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Tivoli Circuit
presents the Australian

Pleasures of Paris

with The Fabulous Sabrina

and a cast of

Internationally Famous Celebrities

Thanks to James C we have, for the first time on any website in the history of the world, the 1959 programme for the Sydney production of Pleasures of Paris. Put on your best frock and pearls, sit back and enjoy.

Sabrina appeared in the London version (1957), Melbourne (1958) and Sydney (24 Feb 1959-29 April 59).

Also see the POP programme from London, 1957

Listen to Barry Crocker recall his days in Melbourne and Adelaide in the Tivoli with Sabrina - including how he became her manager.

1 September 2012 - found an intriguing article from New Zealand which claims that the St James Theatre in Auckland NZ hosted The Pleasures of Paris with Sabrina. She was definitely there in 1962, and may have also stopped there in her first antipodean visit in 1958-1959. Must check that out...

A review of the Sydney debut performance on 24 Feb 1959 (Sydney Sun-Herald)

Sabrina In Tivoli Show

Miss Norma Sykes, formerly of Blackpool, and now known as Sabrina, appeared for the first time in Sydney fast night as the official leading lady in a Tivoli show called "Pleasures of Paris," a lavishly dressed and prettily undressed recapitulation of past and unrepented Follies.

Sabrina sings a little, acts a little, and moves in statuesque profile about the stage.

Her singing is an unsuccessful attempt to blend the brazen brassiness of Betty Hutton and the simpering blonde coyness of Shirley Temple. Her acting is rudimentary.
But she is enormously ornamental and she looks to be, behind it all, a nice girl.

The rest of the show is pretty much as usual, except for a brilliant performance by the Horrie Dargie Quintet, whose easy, relaxed professionalism shines like a good deed in an under-rehearsed world: it seems a little unfair that their second appearance is as supporting cast — albeit a slightly sarcastic one — for Sabrina.

Additionally there is a good acrobatic dance team, a highly successful female impersonator, a couple of slightly macabre and only occasionally funny comedians, and a young Belgian couple who in five minutes of brilliant virtuosity go close to proving that a xylophone is a musical instrument.

Billy Baxter, a , personable young man, works extremely hard — and usually quite successfully as compere. JM




TIVOLI CIRCUIT, in keeping with its progressive policy of presenting the greatest names in show business to-day supported by the finest international acts in variety and featured in fast moving lavishly mounted shows, takes great pleasure in presenting their new French follies "PLEASURES OF PARIS" featuring one of the most publicised names of our time, the Fabulous SABRINA. No cost has been spared in creating this spectacular Parisian styled revue with a cast of international variety stars and 30 of Australia's most beautiful girls.

For the future, Tivoli's have planned a line up of shows that they feel will more than fulfil the faith that the Directors hold in the future of live entertainment and variety revue presentations in particular.

Following "PLEASURES OF PARIS" you are invited to join England's jovial jester JOHNNY LOCKWOOD in "TROPICAL HOLIDAY" introducing from Rio de Janeiro the exciting BRAZILIANA DANCERS who will be completing a world tour.


Pleasures of Paris (Melbourne)

The dress was apparently designed by Simon Shinberg who started Sharene Creations.
In 1957 he produced costumes for Sabrina for her Australian tour and she was photographed many times in his fashions – here she is in one of her Sharene Creations gowns. Source.



That an artist will play is not guaranteed. Absence may be caused through illness or force majeure, etc.

IN CASE OF FIRE — Choose the exit nearest your seat — and WALK — do
not run to exit.
The Management reserves the right of refusing admission to the Theatre.
Patrons are reminded that the taking of photographs is not allowed in the theatre.


Frocks styled and created by SHARENE CREATIONS, Melbourne.

City Hatters (Melbourne) and Akubra Hats for supplying hats worn in production numbers. City Hatters for supplying bowler hats.

Play suits by Signature Casuals, a Le Roy product.

Because of the French flavoured atmosphere this evening, it seems only fitting that the prizes won during "PLEASURES OF PARIS" should be McWILLIAM'S famous champagne.

Celita Jewellery as distributed by Sabrina by courtesy of Cecil Gordon & Sons Pty. Ltd., 127 King Street.

Luggage in Cargo Production by courtesy of FORD SHERINGTON LTD. Poodles kindly supplied by Mrs. A. G. Rose of Woollahra.

The SABRINA film is projected on Bell & Howell equipment by courtesy of SIXTEEN MILLIMETRE AUST. PTY. LTD.

A CLASSIC Koala and Kangaroo are cuddled by Sabrina.

Hosiery featured in Tivoli production supplied by LUSTRE — the Loveliest Lingerie and Hosiery.

"WESTINGHOUSE" refrigerators kindly supplied by EMAIL LTD.

Dry Ginger Ale and Soda Water used in all Tivoli Productions by courtesy of SCHWEPPES LTD.

GILBEYS for Drinks in the Right Spirit.

For that "added zip" — BUCHANAN'S BLACK AND WHITE Scotch Whisky.

First-Aid facilities in this Theatre are provided by THE ST. JOHN AMBULANCE BRIGADE members, who give their services voluntarily.

Only ROTHMANS — the greatest name in cigarettes — are used in Tivoli productions.


POPE MOTOROLA Television Set by courtesy of POPE PRODUCTS LTD.

TOOHEY'S FLAG ALES are always used in Tivoli productions.

Chairs in Sabrina's dressing room by FLER.

Convertible couch in Sabrina's dressing room by BERKELEY UPHOLSTERY CO. PTY. LTD.

Stop! Sabrina!

Who's who in the Show . . .


The story of Sabrina (Norma Sykes originally) begins at the age of eleven when she was the champion swimmer for her home town of Stockport near Blackpool. Her family moved to Blackpool soon afterwards, and it was here she contracted polio during an epidemic.

Until she was sixteen she was in and out of hospital nursing the after effects of this unfortunate illness.

About the time Sabrina was eighteen a photographer friend took her picture. English Post used it on their cover and Sabrina was "made".

An agent called her up for a B.B.C. TV audition on the Arthur Askey Show. Sabrina explained "it was only a small part but I had never been on the stage before."

She has had to turn down several film offers recently because of her commitment at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, for a period of eighteen months, where she appeared prior to visiting Australia.

She has charm, a sense of humour and intelligence to realise that Sabrina is a much more fortunate girl than Norma Sykes ever was.

Celita Jewellery ad

Variety news

If you see a Saba-mauve Vauxhall car with leopard skin upholstery and a gold "S" on the door (probably surrounded by crowds of people) it will be SABRINA'S new car, the colour being named after her.

Sabrina and her Vauxhall

SABRINA star of "Pleasures of Paris" enjoys the pleasures of VAUXHALL VELOX.

* Glamorous styling
* Superb six-cylinder performance
* Synchromesh on all forward gears
* True all-round vision
* Flat-ride suspension
* Fingertips steering
* Impeccable finish
* Magnificent braking


22 Flinders Street, Melbourne. Phone MF4131
Also Langhorn Street, Dandenong. Phone Dandenong 755

And more from the Tivoli programme

Read an account of Sabrina's Vauxhall and times in Sydney.

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