina Breezes in at Renfrew 1956

28 June 2023

The search through old newspapers goes on. Today I worked through 1957. So many weird findings.

'I want my Alsatian back from Steve Cochran because I need a dog to look after me.” SABRINA

27 June 2023

Found a significant new newspaper article from 1955 discussing Sabrina's astute money-management skills. A very interesting read.

Sabrina 1955 - not so dumb with money

27 June 2023

Have spent a productive few days trawling through Google Books' newspaper archive for references to Sabrina. There are so many new ones, such as this false alarm from Canada. And there so many references to the "Sabrina neckline" and that curséd movie with Bogart and Hepburn.

Bubbles Darlene, spotlights the new burlesque show which opens at, the Casino today. Co- starring with Miss Darlene will be Sabrina, another exotic dancer who also will be making her first appearance at the Diamond Street theater.

Bubbles Darlene false alarm for Sabrina

26 June 1956

TELEVISION’S Sabrina yesterday (24 Sept 1956) presented signed photographs to two police sergeants who had given prosecution evidence in a case in which she was a defence witness. Read the story

26 June 2023

Sabrina and Mr Mac 1956

Evening Times (Scotland) - 7 April, 1956, page 1


It isn't every day that you walk into the Weaver to Wearer tailor shop In Glasgow's Trongate and find Sabrina "in attendance.” But Sabrina WAS there to-day to announce the winner of the firm's “Win a Suit” competition — smiling Mr John McDonald, of 180c Centre Street, Glasgow who wins TWO "Squire” suits.

25 June 2023

On 17 March 1956, according to the Scottish Bulletin...


Sabrina's pet ambition 1956

SABRINA, the girl with the big, round, beautiful blue eyes, burst through her sound barrier in Glasgow yesterday to tell “The Bulletin” that her pet ambition is to keep a home for stray animals.

Read the whole (little) story.

10 June 2023

Found on eBay, another of the mysterious probably-Sabrina nudes that defy explanation in spite of considerable research. Were they taken in the same photoshoot as the infamous sixteen-year-old nudes? Time will tell.

Read up on the saucy nude Sabrina incident.

Find out out the nude playing cards.

Probably nude Sabrina

31 May 2023

Believe it or not, we can still find new Sabrina photos. I knew there were a lot, but this research project is going FAR beyond I could have imagined when it began in 2000.

Sabrina and Tommy Yeardye interrupted by a gorilla om tje Stocrk Room, London 1959

Sabrina and strong-man Tommy Yeardye interrupted by a gorilla in the Stork Room, London, 1959.

21 May 2023

Thanks to the Youtube efforts of Christian Blatter, we have a restored rendition of Sabrina singing "I Would if I Could" from her masterpiece, "Satan in High Heels"

bullet Sabrina is credited with the SIXTH WORST EVER B horror movie musical interludes with her rendition of "I Would If I Could" in SIHH. At least it just beat out "The Mushroom Song" from The Giant Gila Monster sung by Don Sullivan.

icon Hear Sabrina singing "I Would If I Could " - updated 2023-05-21

icon Watch Sabrina sing "I would if I could" (2M, WMV) - updated 2023-05-21 (now 47MB MP4)


17 May 2023

Thanks to the combined forces of Margaret, Bob and Adrian, we have upgraded versions of the Melbourne Arts Centre 1958 pix of Sabrina in the Dark - often against a pillar. Like this...

15 May 2023

Thanks to Geoff, we have three new photos of Sabby in Oz, on 18 January 1959.

Sabrina with cricketers Australia, 18 Jan 1959

Sabrina with cricketers Australia, 18 Jan 1959

Sabrina with cricketers Australia, 18 Jan 1959

As he said, it was a miracle that he found them on TROVE because they were not tagged with the name 'Sabrina'.

You can read about this special day of cricket in the Sabrina In Oz page.

28 April 2023

Added a reference to Sabby from Steve Sullivan's book, Va va voom : bombshells, pin-ups, sexpots and glamour girls.

And a new magazine article where Sabrina extols the stylish sexy sweater. See all the magazines here.

Sabrina in a turtleneck (sweater) 1957

And (it's been a busy day at nylon.net) - I have a large and silent version of Goodnight With Sabrina for you to salivate over on the Sabrina Short Movies page..

24 April 2023

A lovely new picture of our Sabrina being a bit moody and cheeky. It's amazing that after more than 20 years I am still finding new pictures of our Sabby.

