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A Contract is taken out on Sabrina!

A 1956 Sabrina Mystery

It is not known which pictures of Sabrina were to be used, if the contract was signed, or whether the book was ever released.

But to receive 1½ pence per book sold in 1956?

Let's say the 25,000 books were sold. That would add up to
37,500 pence =
£156 pounds (1956) =
£3,216 in 2024.

A tidy little earner.


Found on the intertubes in 2024, this 1956 contract was found between Russell Gay (known photographer) and Miss Norma Sykes (known photographee).

I have yet to discover what "said book" it refers to, or whether the contract was ever signed. It certainly was not dated.

If any London lawyer in Philpot Lane has any memory of the event, I would be glad to hear it.


DATED ____________________ 1956*

- and -


23, Philpot Lane,
London, E.C.3.

AN AGREEMENT made this --- day of ---- 1956*

BETWEEN RUSSELL GAY carrying on business as Lansdowne Studios at 7, Stockwell Road, London, S.W.9. in the County of London, Photographer (hereinafter called "Mr. Gay") of the one part and
NORMA SYKES (otherwise known as "Sabrina") of in the county of London (hereinafter called "Miss Sykes") of the other part

WHEREAS Mr. Gay is the author of certain photographs of Miss Sykes and is the owner of the copyright in the said photographs
AND WHEREAS Mr. Gay is publishing or about to publish a book either in stere scope, coloured or monogram form


1. Mr. Gay will pay to Miss Sykes the sum of one penny and a half penny per copy of the said book in respect of each of the first Twenty-five thousand copies of the said book which are sold. In the event of the sales of the said book exceeding Twenty-five thousand, Mr. Gay will pay to Miss Sykes the sum of Twopence per copy for each copy sold in excess of Twenty-five thousand.

2. Mr. Gay will render to Miss Sykes quarterly accounts of sales of the said book commencing three months after the date of first publication and shall pay the amount due to Miss Sykes within fourteen days after the rendering of each quarterly account.

3. In consideration of the payments to be made to Miss Sykes pursuant to clause 1 hereof, Miss Sykes hereby agrees that she will not within twelve months from the date hereof pose for photographs of a similar nature to be published in book form.

IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hand the day and year first above written.

[A sixpenny stamp is affixed under this]

* handwritten in pencil above is "Please do not date

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