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Top Secret , December 1960

Tempest in a C-cup!

By Maxwell Tamblyn

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

To help Britain's busty Maid of the Mountains launch her 41" super-structure in Manhattan, the boys cooked up a birthday party with a cake specially designed to illustrate sexy Sabrina's best points. But when the girl who's trying to make good by being Broadway's biggest Bust saw it, she was so shocked she walked out in a huff as she realized the points were dead ringers of her own!

The fixers and the flacks who throw the big celebrity parties around Manhattan are haunted — haunted by a dame!

There hasn't been an opening night, movie premiere, VIP cocktail party or even the opening of a new gas station (well almost) without the presence of a certain over-developed and bold blonde who keeps trying to grab the spotlight with her own headlights. Pushing her 41-inch superstructure through the door — and looking a lot like two tugboats pulling a luxury liner into port—the busty babe immediately eclipses the presence of the other dames at the soiree and makes them feel they are standing in a shadow (twin shadows).

(.) (.) ! ! !

You can probably guess the name just from the description. It's none other than Britain's fabulous ("I can't dance ... I can't sing ... can't act ... but I'm making plenty of money") SABRINA!

And the reason for all of this partying and pushing by the overhanging, underslung Sabrina — now, let's not have anybody do anything nasty like using her real name, Norma Sykes — is really simple.

Sabrina loves titles, and one of her most titled beaux was Prince Christian of Hanover. Her dream of sharing his name didn't come true, however.

The fact is, Sabrina decided all the fame and glory in her native Britain just wouldn't and couldn't compare with a wad of American greenbacks. Yes, the double-bubble blonde dropped everything — all but her important assets, which, of course, are still holding up just fine—and ran like a rabbit for the first boat to America when she figured she could pick up a lot of the Long Green with her milk and honey form.

The idea that it would be as easy as rolling - er - watermelons down a hillside, however, was completely wrong — even for sumptuous Sabrina.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Spaghetti helps keep the curves of that dish from England filled out to the busting point.

Hollywood, the first stop on the double-barreled bombshell's plan of invasion, gave her a surprise reception by acting as if a whole levy of 41-C Cupcakes were offering their charms to the cameras every day.

Maybe they are, because sexy Sabrina just didn't make it in foolish Filmland where, apparently, they were, perhaps, just playing it CLOSE to the vest during her visit.

The pretty package then protruded her way into Miami Beach and took a crack at being a sexy singer in night club — a crack that never widened into a career. The cafe society set agreed that while she certainly had a great pair of lungs they weren't much good for making music, at least the kind of music that more than two can dance to.

That finally convinced the curvaceous, sinuous cutie that the only way to make the break was to put her best front forward on dear old Broadway, the Main Stem, the Gay White Way, the Street of a Thousand Dreams — where some of them even come true.

That's why sultry, swinging Sabrina can always be counted on to turn up (and out) for anything that attracts the public's attention. And usually she's in the company of some befuddled playboy, sharpie press agent or any Show Biz wise guy she can snag for the event.

Sabrina snuggles close to Steve Cochran and gives the Hollywood actor something to chachacha about.
Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

And the next day, when you open your newspaper to the gossip columns, or the picture section, Sabrina's name and/or frame pops out at you.

In short, the gal who captivated Great Britain when nature made mountains out of molehills, is trying to imitate Jayne Mansfield and get her points across to the American male, the man who hardly ever looks up when he can look down.

Of course, being so indiscriminate about her pendulous public appearances can lead to embarrassing incidents, even for a gal who has made it DOUBLY plain that she would be pretty difficult to embarrass.

There was the private little party somebody of no consequence held for the daring doll the other day in one of Manhattan's hotels. A nice, big, gay birthday hit where Sabrina could make an impression on the Boys.

Naturally. Sabrina and her manifold charms showed up. SHE CAME, SHE LOOKED—AND SHE WALKED RIGHT OUT!

That startled hell out of the Show Biz bindlestiffs who figured the dame would do ANYTHING for a laugh and attention. But even saucy Sabrina just couldn't take the cake that had been baked for the party

It was a very big cake it almost looked like TWO cakes. Because rising on either side were two, huge cone-shaped decorations, each of which had been topped with a bright red cherry!

You get the picture? That cake Looked as if Sabrina had stretched out and modeled for the baker — it had her symbol(s).

But the blonde bomber didn't like it at all and stormed out.


The whole joint was laughing when somebody asked sarcastically how come the bold babe was suddenly turning prudish. Did she somehow forget her past — and all the sinsational success she had achieved back in Merrie Olde England with naughty, but ever so nice, nudity not so long ago?

Some nudie photos of the daring doll, showing what every man imagines he can see when he crowds in close, got tremendous circulation in Great Britain after saucy Sabrina made her mark on the public there as a Big-Big TV star.

Sabrina bowls
Pic updated 2015

England's Eyeful is way out in front in this game of cricket.