Moody Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

14 April 2023

Sabrina and Arthur Askey

Sabrina and Arthur Askey - "He was always a perfect gentleman", as she told me in our interviews.

11 April 2023

Sabrina and Chico, her toy leopard. Read the related magazine article.

An interesting addition to the 1961 Kavalkad magazine photoshoot. Sadly, it's full-sized. See more of Sabrina in Her Bathers. Go on. I know you want to.

5 April 2023

"Sabby" by flashlight - PIX (Australia) 14 March 1959. Sadly, I only have photos of the pages. But to find a new mag is quite an event!

4 April 2023

From 3 December 1958, Sabrina finally gets a clue - in the Daily Express crossword

Yes. She's 16-down: stage name.

4 April 2023

An undated (but probably 1977) and unsourced newspaper article (with some missing text) wonders if Sabrina's marriage is on the rocks.

24 February 2023

For some reason I didn't have the larger view of this thumbnail... Now I do!
And please tell me - what do you call that red thing in her hair?

Sabrina with (what?) in her hair

19 February 2023

A rare find - an undiscovered newspaper article from 1958. The Australian Jewish Herald reports that...

When Sabrina was approached this week to attend a function on behalf of Mount Scopus College, she displayed great interest in the school and promised to attend if at all possible.

The British TV and stage personality is staying at the Savoy Private Hotel on the foreshore at Middle Brighton. The hotel is run by two Jewish partners, Mr. Berthold Kindler and Mr. S. Hofstetter.


18 February 2023

Sabrina in a reflective mood.

Circa 1955

Wow. It's not often that I find a completely new photo of Sabrina, but I did today. And it's a lovely moody one of her from 1963 during a rehearsal with Arthur Askey of Sunday Night at the Palladium -1963-03-18. Loverly!

17 February 2023

  • Collapsed three pages of site news back into a single page. Bandwidth these days makes Sabrinasized pages easy to download, unlike when this site began.
  • Spent some happytime upgrading photos in the background.
  • Found a nice little pic of Sabrina and Tony Smart in 1957, signing a TV contract for her to appear in the US in Feb 1958.

17 December 1957 - Britain's Sabrina Signs U.S. Pact

LONDON, Dec. 16 (UP) — An American clothing manufacturer who dabbles in show business said Monday he had signed Sabrina , Britain's bustiest showgirl, for a series of TV shows in the United States.

Tony Smart, a 37-year-old entrepreneur, said Sabrina would be paid $5,000 a week. She was scheduled to travel to the United States in February.

Smart said he had no intention of "making over" Sabrina (41-19-36).

"She's a typically sweet English girl. I'm sure she will be loved in the United States. She has got heart. She is the sort of person you can take home to mother."

Sabrina and Tony Smart signing contract

10 February 2023

In 1957, Sabrina appeared with Arthur Askey , Anthea Askey , singer Vanessa Lee , and the music of Billy Ternent in 12 episodes of Askey Galore! on radio on the BBC Home Service.

Written by Dick Vosburgh and Brad Ashton, produced by Dennis Main Wilson . First broadcast - 30th January 1957 at 7pm

Sabrina on radio... about as effective as a ventriloquist on radio. Remember Archie Andrews ?

30 January 2023

A lovely colourised pic of young Sabrina with her beach ball

Young Sabrina in Bikini with beachball - colourised

For more of the same, visit Sabrina in Bathers and Young Sabrina .

Also upgraded this rather scary shot from the 1960s beehive phase

7 January 2023

I finally realised I had no idea what sort of lingerie Sabrina was wearing in her thousands of photos. I started vital research. You probably know more about lingerie than I do. Please give your expert advice .

See the Lingerie page .


The twenty-tooth year of Encyclopedia Sabrina

27 December 2022

Thanks to Ralf, we have a brand new pic of Sabby. Taken in 1959, it was featured in 'The Victorian Surfer' magazine in 1962 to commemorate her return visit to Australia. See the magazine for a little more info

20 December 2022

Merrry Christmas from a card Sabrina sent me!

8 December 2022

Stumbled upon a nice upgrade to this 1955 pic taken by Russell Westwood.

And this photo upgrade of a young and lovely Sabrina in 1954 by Noel Mayne.

And, for the first time on any internet, a brand new pic!

