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Sabrina's Life 1960

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Controversial visit to Cuba where she 'consorts' with its new revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro.

In her interview with me (MP3) she discloses that she only met him once.

He gave her some green chickens [MP3]!

Her cabaret show went on to tour in over thirty states. "The people here respect me as a performer," she declared. "I'm not just known as, you know - a bosom."


Sabrina in Cuba

Sabrina poolside in Havana, Cuba.

Sabrina 1960 - Exclusive... Sabrina - Mr Cool
Sabrina January 1960: Sabrina takes a swim - '66' magazine

12 January 1960 - Pasadena Independent

British sexpot Sabrina came to Hollywood to seek her fortune, phoned a studio, and got this snapped at her by the switchboard girl: "Sabrina who?" Following which Sabrina, one of the youngest "has-beens" in England's film history, spouted the following opinions about Prettyvillle-by-the-Pacific:

"I have learned that Hollywood is just a big nothing. There is no culture, no culture at all. Besides, I've got to get a new gimmick because this bust thing is all finished, but the trouble is I haven't been able to find a press agent who has any idea I what!"


16 January 1960 - Ottawa Citizen

Busty British star, Sabrina is fed up with the brush-off she is receiving in Hollywood. Everyone knows her in England, but she made the mistake of stopping over in Hollywood without an express invitation to test for a movie. She had been appearing in Australia where her reception was warm. The change from warm to cold was too much, but Sabrina says she won’t go home to London until she has made a brace of films in Hollywood.


17 January 1960, Pacific Stars and Stripes

Sabrina works for one week in Cuba at the Hotel Nacional casino.

Sabrina denies Hollywood feud

HAVANA (AP)—Blonde, bosomy British beauty Sabrina breezed into Havana and denied she is feuding with Hollywood.

"I get so mad when people say things, like that,” she said Thursday night. She referred to published accounts that Hollywood has turned a cold shoulder to her movie ambitions.

"I have lots of work without waiting to be discovered in Hollywood” the 23-year-old movie star and cabaret performer told an interviewer.

"I have nothing against Hollywood but I prefer London or New York." Sabrina arrived from Miami appearances as a week-long guest of the Hotel Nacional gambling casino. She said she is not certain if she will try out her singing and comedy act here.

Sabrina, whose famous figure measures 41-18-36, was asked how she thought Cuba would receive her especially since some of the most dedicated golfers were here and especially conscious of hips.

"Judging by the people at the airport, I think they've changed their minds (about hips)," the bosomy actress replied.

Sabrina is labelled by their press as ‘La Busto’.

29 January 1960 - Bluefield Daily Telegraph, p.4. Sheilah Graham.

And Hollywood is a bit more interested in Sabrina, the busty beauty from Britain, who clicked in Miami, Havana, and Las Vegas. To be in demand in Hollywood you have to be a hit somewhere else.


9 February 1960

SabrinaMiami Beach FLORIDA: British song-stylist, Sabrina, who will open at the Singapore Hotel here 17 Feb, is soaking up some of the Florida sunshine on the beach.


15 February 1960 - Anderson Daily Bulletin, Indianapolis - Louella O. Parsons

Singer Sabrina and Joe Di Maggio are an every evening date in Miami.


17 February 1960

Opens at the Singapore Hotel, Miami, Florida.


18 February 1960 - Earl Wilson

Don't invite Sabrina and her show producer, Charles Malcolm, to the same kaffee klatch.

Sabrina February 1960 - Come and Make Love to Me - Foto-Rama

3 March 1960 - The Stage, London

Sabrina is co-starring in cabaret at the Singapore Hotel, Miami Beach Florida with American comedians Jerry Lester and Hal Fisher..."


10 March 1960 - CANBERRA — Replies by Ministers to questions without notice in Parliament today included:

AIRPORTS STAFF: Mr F. Courtnay (Lab., Vic.) asked was it true that airport safety at Essendon aerodrome, Melbourne, had been endangered by the use of fire staff for traffic control during the arrival of celebrities such as Fabian and Tommy Steele.

Mr D. J. Curtin (Lab.. N.S.W.): What about Sabrina?
The Minister for Defence, Mr A. G. Townley, said he would refer the question to the appropriate Minister.


