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Discovering Sabrinaday

(The Birth Day Investigations)

It would be too much for any lady's age to be publicly announced, but the Sabrina Site must investigate the perplexing clues.

1. Sabrina gave her age as 29 on her wedding certificate on November 21, 1967.

2. An article in Lowdown gives her birthdate as Feb 2, 1936.

Sabrina said this is not true (4 May 2003)

3. A press caption on a birthday photo gives her birthday as May 21, 1937.

Well, we know you can't often trust the accuracy of the press, and you can't trust a woman to give her real age...

The mystery was partly solved on 20 April 2003 by Sabrina herself when she phoned the Sabrina Site. Her birthday is MAY 19 , but the year is still under wraps.

4 May 2003: Sabrina herself, as mentioned above, said her birth year was not 1936. She is younger than that. Hmmm...

See the page describing First contact with Sabrina .

Just when it looked as if the plot was thinning out - we have DRAMATIC NEW EVIDENCE, courtesy once again of the Magnificent David J who has uncovered (dramatic music - da da da DA)

Sabrina's birth certificate.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes
Click it, if you dare. The truth is in there.

Hmmm! Interesting. I fear there may be a need for a Royal Commission into this affair. Or at least a Steward's Enquiry.

And there is now evidence from Sabrina's own fair 19 year old hand, thanks to Jon.

Click it to see the details.... notice the tentative use of her stage name at this early point!

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