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Happy Landings with Sabrina

Spick #132, November 1964

Thanks to David J for these beauties!

Hi, Attached are 5 pages from Spick 132 ( November 1964 ) which I just came across. I also found reference to her in a 1955 Spick, which I will Email to you, when I can find it. Details of the telephone conversation were fascinating. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
David J

Another source (found 2023-02-18) gives some more info about the event:

British glamour model and actress Sabrina, wearing a blue jumpsuit with matching headband, and British wrestler, martial artist and actor Joe Robinson (1927-2017) in Robinson's gym, November 1964

Happy landings - Sabrina judo

How would you like to come to grips with SABRINA?

Don't rush madly in to answer that. Take a good look at these pictures and think about it.

Well, when a judo expert like 'Black Belt' Joe Robinson has to take this sort of dive in his own gym, how do you rate your chances?

It's Sabrina's way of keeping fit, and although it may be happy landings for Joe, who knows how to fall, what about that poor old back of yours?

Sabrina judo

Sabrina judo

Sabrina does judo on Joe 1964


Sabrina judo

Sabrina judo

And now, in colour

Thanks again, David J.

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