21 March 1960 - Stars and Stripes

Sabrina Unhurt in Mishap

POMPANO BEACH, Florida (UPI) — English actress Sabrina escaped injury early Saturday when a small foreign car full of teen-agers overturned twice and banged into the station wagon in which she was riding.


April 1960 - Quick magazine has a lengthy article about "Sabrinia"!


1 April 1960 - Newark Advocate, Ohio

Sabrina pedicar Florida 1960British performer Sabrina is the chauffeuress of this pedicar at Miami Beach. Fla. which kind of makes you think pedicars with standard equipment like that could become very popular.


11 April 1960 (??) The year must be wrong.

Sabrina-Vernon Wright NZ 1960

Folksinging certainly does have its attractions. Look at the glad-eye Vernon Wright is getting from bosomy actress Sabrina during a strumming session at the Wellington coffee shop, the Monde Marie.


21 April 1960 - The Post-Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho. by Earl Wilson.

Sabrina, the chesty British beauty who came here from Miami and Hollywood and is developing a night club act with dancer Tommy Wonder, told me a strange thing happened to her in the Colony ladies' room.

"Liz Taylor and Natalie Wood came in and found my figure very amusing," she said. "They sort of looked and giggled." She didn't know why, unless it was because of her measurements. "Whatever Jayne Mansfield is, I'm half an inch more," Sabrina announced.


27 April 1960 - by Earl Wilson

Johnny Mathis has arrived where Frank Sinatra was 17 years ago — he has the gals almost faint, their mouths open, their eyes glazed, while their escorts growl. Johnny's mouth distortions, wild-eyed look and male Lena Horne-isms bothered the men when he opened at the Copacabana — but Sabrina, the busty English beauty, for example, gasped, "Isn't he sexy?"


27 April 1960 - The April In Paris Ball



The caption reads:

NEW YORK, April 27, 1960 -- IT'S APRIL IN PARIS IN NEW YORK -- British actress and television performer Sabrina wore this outfit, one of the more striking gowns at the party, for last night's gala April in Paris ball at a midtown New York hotel [The Astor].

Sabrina 30 April 1960

Sabrina VIP

Sabrina at the 'April in Paris' Ball in New York, 27 April 1960. The French caption said (using my schoolboy French with Google Translate doing its best...):

The decollete of Sabrina at the 'April in Paris' ball. All of the prettiest girls of New York were present at the 'April in Paris' ball at the Hotel Astor in New York to support the works of French charities. One certainly noticed the cleavage of the English blonde actress who scarcely concealed her allure, and in particular her superb bust is very proud [haughty, fine] since it is 104 centimetres around. The rest is what started it [gave her her start?]... [C'est du reste ce qui l'a lancee...]

You can read an article on the 1960 April in Paris ball from the Sarasota Journal

Sabrina at 'April in Paris' ball, 1960

27 April 1960 - The Holland, Michigan, Evening Sentinel, Wednesday, p.17

DeGaulle Snubs Gala Party But Sabrina Takes Limelight

NEW YORK (U.P.) — The world' famous April in Paris ball got along without Charles de Gaulle and its usual high society patrons Tuesday night, but it had another double feature named Sabrina.
The French president snubbed the big city's biggest annual "bash" at the Hotel Astor to attend a dinner given at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in his honor by seven Franco-American societies. De Gaulle claimed his evening was too full to attend the Astor event.
The general's cold shoulder undoubtedly kept many celebrities from the April in Paris ball, but one thousand lesser lights subscribed in the vain expectation that de Gaulle would relent at the last minute
The ball guests were feeling a little like have-nots despite an outlay of $150 a ticket until the bosomy British entertainment distraction named Sabrina hove onto the dance floor.
"Who's that?" was the universal question asked by 500 males. She was half in white satin and half in the flesh And soon her name was whispered from end to end of the gorgeously decorated ballroom to the other — "Sabrina."
It was just as well that de Gaulle stayed away. The limelight couldn't have encompased six feet plus of him and all of Sabrina. Maybe that's why the Duchess of Windsor failed to appear, too. though her excuse was an ailing aged aunt.
Except for the sight of Sabrina doing the cha cha cha. the April in Paris ball lacked much of the charm of its eight previous years.
The ballroom was too crowded, the guest list lacked real glamour. and the dinner lacked Gallic finesse.
The only ranking French guests who attended were the Duke of Montesquious-Fezensac and Count and Countess Philippe de Lafayette.
The theme of the event which raised $200,000 for Franco-American charities, was a masked ball at the Paris Opera Photo enlargements of the Paris Opera House transformed three floors of the Astor's Times Square facade, its lobby, and the French ball room into a stunning facsimile of the French capital's marble palace of music.


