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A collation of my glossy photos of Sabrina

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Added 17 April 2013

Sabrina fishnet stockings mirror

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Shapely, glamorous SABRINA in her dressing room at Associated-Rediffusion's Wembley Studios. (Undated, but I love this shot!)

New glossies, added 16 April 2013

Sabrina budgie NZ 1959

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14 September 1959 - "Tweetie Pie" meets Sabrina... Curvaceous SABRINA makes friends with 'Tweetie-Pie' the Budgie - when they met in Wellington, New Zealand recently. Sabrina was overwhelmed by the chumminess of the bird - which is owned by Mr A.F. Bird, owner of a rental car business in Wellington.

Sabrina and dog Shane

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LUCKY DOG - Even this fine Alsatian seemed to realise that the lovely Sabrina has something more than most visitors. (Undated)

I believe this lucky dog is none other than Shane, Sabrina's pet which she gave to Steve Cochran.

Sabrina and Prince Christian of Hanover 1957

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The Prince and the Showgirl

Popular showgirl Sabrina appears to be having plenty of fun with Prince Christian of Hanover over dinner at the Colony Restaurant, London. It is said that the Prince planned to escort Sabrina to the Variety Artists Ladies' Ball at the Dorchester Hotel - but he is unable to do so as he is still in mourning for Prince George of Greece. 9 December 1957

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access

Sabrina, Arthur Askey, Anthea Askey

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"Hello - Playmates" - ARTHUR ASKEY, daughter ANTHEA and SABRINA greet I.T.V. viewers before appearing in a burlesque Cavalier-Roundheads sketch in the first of the Askey series "BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES". This half-hour programme is presented by Jack Hylton for Associated-Rediffusion alternate Friday evenings, Channel 9. Directed by Kenneth Carter.

Steve Cochran helps Sabrina with her coat

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One of the German photo series - Sabby and Steve

4 September 2010

Sabrina insures her breasts

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Sabrina insures her assets

Sabrina Greetings 4

Sabrina VIP

Sabrina 30 April 1960

Sabrina VIP

Sabrina in a Marilyn Monroe pose

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Sabrina with towel on bath

Sabrina VIP

8 April 2010

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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Sabrina to Star in Variety

18 year old Manchester born Sabrina, the TV personality who starred with Arthur Askey in the TV series "Before Your Very Eyes" is to star in variety and will top the bill at Chiswick Empire on July 4th . It is five months since she entered show business, and her rise to fame is now well known. She has played in specially written parts on films in Butchers' "Stock Car", made personal appearances at £100 a time, lent her name to advertisers' products, been on front cover of English, French, German, Italian and American magazines. She has had a cafe, boats, frocks and cocktails named after her. Hollywood talent scouts have already sent for her photos. She is to tour the provinces, appearing at Nottingham, Leicester, Scunthorpe, Manchester and Blackpool. (Pic by C.Sanderson 24/6/55 )

O.P.S. 18 year old Sabrina whose statistics are, bust 39, waist 24 and hips 37, photographed when posing for photographs at her press conference, at Park Lane this morning.

Editor's note: the scars left from the calipers and surgery to treat Sabrina's childhood polio have often been referred to, and are said to account for Sabrina's preference for unfashionably-long dresses. But pictures of the scars have remained elusive. I believe, however, in the photo above one can make out scars on the inside of Sabrina's right leg. A zoomed-in version appears below. The photo is 55 years old and damaged in parts (requiring touching up with Photoshop) but I don't believe the effect visible below is a photographic artefact.

Sabrina scars on leg

6 March 2010 - A lovely original photo, taken in South Africa

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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28 Feb 2010 - Two new (and expensive) 8x10 glossies, full of B.O.O.B.S. goodness!

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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Sabrina and a cheetah toy

Sabrina and a toy Chico the Leopard

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