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Knights of the Sabrina Empire

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The Queen* has graciously deigned to create two new order of honours to be bestowed upon those persons who, through gallantry or endeavour, serve Sabrina.

The first order, the Sabrina Medal of Honour, is bestowed at Her Majesty's pleasure, upon those who have served to defend and extend the honour and name of Sabrina.

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The second order, the Most Excellent Order of Sabrina Empire , has five levels, and is reserved for those who have died or suffered great gallant sufferings in the defence of the Sabrina Empire (at home, in India and in the Dominions and colonies - even America.) The first two levels confer knighthood .

* Knight Grand of the Sabrina Empire , (GSE) - reserved for those who actually die serving Sabrina. Thankfully, no GSEs have yet been given.

* Knight Commander of the Sabrina Empire , (KSE) - for continuous and exemplary dedication to Sabrina beyond the call of duty.

* Commander of the Sabrina Empire , (CSE)

* Officer of the Sabrina Empire , (OSE)

* Member of the Sabrina Empire , (MSE)

This order of medal has yet to be struck. Design suggestions are welcome .

* of Tonga

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