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Sabrina's Life 1964

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At some stage in 1964, Sabrina was standing on some stairs with a deconstructed beehive. It's not important why or where, but it happened, and that's what counts. Stay tuned for details.

Bullet 3 March 1964 - Sabby was crowned Queen of the World Trade Fair in New York.

24 April 1964

Returns briefly to London after entertaining the troops in Cyprus . Soon due to fly out to USA to appear in a play.


28 March 1964

Sabrina's Easter bonnet Sabrina and her (home-made) Easter Bonnet

LONDON: If we could wolf-whistle we would. Lovely SABRINA poses here today in her Easter bonnet, which she knocked together for the trifling sum of 25 shillings.

Sabrina returned to this country last Friday from Cyprus where she had been entertaining the troops. While she was out in the island she caught influenza and was confined to her bed in the Turkish quarter where she had a guard of two British soldiers.

When she came to look for an Easter bonnet in London, Sabrina found the styles did not appeal to her - and neither did the prices. So, being an enterprising young thing, she set about making a hat for herself. The result was this white silk affair covered in black net and rose petals, adorned with a large black rose.

Unfortunately for us, Sabrina will only be in London for a short while before she flies to America to appear in a play.

Bullet 19 May 1964- turns 28

29 May 1964

Sabrina 1964 London

The caption reads:

Black-clad beauty back

London Airport. Wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress, British entertainer, SABRINA, alias Blackpool's NORMA SYKES, is pictured on her arrival at London Airport tonight.

Sabrina is back home from the States where she plans to return in the autumn for a prominent part in a new play.



4 July 1964

Sabrina at Knottingley Carnival 4 July 1964

20 Feb 2014 - Thanks to Jon we have a very interesting pic of Sabrina that he took at Fieldhead, Knottingley, West Yorkshire after a Friday overnight stay at the home of hia parents, Charles & Irene Tate. Charles was Chairman of the Knottingley Carnival , which was opened that year by Sabrina.

The caption reads:

On the 4th July 1964 the Carnival Queen Joan Tunningley was crowned by lusciously 'pneumatic' Sabrina, who opened the event and also presented cups to the Queen's attendants and gave a kiss to lucky page boy, Kevin Eades.

Sabrina - Knottingley Carnival 1964

Sabrina with the Tate family

Bullet July 1964 - Sabby can still woo the Yanks. Inside Story re-tells the juicy story of Sabrina for Americans.
Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

9 July 1964 - The Stage , p.9





Cabaret starts at 8 p.m. every night
Forthcoming attractions include:
Sabrina : Ronnie Hilton
Norman Collier : Madaline Bell
The Federal Show Band
Mike and Bernie Winters
The Viscounts
The show compered by the North's best
compere — Decca Recording Star
Roy Hastings


16 July 1964 - The Sabrina Trophy

Sabrina trophy

Cleveland Park, Middlesbrough in 1964 - riders competed for The SABRINA Trophy. The photo shows winner Ivan Mauger, Middlesbrough Promoter at the time and Sabrina (fashion model)

Sabrina at the speedway 1964

Ivan Mauger OBE MBE says: This is from when I won the Sabrina Trophy at Middlesbrough in 1964.
Reg Fearman watching closely!

Sabrina at the speedway 1964

Pic upgraded 2024-03-13

Upgraded 2015. "Reg Feannan. Dave Younghusband, Ray Day. Eric Boocock. Blue Scott. Alan Butterfield. Clive Hitch. Slant Payling with Sabrina, she's the one in the dress."

Thanks to http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/middlesbrough-speedway.htm

Sabrina Cup 1964

Ad added 2024-03-13

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

19 July 1964 - The Sunday Gleaner Magazine , p.5

This Bare Business

I suppose there's very little chance of this bare-bosom thing catching on, but it does illustrate a quite genuine change in taste. Ever since Jane Russell the outsize bosom has been thought the height or desirability.

Girls like Jayne Mansfield and Sabrina actually fashioned their careers out of theirs. Their bosoms were large enough to make any further talent unnecessary.

Sometimes it has seemed as if the entire American economy depended on such bosoms. They were used to sell everything from toothpaste to new cars. All was ashes and despair for the flatchested girl.

The slogan for the 1950s might well have been: You will go far in a forty-inch bra.

Now there are signs on every side that the fashion in bosoms is changing once more. The girls in the frontless dresses merely emphasise this. They all have small bosoms. Girls with large bosoms couldn't possibly wear such dresses. The engineering difficulty would be insurmountable.

Quality may well triumph over mere quantity yet again.

Angus McGill

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

17 September 1964 - The Stage - Thursday, p.11

Four chances to see Sabrina

A FARCE has been specially written by John Kershaw for ABC's Tempo. It is called You Mitre Guessed and stars Sabrina, Reginald Beckwith, Patrick Cargill, Kathleen Harrison, Anton Rodgers and David Marlowe. Pamela Lonsdale directs and Reginald Collin is the producer.
You Mitre Guessed will be shown by ABC [Australian TV] on October 3, by ATV and STV on October 4, by Southern on October 6, and by Tyne Tees on October 7.


23 September 1964

A publicity photo to promote stars in upcoming 1964 ITV shows: "All are scheduled to appear in shows for ABC TV are (l-r) Jeremy Brett, Diana Rigg, Ian Carmichael, Vanessa Redgrave, Francesca Annis, Kenneth More, Sabrina, Nigel Stock, Pauline Yates and Donald Churchill."

Hyde Park, London

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

8 October 1964 , The Stage , page 12

Sabrina pretends not to know where Patrick Cargill is hiding those pearls in You Mitre Guessed , a farce specially written for [Australian TV] ABC's Tempo .

Sabrina in 'You Mitre Guessed', 1964

Finally! I found the source of an odd vicar pic that was previously shown in the 'Plays' page because I thought it was from a stage play. But Sabrina (as Miranda) made a TV show - 'You Mitre Guessed' - with Patrick Cargill (as the butler) for Australian ABC TV on 3 October 1964.

Sabrina and Patrick Cargill 3 October 1964 in '
You Mitre Guessed'

Click to visit the new 'You Mitre Guessed ' TV page


Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) in magazines

November 1964: Happy Landings , Spick

Photograph taken at Cleveland Park Middlesbrough in 1964 at an event when riders competed for The SABRINA Trophy. The photo shows winner Ivan Mauger, Middlesbrough Promoter at the time and Sabrina (fashion model) Middlesbrough riders Dave Younghusband, Eric Boocock Alan Butterfield and Slant Payling posing at the start of the event with Sabrina, a fashion model at that time.

16 December 1964 - Sabrina leaving London for Washington, then to New Orleans for a tour.

Sabrina leaving London for Washington

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

30 December 1964 - Daily Mirror

THERE was quite a search — across five continents, in fact — to find a substitute for British-born actress June Wilkinson , who was quitting a show.
It wasn't the fact 23-year-old June was blonde, with blue eyes, that worried the producers of the American stage musical "Pajama Tops."
It was her vital statistics — 43-20-36.

Read more.

This might be the incident that riled Sabrina so much about June's claim that June had to let out Sabrina's gown so June could wear it.

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