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1 October 1968 - Daily Mirror

Sabrina in 1958 and 1968

FOR TODAY'S Lesson in Anthropology, let a study be mode of Sabrina.
Only the lingerie trade will be dismayed.
Ten years ago, with her 42in. bust, this Blackpool girl, born Norma Sykes, was a parody of the Average Woman.
She was a giggle more than a girl.


There was something pathetic about her popularity. It seemed that a mean advantage was being taken in promoting the evident dimensions of the hapless babe.
But that was another vogue of our fast-changing times.
Sabrina, 31, has made Hollywood. She has slimmed, and has Settled Down, and is a fascinating example of What They Are Like Now.

Inside Page was talking with her the other day when she produced the astonishing story that she had been mistaken for Twiggy.


"I was at a race meeting," she said, "wearing a boyish trouser suit and cap end someone actually asked me if I was Twiggy. Me!"
Forget the rotten old past, Sabrina.
The best is yet to come.

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