30 November 2022

For those of you who are curious how the famous nylon.net domain has performed in the past year...

26 November 2022

For the longest time we have not seen a brand new photo of our Sabrina. But Ralf raced to the rescue.

Thanks to Ralf, of the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club .

As he said:

I have attached a photo taken by a club member of Sabrina sitting amongst the crowd at the Ocean Grove surf carnival. Our clubhouse can be seen in the background and our President, Claude Williams, is just behind Sabrina. There is also a photo that I took from the video of Sabrina in our surf boat. She is sitting at the back of the boat below the sweep. I wouldn’t have looked so closely had it not been for the club’s Annual Report mentioning that she had been taken out in the boat. Quite a feat for Sabrina as getting rowed out through the surf can be a bit unsettling. I have also attached an excerpt of the Annual Report pertaining to Sabrina.

Glad I have been able to add something to your comprehensive tribute to Sabrina and now I can add something sensational to my club’s history.

See more details of Sabrina's Ocean Grove and Point Leo visits.

Ralf wrote to add...

There was a passenger ferry that was established in 1953 that ran from Sorrento to Portsea and then across the bay to Queenscliff. You can find more info at  https://wongm.com/2013/05/sorrento-portsea-queenscliff-ferry/

However, Sabrina probably travelled the road route as there were 7 days between the Ocean Grove and Pt Leo carnivals and I image that she had accommodation and commitments in Melbourne.

Thanks again, Ralf!

16 November 2022 - Breaking news about Sabrina in 1959.

Ralf wrote to say:

Hi. I'm Ralf and I'm the Club Historian at the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club in Victoria Australia. Not far from the Pt Leo Surf Club that Sabrina visited in 1959.
I have been following up reports in our club's 1959 Annual Report and two club newsletters in that year of Sabrina's visit to a surf carnival at Ocean Grove on the 11th January 1959.
This took me to your Encyclopedia Sabrina site and the pages regarding her visit to the surf carnival at Pt Leo on the 4th January 1959 .

Disappointed that there was no coverage of her visit to Ocean Grove, I started to note some features in the Pt Leo video and I am 100% convinced it is actually of her visit to Ocean Grove , not Pt Leo.

I am not suggesting that the Pt Leo visit did not occur and the black and white photos of her with lifesavers there confirms that. But there is also a colour photo of Sabrina in a red bikini flanked by 3 police officers which is definitely Ocean Grove as the roof of our clubhouse is obvious in the background together with high sand dunes which is not a feature of the Pt Leo beach, a beach I am family with.

I also have a black and white photo taken of her visit to Ocean Grove with our club's president standing behind her. Sabrina is also taken out in the Ocean Grove surf boat "Gladys Bell" which is mentioned in our club's Annual Report but not your website.

Your Pt Leo story also mentions that Sabrina came prepared with a one piece swim suit but she is obviously in a bikini in the video and the colour photo of her at Ocean Grove. The videos takers suggestion that the video is of Pt Leo may come from the very last seconds of the video showing an Anglesea surf boat at what is very likely Pt Leo.

There may have been more than one video on the film with both Ocean Grove and Pt Leo featured. None the less, the Pt Leo video is definitely Ocean Grove.
Thank you.

14 November 2022

No new Sabrinastuff for quite a while. After 22 years of searching, new material tends to get harder to find. Apologies!

29 October 2022

I have started the long and slow process of replacing pictures with those from the discontinued B.O.O.B.S. programme. They were previously only available to contributors or benefactors, and were tagged with the mysterious golden key V.I.P. users only!

These VIP images are much higher resolution. Enjoy. And to add to the mystery, I won't be announcing their arrivals. You will have to find them.

26 September 2022

I have been quietly upgrading several photos in the background. Never fear. I am still here.

13 September 2022

Added a little to Sabrina's life in March 1963

Remember that darling of delight, that gal with the mostest in the right places - Sabrina? Well, after triumphs in America she is returning home, to appear with Arthur Askey in a late March"Sunday Night at the London Paladium" show. It was Arthur Askey, the Liverpool comic, who first treated us to an exciting view of Sabrina, and we sure are grateful for his generosity. After all, he's not known as big hearted for nothing! Come to think of it, she's pretty big hearted herself! She was once famous as Norma Sykes of Manchester, a model.

31 August 2022

Sabrina was associated with several Odd Things . And Sabrina advertised things . This hibiscus ad was one...

