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Encyclopedia Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes)

The Life of Sabrina

19 May 1936 - 24 November 2016

The life of Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) is a fascinating farrago of fact, fantasy, photos, films, fiction, failures, fantastic feats, and fabricated fables.

This biography is built on many sources. It began with notes from Sir H and has been augmented with information from magazines, newspapers, people who knew Sabby, and my interviews with Sabrina, and many kind contributors, like those who washed her car or treated her breasts for Australian sunburn.

There is no guarantee that any of these facts is 100% accurate: it's the weird inconsistencies in the Sabrina story that make it so interesting.

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The Life Index

  • 1936-1954 - The Norma Ann Sykes years
  • 1955 - 'Sabrina' is born - TV debut
  • 1956 - The Golden Years begin
  • 1957 - Pleasures of Paris
  • 1958 - Cinderella Nightingale, divorce scandal, Rome, Australia
  • 1959 - The Australasian Year
  • 1960 - Cuba, Miami, April in Paris
  • 1961 - Nightclubs, Playgirls
  • 1962 - Twisting in Australia. New Zealand.
  • 1963 - America, England, South Africa
  • 1964 - Back to England
  • 1965 - Pajama Tops in USA
  • 1966 - Loving Couch, Rattle of a Simple Man
  • 1967 - Phantom Gunslinger, wedding
  • 1968-1999 - Post-Sabrina, This is Your Life, divorce
  • Recent - Mail on Sunday, Recent events.
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