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Conditions of use
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This site started as, and hopes to remain, a humanitarian contribution to the wealth of knowledge about Sabrina, born Norma Sykes.

I encourage the free use of information and pictures herein for non-commercial purposes, as long as their source is acknowledged (nylon.net/sabrina).

This does NOT include:

  • ripping off images or text and selling them on Ebay (or other auction sites) as a screensaver or similar compilations! I will notify Ebay of people misusing these resources for commercial purposes;
  • mass-downloading of images or text to create your own supposedly 'self-created' Sabrina site, or group, or whatever. I really don't want to have to start watermarking over Sabrina's face and boobs to prevent thankless pilfering;
  • cropping my sabrinastuff.com or nylon.net/sabrina watermark and posting the images as if you found them yourself.
  • BOOBS pictures offered here are not for commercial use. Please contact me if you intend to use images in magazines, books, newspapers, other print formats, TV, video or other commercial purposes. I might just have what you need!

It would even be nice if you asked for permission before using material from the SabrinaStuff site.


While this site is intended for the benefit of all oxygen-breathing and trouser-enabled life forms [even skirt-wearing fans are welcome: the Sabrina site is not choosy!], I do expect basic journalistic ethics from those who use information from this site for their professional benefit.

If information from this site is used, I would expect, at minimum, a statement that information or pictures were derived from nylon.net/sabrina.

Less than this will attract quite rigorous and extended legal action. Believe me. I am really pissed off at the moment, and will litigate until the proverbial cows come home, play Scrabble™, go to bed, wake up, drink cocoa and go "Moo - who's been fiddling with our stuff?".

Note: Certain trivial but distinctive and unique alterations have been made to source material on this site in order to make them readily identifiable in case of copyright court battles. Do you really want to find them all and try to invisibly remove them - and their metadata?

Many of the pictures on this site are copyrighted by the people who kindly donated them to me to reproduce. While most of the donors are not named on a page, you really would not want to find out who they are from their barristers.

Hint - I know that at least two are members of their national or state parliaments.

Many of the donors are anonymous because they are rather notable people in government or the entertainment or publishing industries, and they know their way around a courtroom.

To use information from this site,
for commercial or journalistic use,
please contact me at this address


Others: ignore this, and return to enjoy Sabrina's Page

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