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Sabrina Knows Her Ichthyology

The Miami Herald

7 January 1960

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WHAT BRINGS the subject of the playful marine mammals to the forefront right now is that fact that Sabrina, the 45½-18-etc. star of the Clover Club , spent last Sunday visiting the Seaquarium. Sabrina, who is accustomed to bountiful proportions, said that the porpoises and sharks she inspected there "were" nice, but rather small.

It appears that Sabrina is a sort of amateur ichthyologist, specializing on game fish, as the result of a tour of Australia theaters recently. While there she went fishing with some of the world's greatest anglers and saw them land really big ones In what is considered the Last Frontier of marine life.

Among the oddities we learned from Sabrina is that three or four smart porpoises can whip a lone shark.

In her current show at the Clover Sabrina, who is much prettier facially than most of her famous colleagues in cleavage, sticks to a singer's role with a half-dozen numbers. One of them is that tune with the lyric that boasts of having "a well-developed personality." She's not lying.

Nothing she does in her art could be construed as suggestive, however. With a hunk of woman like the British babe in view, suggestion isn't needed any more than movement or word is needed to appreciate a painting by the masters.

Off-stage she is no poseur, no pretender of greater knowledge than her listeners. She is intelligent, however, and a ready conversationalist on any subject. And quite uniquely for a performer who has taken a name out of mythology — she knows the origin and the background of the mythological Sabrina. She hasn't read Milton's "Comus." which relates the legend but at least she is aware of it.

When she gets around to it we recommend that Norma Sykes , that's Sabrina's real name, note Line 398 or 400 in it. It is full of portent that even Milton could not have "foreseen,"

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