Of course, the pics didn't really begin showing up until the girl got famous, but then they flooded the market. They were on playing cards and on stage money Pound Notes. The latter looked a little like currency on one side, but showed all of Sabrina on the other.

When they began flooding the market, the sultry, sexy Sabrina announced that she was shocked.

"These photographs could ruin me!" she sobbed to a friend after a big public appearance.

"I was terrified people might be talking about them and that every rime they looked at me they were thinking about those photos!"

That's right — they probably were — and how could a bloke help it, eh, Guv'nor?

But that doesn't explain how they got taken in the first place, although surprised Sabrina tried to brush them off as just a little something that occurred far in the past when she was a teenage model trying to break into the tough London grind and couldn't find work. Legitimate work, that is.

"Some of those nude photographs were taken when I was only 16 and a stranger in London," she said. "I thought they would help me be a success at modelling.

"I was hungry and alone and didn't know what I know now. I didn't want to go home and admit failure."

That explanation would be perfectly acceptable — after all, about the same thing is supposed to have happened to Marilyn Monroe back in the old calendar days — except that soft and smooth Sabrina was DOING EVERYTHING IN HER POWER TO FOCUS THE EYES OF BRITAIN'S MANHOOD ON JUST ONE SECTION OF HER PULCHRITUDE.

A little thing like that birthday cake with its twin mounds wouldn't have startled the wench with the built-in waterwings back in those old days, when she was just the daughter of an ordinary middle-class English couple and struggling for success.

While she was becoming "Britain's Maid of the Mountains," the girl with the positive profile was party to such stunts as insuring her bust with Lloyds of London AGAINST THE DANGER OF SHRINKAGE AT THE RATE OF 2,500 POUNDS PER INCH!

Then there was the night she was leaving a theater in Birkenhead and the crowds got too close, including one guy who put his foot on the train of her skin-tight black velvet evening gown.

There was a ripping sound and Sabrina suddenly stood there in front of all those popping eyes NUDE TO THE WAIST!

Accounts say she fainted. But, then, so did several men at the shock of what they were seeing—and police had to be called to break up a near riot.


The tall tomato (don't squeeze the vegetables, Buddy) even went so far as to put on a deep-diving display for the British Royal family, when she was presented to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip after a command performance.

Of course, a commoner has to curtsy and bow low to the Royal couple, and sexsational Sabrina bowed lower than most. At which the Duke, a notorious ladies' man who couldn't look with the wife standing right next to him, stared sternly AT THE TOP OF HER HEAD.

The Queen, however, LOOKED and blinked her eyes in amazement. She couldn't think of anything to say, except: "I hope you will have many, many children" — which would, after all, put the equipment to excellent use.

That — and such other items as her own license plate "S-41" — were enough to make the boys in New York wonder why the girl they call "a Juliet with a built-in balcony" suddenly got so shy and prudish over a little thing like a birthday cake.

Maybe it's as Sabrina cooed to a friend: "I've changed so much lately. Norma Sykes doesn't exist any more."

Well, the photos still do—and so does her series of romantic escapas with a batch of international playboys, actors (like rough and tough of all the unlikely people, weeping Steve Cochran) and entertainers (like Johnny Ray) and even royalty (like the young Duke of Kent.)

Johnny Ray, of course, she thinks of as a "big brother." Although, Sabrina insists, "He can hug harder than any man I know!" But the other men certainly weren't interested in being brothers to Sister Sabrina.

Although burly Steve Cochran seemed to hold all the aces in Sabrina's game of hearts, she confesses to a peculiar delight in having boyfriend with titles — like Prince Christian of Hanover, whom she calls "a very sweet and charming boy."

"When I first met him," Sabrina once admitted, "I couldn't have cared' less. The thing has just developed gradually. But I'm not interested in marriage."

Oh, come on, now, Sabrina, wouldn't you drop everything — or almost everything — and marry the Prince if he ever asked?

"Gosh, yes!" she blurted. "I'd be a fool if I didn't want to be a princess! Grace Kelly was quite convinced about that."


"Prince Christian will never ask me to marry him. I think he's kind of ashamed of me."

Well, that's the way the bluebloods get — they like to frolic, but can't stand all the fanfare of making it legal.

So the wide-mouthed, sloe-eyed platinum blonde will have to concentrate on her New York campaign to make it into the BIG-TIME and the BIG MONEY.

Obviously, she can only make a pile here by concentrating on her two outstanding assets, and SHE KNOWS IT.

So, look out, boys. The Sabrina wave is rolling through Manhattan and it MIGHT HIT YOU.

Soon you'll be seeing this twice blessed beauty on TV, in films and on stage at Manhattan's glamorous Latin Quarter, where she'll make a much awaited professional debut for the Big Town.

And, of course, as the sharp-shooting press agents groom the doll for the big time you can automatically expect her to get involved in some red-hot front page scandal that focuses all eyes on what she has to offer:

To hit it Big in the Big City you've got to put up a BIG FRONT.

And who can do that better than S*br*na?

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