30 April 1960 - by Earl Wilson

Restaurateur Lou Levin dated busty actress Sabrina


19 May 1960- turns 24

Sabrina on set 1960

Labelled "13 May 1960 - On Set"

Breakthrough! (3 Dec 2011) found this pic in the Frederick News from Maryland with the following caption:

WORLDLY — Outstanding world figure Sabrina (42-18-36) is a worth-while addition to the World Trade Fair in New York.

Finally found out what the picture means!

Sabby shoe shopping

So based on the clothes, this is probably from the Shoe Exhibition at the WTF. Thanks to Simeon for this nice find - 30 Sept 2007.


20 May 1960 - Dorothy Kilgallen in the Oneonta Star

Sabrina, England's answer to Jayne Mansfield (and rather a loud answer) has been turning up at the Satellite steakery with agent Chuck Pregar.


23 May 1960

Sabrina's birthday 1960


NEW YORK: Buxom British Belle SABRINA pours champagne glass as she celebrates her 23rd birthday [sic - read about the birthday debate] at Gotham Hotel here May 21st.

Sabrina recently returned from year-long tour of Australia and the Far East.


24 May 1960 - Dorothy Kilgallen

Sabrina, England's answer to Jayne Mansfield (and rather a loud answer) has been turning up at the Satellite Steakery with agent Chuck Pregar...


25 May 1960

Police hero Lieutenant Mario Biaggi meets Sabrina , the bosomy British TV and Film actress , at the benefit premiere of the Hollywood picture " Pay or Die " at New York's Warner Theatre 25 May 1960 . The proceeds of the premiere went to the scholarship fund of the Columbia Association of the New York Police Department . Lieutenant Biaggi , a New York City Police detective , will be awarded the New York Police Department Medal of Honour for his capture of an armed bandit in New York earlier one morning last year after a gun battle in which the detective was wounded in the hand . Biaggo shot another armed bandit dead in the gun battle . 27 May 1960


1 June 1960 - Sabrina goes to 'The Forum', a themed New York restaurant

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Photo #: 889077 Photographer: Yale Joel.
Date Taken: June 1960. City: NEW YORK
Caption: British actress Sabrina at 'The Forum,' restaurant with 'gladiators'.
Found at TimePix (free registration required)

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina told me in our third interview that she lived next door to The Forum.

Also see the later reference to Hugh O'Brian at the end of the year


2 June 1960 - Tharunka (NSW Uni student paper) - page 7

YOU MUG, [The undergraduate], THIS IS YOU

"...He likes grog, girls, sofas, grog, beaches, girls, cool jazz, grog, night life, girls, fast motor cars, desert boots, girls, cabarets, grog, King's Cross, beards, grog, Sabrina, and more grog. He is not much for "pubs with no beer", policemen, beaches without girls, trams, cabarets without grog, neckties, studies, lectures, parking meters, uppitty demonstrators, reports, and flat-chested young prudes.


22 June 1960 - Hamilton, Ohio, Journal, p.12

Sabrina and bandleader Vincent Lopez 1960

His own story - Bandleader Vincent Lopez seems to have eyes only for British model Sabrina at a cocktail party in New York. the happy occasion celebrated publication of Lopez's autobiography, "Lopez Speaking," which gives the lowdown on the music world and its celebrities.


22 June 1960, Bristol Daily Courier, p6. Earl Wilson.

One of Danny (Danny's Hideaway) Stradella's charms is his New Yorkese. We asked him what he thought of Sabrina, the size 42 who's aspiring to be a singer.
He replied, "I think she should take voice lessons."

