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The Sabrina Hall of Fame

Honorable Members of the Order of Sabrina

For services to the greater appreciation of Sabrina, the following worthy souls have been awarded the prestigious Sabrina Medal of Honour. You too can be immortalised if you can contribute some new Sabrina stuff .

Read up on the unnecessarily-complicated Sabrina Honours System

May be worn when meeting the queen

  • 'Sir H' of New South Wales for the seminal Sir H Collection. Without him, none of this would have grown.
  • Nigel Cullinan
  • Mr Lea Ellis and Beryl Ellis
  • Simon Vaughan (Archivist, Alexandra Palace Television Society ) - great bloke!
  • Roger, Sabrinafan First Class
  • Paul Walsh
  • 'The Guy From The Netherlands'
  • Andy Briggs for Sabrina's songs
  • Beth, from Australia (our first female contributor)
  • Keith - for the 'Mail on Sunday' article.
  • Fiona Wingett - for helping me get in touch with Sabrina.
  • Ron for his personal pictures of Sabrina
  • Stuart for his enduring assistance with locating Sabrina stuff
  • David Jackson for (amongst other things too numerous to mention) Span #33 and a bar for Span #23 - and another bar for Spick Nov 64 . More bars for the Beautiful Britons pix, and an oak cluster for Sabrina's birth certificate .
  • Stuart for his unsolicited financial support of the Sabrina Site to the tune of $AU100!
  • Argyle, for the HI-LIFE article .
  • Sabrina , for providing unique information ... about Sabrina.
  • Sabrina's friend, Stevie, for helping to get Sabrina to contact the Sabrina Site
  • ceguah for his great effort in sending 15 big pictures for the 26th picture page!
  • Michael, for his unflinching SabrinaSleuthing that touched on Sabrina's address before confirmation came through.
  • 'Kyle' - for continued contributions such as this to the Sabrina Site!
  • 'Producer' - for a nudie card
  • LORD Reg - for some great scans of pix, and for Carnival 1956 , and for the great effort of getting the 8mm film of SABRINA AT HOME to the Sabrina site.
  • Anastasia Arden (Анастасия), Countess of West Siberia, for her devotion to our Sabrina, including her tribute .

 countess Anastasia of West Siberia

  • On 7 January 2021, we welcome Lord Corey of Fulton to the distinguished Sabrina Hall of Fame in recognition of his bravery and cleverness in finding many archived newspaper pieces on Sabrina. Rise, Lord Corey!

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