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Sabrina was not averse to having her picture taken. In fact, the more, the better, and in the end I found 2,282 of them. Click below for some of the Sabrina snaps..

Sabrina was often in print including postcards, ads, newspapers, and of course magazines. Many more pictures can be found in the magazine section .

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Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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The Sabrina Picture Pages

A Sabrina Sampler for those who don't know where to begin

Sabrina Climbs some Stairs (in a bikini, and in lace)

Sabrina goes walkabout in Trafalgar Square in 1955

Young Sabrina

Sabrina - Covergirl

The 'Tatters' series - live on the streets of London, looking languid

Sabrina With her mum Annie and dad Walter

Sabrina With Steve Cochran

Sabrina With Dick van Dyke at the Artists and Models Ball, 1960

Sabrina With Arthur Askey

Sabrina With People, being seen

High res scans of photos

Collectibles - signed photos

Sabrina In Bathers

Sabrina In Lace

Sabrina In Flannelette

Sabrina In Tight Turtlenecks

Sabrina In Fur

Sabrina In Lingerie and various undergarments

The Paul Popper pictures

Sabrina at the Ascot Races

Sabrina in a beehive hairdo

Sabrina visiting Dorincourt for the Queen Elizabeth Fountation (1950s)

Sabrina insures her bust for fire, theft and shrinkage

Mini-series of photos - small collections of related photos

Sabrina with a piano

In Rome 1958 - en route to Oz

In Australia

In Melbourne for The Late Show , 1958

Pleasures of Paris - the show Sabrina took around the world

Proofs - some sets of negatives of Sabrina photo shoots

Goodnight with Sabrina - stills from the short film

'66' mag

Scrapbook - Sabrina's memories of her career

Pictures sent by Sabrina

In Colour - not many of them were taken, but they are worth treasuring.

In the Satin Bed

Sabrina's Ads

The Greetings postcards

Sabrina in New Zealand - 1959 and 1962

Sabrina In the Bath - pix in pursuit of a cleaner Sabrina

Sabrina in Tarzan 1967

Hotel del Coronado 1960s

Unthemed Pictures that defy categorisation

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