For charm and beauty it's hard to beat SABRINA... the New Double Red HIBISCUS

Our photograph of world famed TV star, Sabrina, christening the sensational, new Hibiscus named after her.

Developed by and exclusive to Lasscocks "Sabrina" is a double rose-red; it is a very strong grower and is really outstanding.

"Sabrina" is in limited supply — orders aft now being taken for November delivery.

Price 12/6.

At the April In Paris Ball in New York, 1960

An upgrade... Sabrina at a premiere in November 1955

Sabrina in full makeup

I could have sworn I had this pic already, but I can't find it. If you can find duplicates, please let me know

22 August 2022

At the Albany Club, London, on 17 February 1956, Sabrina celebrates her first year in show business.

Sabrina has a cheeky sleep-in



Sabrina attends the film premiere of "YIELD TO THE NIGHT"

Glamorous TV star SABRINA seens as she arrived at the Carlton Theatre last night to attend the premiere of the filn "YIELD TO THE NIGHT" in which Diana Dors plays the part of a murderess.

"CHARLIE" the Cockatoo makes friends with SABRINA when she paid a visit to the National Cage Bird Show at Olympia today.

11 August 2022

Big news, Sabrinafans. Grindhouse in Hollywood is releasing a BluRay edition of The Ice House by the end of the year. They have asked if I'd like to help with its release. As Sabrina would have said: I'll drink to that .

20 July 2022

Another example of companies exploiting Sabrina in advertisements .

And Sabrina did not like being exploited, which is why Sabrina was often in court .

And I found an upgrade to this ciggy pic

15 June 2022

On the day before the 23rd anniversary of the Sabrina Site, I am happy to present a brand-new video of  Sabrina in Rome in 1958 .

Please go wild.

9 June 2022

Sabrina in cellophane

New in 2022 - Sabrina in cellophane, sitting and happy. See the full cellophane shoot .

9 June 2022

A happy Sabby

Happy Sabrina

8 June 2022

Here's an interesting one.

We know what Sabrina looked like at primary school in 1945 , aged 9...

Now I have received new pictures from an anonymous source who is unsure if this is also Sabrina.


The unruly hair and the joyful love of the camera seem to suggest it is our Sabrina, possibly at a VE ( Victory In Europe ) street party in 1945, aged nine.

4 June 2022

From this

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

to this

19 May 2022

Happy 86th birthday to our Sabby.

17 May 2022

And when it rains, it pours. Another lovely upgrade to an old favourite of Sabrina pretending to like cricket. Without a watermark!

Sabrinarina - 18 January 1959 with former Australian cricket captain , Ian Johnson , supported by England's Len Hutton , Walter Lindrum (left) world billiards champion and Morrie Fleming , President of Richmond FC - 18 Jan 1959

18 January 1959 - with former Australian cricket captain Ian Johnson , supported by England's Len Hutton , Walter Lindrum (left) world billiards champion and Morrie Fleming , President of Richmond FC

So - yay! (Note to self - cf sabrina-bowling-men-1959-01-12-oz)

17 May 2022

At long last, a nice upgrade to the tiny tiara pic of Sabrina with Toni Dali and Some Other Woman (forgive me - she might have been famous. Let me know who she is/was )

I find a dozen pictures of Sabrina every day every day - but most of them were ripped off my site with their attribution removed. Or I already have them in better resolution or quality.

It's a joy to find a good upgrade of an existing pic. The old version of this one was barely bigger than its thumbnail version.

Much more rarely will I find a completely hitherto-unknown picture, such as the one with Sabby in her feather dress and earrings, staring seductively at the camera . Those are rare and precious moments that only come by once or twice a year now.


10 May 2022

A delightful new picture of Sabrina in (what I call) her seductive Feather Dress.

She stares at everyman of the 1950s and they knew what she wanted.

Sabrina's Feather Dress

SABRINA has lost three inches round her waist! by RUNNING two miles daily throughout the summer at Blackpool, dressed in two pullovers, one sweater, one windcheater, two pairs of slacks and a track suit, she amazed everyone by her endurance and determination. But not to worry - the 39 1/2" dimension now more than twice her waist measurement of 19", remains the same, as I.T.V. viewers will see when this human hour-glass appears in "BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES, with ARTHUR ASKEY, presented by Jack Hylton for Associated Rediffusion on alternate Friday evenings. [undated]

9 May 2022

SABRINA'S beautiful Kingfisher blue moire evening cloak is unusually concealing. - But I.T.V. viewers will soon be seeing more of her in "BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES" with ARTHUR ASKEY, presented by Jack Hylton for Associated Rediffusion on alternate Friday evenings. [undated]

9 May 2022

If your name is Eric, this is your lucky day. You can pretend Sabrina signed this for you .