Sabrina 23 June 1960: MY LIFE STORY, by Sabrina. Australasian Post

23 June 1960

Sabrina has been offered a new job - as a model for a bronze mermaid which is to be placed with another on a rock at Australia's Bondi Beach. Read more

Sabrina -mermaid
Potential Mermaid: 1960

Sabrina 24 June 1960. Sabrina attends the premiere of the biblical film 'The Story of Ruth' in New York.

25 June 1960 - Daily Times, Delaware - Earl Wilson

Writer Sherry Cloth, who works on Paul Winchell's show for kids, is also whipping up a sexy cafe act for busty Sabrina.


26 June 1960 - Earl Wilson

Writer Sherry Cloth, who works on Paul Winchell's show for kids, is also whipping up a sexy cafe set for busty Sabrina...

Note: Sherry Cloth was a writer so the "set" is going to be a script, rather than a set of stage decoration.


29 June 1960 - Forum of the Twelve Caesars Restaurant

Sabrina and lion

Beauty and the Beast

Unimpressed by the imposing front put forth by shapely British actress SABRINA, a tame lioness opens wide in apparent boredom at the Forum of the Twelve Caesars Restaurant here, June 28th. Sabrina was among the many personalities on hand for a lavish "Roman orgy" marking the opening of a new movie.

Sabrina and lion

Sabrina - Norma Sykes
A nice find (15 April 2005) at
Taken at The Forum restaurant by Joel Yale on 28 Jun 1960.

Sabrina + Gladiators 1960



3 July 1960 - National Enquirer. Sad to say, I don't have the inside article... if there was one.

Sabrina not flat busted!


11 July 1960 - Pampa Daily News, Texas

Sabrina Pretty Archer 1960PRETTY ARCHER — Sabrina, the famous English movie star, stands on the firing line as she gets set to take a crack at bow and arrow shooting at New York's Coney Island. Sabrina was on hand to help celebrate the inauguration of a weekly fireworks display.


15 July 1960 - The Coshocton Tribune, Ohio

The blond and curvaceous (to put it subtly) Sabrina is usually thought of as decorative, and that is about that. But Hans Holzer, who will produce the Broadway musical, "All's Fair," says she belts a song like Ethel Merman.


20 July 1960 - Earl Wilson

British actor Michael Rennie dated busty Sabrina.


22 July 1960 - Ogden Standard-Examiner, Utah

Hawaiian Room couplette: George Jessel and Sabrina — who's young enough to be his date...

What does this mean? He'd have been 61, Sabrina 24.


August 1960: 'Pose' magazine

August 1960: Sabrina is antibikini! Ace, Aug 1960


1 August 1960 - Earl Wilson (found in Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

Sabrina took a Sutton Pl. apartment*, near actor Bob Evans...

* New York

4 August 1960 - Dorothy Kilgallen

Why planes fly low over Sutton Place: Sabrina sunbathes daily on a 56th Street roof.


4 August 1960 - Earl Wilson

Actor Steve Cochran, anxious to resume dating Sabrina here, asked a celebrity-tracking service to locate her. (They did.)


5 August 1960 -Lee Mortimer

Sabrina and Steve Cochran must be resuming or else why were they handholding at the Imperiale?


8 August 1960 - Daily Mirror

Donald Zec makes a transatlantic call to Sabrina in New York to find she is the Eighth Wonder of the World.


12 August 1960 - Earl Wilson

Sabrina, the busty English star, will sue her landlord, who "doesn't want theatrical people."


21 August 1960 - Lee Mortimer

I'M BUBBLING OVER (And it's not champagne either): That was Sabrina (all of her) and Hans Holzer, producer of "All's Fair" at Longchamp's Rathskeller.


22 August 1960 - Star-News, Pasadena

SabrinaBritish star Sabrina signed an autograph with her usual quick sketch of her own profile, plus her signature. The fan jostled Sabrina's arm during the sketching session. The profile sagged, giving the sketch a double chin.

Sabrina, remembering some unpleasantries with her old rival in British films, signed the sketch: "Sincerely, Diana Dors."

I just love this story! - Ed.

