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So far, the Sabrinasite has managed to thrive on my personal income and generous contributions from philanthropic people such as Sir H , StuartNG , Lord Reg and DavidJ .

Alas, the success of the Sabrinasite in re-awakening interest in Our Sabrina has been curiously self-flagellating. As more and more people's dormant hormones are pricked into attentiveness by the memory of Our Sabrina, the competition for commercial Sabrinastuff increases - dramatically!

A magazine featuring Sabrina used to cost about $US2. Now it's closer to $US15. Unique Sabrinastuff such as one-off proof prints have hit the roof : 3 prints cost over $US100 in 2005, and 43 unique glossies cost $US500 in 2007.

To help my PayPal account recover, I need to recoup some SabrinaFunds, so I am offering premium Sabrinastuff to supporters of the site. The Best Of Our Beautiful Sabrina (B.O.O.B.S.) program was developed so I can continue to seek Sabrinastuff and give supporters unique resources in return.

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I'm not in this for profit, but being bankrupt doesn't help me or the site either. For the SabrinaMasses, I will continue to offer normal sized, screen-resolution watermarked scans in keeping with the Sabrinasite policy of always remaining free to Sabrina Lovers.

Bullet Or, you can help the site by contributing GROUND-BREAKING new Sabrina stuff (such as the The Phantom Gunslinger and enjoy the benefits of being a Knight in the order of Sabrina .


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