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Sabrina's Life - 2000 onwards

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Mature Sabrina

A rare shot of mature Sabrina. Date unknown.


19 May 2002- turns 66

The Mail on Sunday reported that Sabrina is living a hermit-like existence in "semi-squalour in a grubby Californian suburb at the intersections of three ten-lane motorways and right underneath the flightpath of Los Angeles' Burbank Airport." and that she spends most of her time in a wheelchair.


Read Sabrina's rebuttal .

19 August 2002

Twenty-five years after their divorce, Sabrina's ex-husband, Harold L.Melsheimer brings 'Real Property' legal action against Sabrina and her mother - and apparently 50 other "Does"

[Does this mean 'unknown people'? I'm not a lawyer. Lawyers - please educate me ]

The case continued for 3 years until 25 August 2005.

I have no knowledge of the nature of the lawsuit or its outcome. See details on the Sabrina In Court page .

(added 27 August 2018)

Bullet 19 May 2003- turns 67

20 April, 2003 - Sabrina rings the Sabrina Site's Melbourne Headquarters and dispels some of the Mail On Sunday's conclusions. Listen to and read the interview .


The Mail On Sunday apologises for their silly article.



19 May 2006 - Sabrina turns sixty-ten (a more genteel way of saying it).


Sabrina breaks her leg. She phones the Sabrinastuff site and sends some great pictures from her scrapbook .

2006 or early 2007 - Sabrina and Steve Page were driving down Sunset Boulevard when a tree fell on the car, crushing the front of it. She put another disk out in her back.


10 July 2008 - Sabrina sends her first scrapbook covering her theatrical days onstage in 1965-1966, doing


19 May 2015

Sabrina's 79th birthday.

Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) in magazines

May 2015

Sabrina appears on page 8 of Classic Bus magazine (with a picture of Queen Sabrina contributed by the Sabrina Site.)
It had something to do with VRLLH motorway coaches, apparently.


May 2015

Ex-husband Dr Harold Ludwig Melsheimer dies.


19 May 2016

Sabrina's 80th - and last - birthday.


15 August 2016

Sabrina's songs featured in a BBC radio 4 show ' Sabrina and the Fish of No Return ' - the first of the series 'The River".
This site is pleased to have provided the recordings of Sabrina's songs to the BBC.


24 November 2016

Queen Sabrina The Age of Sabrina is over.

Norma Ann Sykes passed away peacefully in Los Angeles at the age of 80.

My tribute to her is on the Tributes Page .


10 September 2017 - from Stockport Plaza

Stockport celebrates the life of its own Hollywood Starlet / Screen Icon / Blonde Bombshell Sabrina at both The Vintage Village at Stockport Market and The Plaza Super Cinema and Variety Theatre.

SABRINA real name Norma Ann Sykes who grew up in Stockport passed away peacefully at hospital in Los Angeles on Nov 24th 2016. She was 80 years old.

The events have been organised by Ted Doan of The Plaza Cinema, Alan Lowe of The Vintage Village and Sabrina's close friend Stephen Page.

Events will include
At The Vintage Village: Up to 70 stalls of authentic vintage goods, screening of Sabrina's cult movie 'Satan in High Heels', and never before seen film footage of Sabrina on tour, plus a gallery of her own favourite photos, personal artifacts and items of clothing from her own personal wardrobe.
Her close friend Stephen Page will talk about her life and career and share her stories about her visits to Stockport, her superstar pals – Frank Sinatra, Liberace, her date with Elvis, The Hollywood 'Rat-Pack' and more!
The sensational Bexi Owen sings live throughout the day, plus a 'Best Dressed' competition with prizes. The suggested dress code for the day is – of course! – full-on, high-wattage 1950s glamour and pizazz! Dress to impress and you may snag yourself a nice little treat to take home!

At The Plaza: Screenings of Pathé Newsreels featuring Sabrina which played to thousands of fans at the height of her popularity in British Cinemas across the Nation alongside a special presentation about the life and career of Sabrina during the Heritage Open Day which will this year be hosted in honour of her memory as a Patron of The Plaza and Stockport's own glamorous star.

Stephen Page: Over the many years I knew Sabrina she often shared her fond memories of Stockport. Especially of visits with her mother Annie to Bramhall Hall and Bluebell Valley. She was a most remarkable brave lady and special friend who suffered many years of illness with great dignity.

She was previously honoured as both a patron of the Plaza Super Cinema & Variety Theatre and by The Vintage Village who paid tribute to her with a special 'Sabrina Day' back in 2012.
It is only natural and appropriate that her life celebration be hosted here in Stockport.
Ted, Alan and myself are hoping to work towards creating a future annual 'Sabrina Day' for Stockport which would both celebrate her life and benefit local charities.

Ted Doan: Having been a fan of Sabrina's since I was a child it came as a wonderful surprise to discover she was a proud Stopfordian and an absolute personal highlight was talking to our icon of femininity when she called The Plaza to kindly agree to be a patron. Her support of The Plaza, saved by our community just over 17 short years ago and her care for the youth theatres that use the venue displayed a passion for the town where she was born and the people who saved, restored and now use Stockport's 1932 Super Cinema and Variety Theatre, a glamourous venue supported by one of the nation's most glamorous stars.

Alan Lowe: We feel this remarkable lady who was a 'Stockport girl' should be remembered in a fashion she would have approved of, and where better to do this but in Stockport itself, at an event which will be true to the fashions of her time. We are proud to be involved with this 'Life Celebration' of our own Hollywood Starlet, Sabrina.

An official Life Celebration has been set for May 2018 At The Plaza Super Cinema with a day of screenings and events with a celebration concert.


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Bullet 'Sir H' wrote: "Congratulations on a truly magnificent site, it’s informative, funny, comprehensive, a deserved tribute to the phenomenon that was Sabrina — and the drop dead gorgeous pics are a great reminder of why she was so popular. I’ve put together the following timeline of highlights of her career... (biography) Finally, I’ve a small archive of photos, clippings, magazines which you don’t appear to have and which I can ship to you if you want." And he did: leading to the 'Sir H' collection .
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