9 May 2022

Found a nice little upgrade to this pic of Sabrina with friends, including Graham Kennedy, on a boat in Melbourne.

8 May 2022



The International Watch and Jewellery Trade Fair - the first exhibition of its kind ever held in this country - opened today at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Sir Cyril Dyson , Chairman of the National Association of Goldsmiths and former Mayor of Windsor, performed the offcial opening ceremony.

Photgraph shows: SABRINA with wall clock which runs for a year on an eleven penny battery. The figures are on signs of the Zodiac. SABRINA is the wellknown Music Hall star. FOX PHOTOS, SEPT 25th 55.

8 May 2022

Ted Doan from the Stockport Plaza - of which Sabrina was a patron - wrote to announce that

Every year we host 'Sabrina Day' as closed as possible to her birthday and this year on Saturday 21st May at 7.30pm .

We shall be screening the film Blue Murder At St Trinians in her honour.

So grab your popcorn, pop off to Stockport, and enjoy Sabrina's wordless cinematic masterpiece.

2 May 2022

May I offer a juicy upgrade to the Tatters Series "sitting on the stairs" snap?

I was certain I already had the following pic, but I can't find it. Please tell me if you know where it appears .

Sabrina in fur and white ribbon arriving in Australia - probably 12 November 1958.

Sabrina in fur and white ribbon at an Australian Airport - probably 1958.

1 May 2022

Sabrina's - dramatic actress and noted scholar - appeared in several movies, including The Ice House (1969) .

It has been compared to Shawshank Redemption and 2001 A Space Odyssey (but nobody knows why)

Thanks to the dedication of Sir Paul of Q, we have a high-definition tasty trailer for the cinematic masterpiece by Sabrina - The Ice House .

Watch it and weep (with joy, obviously. The bad acting is inconsequential). If that Youtube link ever fails, use this local backup .

visit the Sabrina Ice House page

29 April 2022

Artists who were to appear in last night's Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium discussing the decision to cancel the show because of the international situation. L. to R.: Jerry Colonna, Harry Secombe, Liberace, Beryl Reid and Sabrina.

Added 2022-04-29 to the 1956 Royal Variety Performance incident page

The photo caption reads:

ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE CANCELLED. Artists who were to appear in last night's Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium discussing the decision to cancel the show because of the international situation. L. to R.: Jerry Colonna, Harry Secombe, Liberace, Beryl Reid and Sabrina .

12 April 2022 - A new addition to the Turtleneck Collection

12 April 2022 - More juicy news on the Sabrina bust-improving Cream fraud of the 1960s.

Sabrina Bust Improving Cream ad 1963

11 April 2022 - A brand new picture! They don't come around too often, after 22 years of searching.

And this beauty... You can tell she's in love with that dress.

Sabrina stares at a dress

9 April 2022 - Adding to the spectacular scene in 1956 when Sabrina crushed a champagne flute in her Mighty SabrinaFist,

(Upgraded 2022-04-09 @ 14:20)

we can now see Steve's revenge...

Steve Cochran tweaks Sabrina's ear 1956


3 April 2022 - Sabrina in An English Affair: Sex, Class and Power in the Age of Profumo - Sabrina, Keller and all sorts of moist British pleasures. (Thanks, Lord Wilson!)

19 February 2022 - The first nude Sabrina jigsaw has sold on eBay. There are only two left to come using this photo (there are 3 other notorious nudies - see the nude page for details).

4 February 2022 - My A3 sized nude Sabrina jigsaw has finally arrived. 40x30cm - 300 Pieces of black and white naked perfection. You can buy one if you want.

2 January 2022 - Did some significant picture renaming to organise sequences and near-duplications. Some old deep links from other sites may fail.

1 January 2022 - Happy new Sabrinayear, and I'm looking forward to a bunch of exciting new Sabrinastuff this year.




31 December 2021 - a day of Sabrinasite housekeeping

Sabrina crashes Ascot, 1957

Above: A new (slightly different) Ascot Races pose

Sabrina in flannelette

Yet another new pic from the famous Shagpile/ Flannelette series.