25 August 1960 - Lee Mortimer

Steve Cochran alternating between Sabrina (who alternates between everyone) and Lola Mason.


26 August 1960 - Lee Mortimer

Now it's safari operator Bob Lee on safari with Sabrina.


3 September 1960

Sabrina in Idlewild Airport New York 3 Sept 1960

Sabrina at Idlewild Airport.
The caption said she had been in the U.S. for 5 months.



Name - Sabrina
Type - Portrait

JAMAICA 30, n.y.

Sabrina makes a striking pose for the photographer at Idlewild Airport before departing on an American Airlines Astrojet bound for Los Angeles.
She will be featured in Jack Barnett's Playgirl Revue in Reno.



17 September 1960 - Hamilton Daily News, Ohio

Sabrina, the curvaceous beauty from England, is being courted seriously by Leonard Burton, producer of "Satan in High Heels"


19 September 1960 - Behind the Scenes in Hollywood (King Features)

BRITISH actress Sabrina, (John Bull's challenge to Jayne Mansfield) in town for a few days, dating writer Jackie Harnett.


24 September 1960Lowell Sun

Sabrina Sues for Hair Goof - By Dorothy Kilgallen

Sabrina, the British glamour girl, is suing the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas for $150,000, claiming her hair was turned blue in the hostelry's beauty parlor and the goof cost her an important movie job.


27 September 1960 – Dorothy Kilgallen

Sabrina the curvaceous beauty from England is being courted [by] producer of 'Satan in High Heels' [Leonard M. Burton]


October 1960 - 'Argosy' magazine (USA)

British understatement suffered a blow when Sabrina, England's answer to Marilyn Monroe, bounced ashore on Manhattan Island. Alert to historic developments, ARGOSY assigned a reporter to cover her movements. Here is his report:


1 November 1960 - Earl Wilson

SABRINA, the busty English beaut, making her local cafe debut, was asked not to wear a plunging-front gown.


3 November 1960 - Earl Wilson

Producer Joe Pasternak says he'll use busty Sabrina in his next picture. "I'm going to have a running gag about her." He says, "Everbody'll be running after her."


10 November 1960 - The Stage

[At the Astor Club]

But notwithstanding a premature announcement by Joe Baker, Sabrina was not to be found by a spotlight turned hurriedly in the direction indicated. Still, it was an understandable mistake.


22 November 1960 - St Joseph Gazette

George DeWitt's dating Sabrina, the busty British beaut...


25 November 1960 - by Lee Mortimer

Today's Sabrina item: George De Witt. Tomorrow's?


26 October 1960

Attends Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme's opening night at the Copacabana, New York City. Also there were Lucille Ball, Frank Lovejoy, Johnnie Ray.


25 November 1960 - The Artists and Models Ball (Thanks to Sir H)

SabrinaNew York - wearing an abbreviated velvet and gold lame costume, British actress Sabrina reigns as Queen of the annual Artists and Models ball here.

In the background is actor Dick Van Dyke, who was king.

See lots more pix of the event

Read the Mosaic magazine article

Sabrina 1 December 1960 - by Lee Mortimer

Stork Club jammed with Loretta Young, Vincent Price, Sabrina, Bob Sterling, Morton Downey and Jack Lemmon.


16 December 1960 - Dorothy Kilgallen

The good-looking dark-haired chap who has been escorting Sabrina these nights should be easily identified by cafe-goers familiar with tbe personnel at the Embers. He's Lucky Arpa, wbo screen-tested for the role of Rudolph Valentino several years ago, and could be in the movies if he weren't so blissfully happy as the Embers' doorman.


19 December 1960 - Spartanburg Herald-Journal (South Carolina, USA)

Busty British Sabrina is linked with everyone, but she’s seeing more of comedian George De-Witt than anyone...


20 Dec 1960 - Lee Mortimer

Park Ave. medico Lee Winston switched from sassiety gals (such as Gail Whitney and Cary Latimer) to Sabrina..


28 Dec 1960 - Lee Mortimer

Take Hugh (Wyatt Earp) O'Brian and sexy Sabrina and it's inevitable they'll date each other as they did at the Forum of the 12 Caesars...


December 1960 - Cover of 'Top Secret' magazine (USA)


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