We know what most men had on their minds in 1957... From Picturegoer magazine

30 December 2021

Sabrina under the mistletoe

Merry Mistletoe, from Sabrina, 1955

29 December 2021

As we all know, Sabrina mastered all skills. Acting, singing, swimming, driving, cooking, posing, smiling. But she was also a mighty warrior.

After all, we already know she was appointed the vice-president of a wrestling club in London in 1958 .

Sabrina prepares for judo battle

Sabrina evaluates her prey...

Sabrina wins judo battle

Sabrina strikes!

28 December 2021

Sabrina found a buoy to have fun with

27 December 2021

Sabrina leans forward

Upgraded this sweet puppy. Yip!
In the process, I discovered an important Sabrinafact. If you wonder why Sabby was often leaning forward in photos, you must consider the weight she had to bear in her upper storeys. To be snide about it and suggest she was showing off is most inconsiderate.

26 December 2021

Added another piece to the puzzle of the 1959 Cinderella Nightingale libel case .

25 December 2021

Yes, the quest for Sabrina continues in spite of floods, fires, COVID and Christmas.
The question is - is this Toni Dali? If so, it's from 1958. (I'm not good with face recognition. Lassie and Sinatra seem much the same to me...)

We know this is Italian singing star Toni Dali...

Sabrina and Tony Dalli

22 December 2021

Another in the 'Sparkle Dress' miniseries

22 December 2021

It is with regret that I close the VIP files access for members of the B est O f O ur B eautiful S abrina (B.O.O.B.S.) secret society..

The golden key BOOBS icon will no longer unlock rare and wondrous secret Sabrinatuff. I will dismount BOOBS links as time goes by, but be aware that any remaining golden key links will no longer work.

Since there was little to no use of the files anyway, this should not come as much of a shock. I will, however, begin moving ertswhile VIP material into the main site. This has been made possible by improvements in bandwidth and site storage over the past twenty years. I hope you exalted VIPs still enjoy visiting the site occasionally. If you have any special requests, please get in touch - especially Countess Anastasia of Siberia.

21 December 2021

Would anyone care for a jigsaw puzzle of nude Sabrina?

Just wondering... Click the pic if you feel an itch.

17 December 2021

Got organised enough to split off new photos of Sabrina into the dedicated Walkabout and Stairs picture pages. More will follow.

16 December 2021

Stumbled and bumbled across this fine rear-end display of Sabrina in 1957 from an Italian magazine, Le Ore .

Sabrina's posterior persective 1957

15 December 2021

After hours of scanning, Photoshopping and site updates, the Sabrina Fan Magazine page is finally ready to release. Further work needs to be done, but please enjoy it in the interim.

13 December 2021

Sabrina and Steve Allen cutout 1958


13 December 2021

The mysterious Sabrina Fan Magazine is finally ready for viewing. More detailed pix will be available soon.

And if you care to purchase this unique magazine, please get in touch .

11 December 2021

The first new newspaper article for some time - from 1963. Sabrina presents a prize to charity runners .

29 November 2021

Sabrina shoots - and scores!

A new pic from Sabby's appearance at the Norman Heath Testimonial soccer (sorry - football ) match in 1956.

24 November 2021

It has been a long time between drinks, but the Sabrinasite is still vaguely alive and looking for creamy Sabrinastuff for her devotees. Here's a new pic. Enjoy!

And BIG JUICY NEWS - 200 unique, new, never-before-seen pix are coming soon . It's going to Sabtastic !

Sabrina enjoys statuary in the woods

16 June 2021

Encyclopedia Sabrina celebrates its 21st anniversary . So, yay us!

5 June 2021

Sabrina sings

A nice upgrade

26 May 2021

A little addition to the Satan in High Heels page

Sabrina - Satan in High Heels

21 May 2021

Sabrina is due to honour the grand opening of Spurling Motors in Harrow on June 2 - probably in 1955

11 May 2021

This is a weird one from 1958 Australian Jewish News ...

The Margolis couple have combined with Henry and Connie Page to hold two combined functions.
A Card evening on Sunday Dec. 14 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Sharpe, 5 Springfield Ave., East St Kilda will be a most enjoyable affair.
George and Henry have special leave of absence from their spouses that night and will be making whoopee at a super Bucks Night at the home of Henry Page, 174 Wattletree Rd., Malvern.

Sabrina will be there.

I doubt whether you will make it but there is no harm in seeing whether George and Henry can still fit you in.
Connie and Yetta will be playing cards while all this is on. We hope they don't call too many misères.

10 May 2021

Sabrina appears with actor Barry Sullivan to promote his movie, 'Another Time, Another Place' (1958).

Watch the (tiny) video


4 May 2021

Finally found a photo of when Sabrina went shopping in disguise in Sydney in 1959 .

Sabrina shopping in disguise in Sydney

30 April 2021

A lovely colour shot of Sabrina from High magazine, 1959. See more colour pix of our Sabby here .

20 March 2021

Somewhat surprisingly, a completely new article about Sabrina in Australia, 1959 from the governmental ABC...

An Unusual Picture of Sabrina - ABC -1959-03-25

Sabrina 1959

19 March 2021

Upgraded the Harry Jay photoshoot from Melbourne 1959 .

17 March 2021

The flood of lovely Sabrinastuff from Lord Corey of Fulton has been processed, so there will be a hiatus. But today I found this upgrade of a pic of Sabby in Melbourne in 1959 . Or you can visit a Random Sabrina Page .


If you're brave, you might want to read more of Sabrina in Australia

12 March 2021

Sabrina on the cover of Freeland, NZ, 1959

Sabrina appears on the cover of Freelance in New Zealand on 6 August 1959

10 March 2021

Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) and the crowd at Ascot races 1957

A new shot of Sabrina at Ascot in 1957 . The caption said that if the crowd had grown any more around her, there would've been a riot.

Sabrina steps from her car at Ascot 1957

And if we didn't need another angle of Sabrina's arrival at the Ascot races in 1957, here it is. Read a little of the part of the article it came with .

9 March 2021

A 1961 article kindly provided by Lord Corey of Fulton, tantalises Sydney with the news that Sabrina might be visiting again in December.

Sabrina to visit Australia 1961

Click the pic to read the article.

8 March 2021

Another fine discovery from Lord Corey.

Sabrina arrives in Melbourne 1958

Police Escort at Airport for Tivoli Star

Sabrina was escorted from the plane (above) by Sergeant S. Miller and First Constable A. Warlow to escape the waiting crowd.

6 March 2021

Sabrina Knows Her Ichthyology - Miami Herald , 7 Jan 1960 - an interesting article since we learn that Sabrina is in Miami's Clover Club - and knows something about porpoises. Thanks to Lord Corey for the article.

4 March 2021

Again, thanks to Lord Cory, evidence that Sabrina appeared at the Chequers nightclub in Sydney in 1962 as well as in 1959

Sabrina at Chequers nightclub 1962

3 March 2021

An additional article about Sabrina's play " Pajama Tops " from 1965 - thanks to Lord Corey.

2 March 2021

The Melsheimer Marriage Incident - a weird marriage. Thanks to Lord Corey of Fulton for the source material.

1 March 2021

Thanks to Lord Corey Fulton, we find that Sabrina was performing in a Melbourne restaurant floor show in 29 December 1962.

Ad for Sabrina's floorshow at a Melbourne restaurant, 29 December 1962

Click the ad to read more.

1 March 2021

Thanks to Lord Corey Fulton, we have a new pic of Sabby with Slim Dusty, from The Age , 17 September 1959. You can read more about Slim Dusty's and Sabby's mutual admiration society .

See the Slim Dusty ad

22 February 2021

Hello, dear SabrinaFans. I need your help.

Recently I found on eBay an ad for an issue of Truth newspaper, a smutty rag from Melbourne, from 17 January 1959. It had a front-page article about a reporter's dinner date with Sabrina, and seemed quite interesting (from a Sabrina viewpoint at least).

The ad featured photos of two pages from the paper, but the photos were not very high resolution and the text was just barely legible. Some parts can be deciphered, but other parts are a blurry mess.

Even after using Photoshop to change the photos' levels, sharpness, colour mode (and even using a magnifying glass on the screen) much of the article is impossible for me to read.

So, I am asking those of you with sharper eyes, better Photoshop skills, or more patience than I if you can help with the humanitarian task of deciphering this article.

You can download the original untouched images by clicking the thumbnails below....and the page in progress is here .

If you can help translate even a part of this newspaper, please get in touch and I will be mightily grateful!



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