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Sabrina in the Satin Bed

The bed with the carved frame, I believe, was Sabrina's own bed

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Sabrina Top Spot cover 1958

From David Jackson, a new satin bed centrefold
Top Spot magazine, 27 Dec 1958


Not the same bed as below, but satin nevertheless.
I now see she is holding a mirror.

And, found in 2020, an accompanying pic from Scamp magazine, 1958...

Sabrina - Satin Bed

Fast replacing Diana Dors as the favorite siren of British film-goers is Sabrina, a voluptuous blonde who's also making a big hit with Americans.


Sabrina and her toy. Added 6 Aug 2020

Sabrina in the satin bed

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

A very pleasant shot. It seems Sabby was genuinely happy.

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The colour version above was delivered to by Kyle, this is a great picture of our Lady of the Lumps. Many thanks, Kyle, and I hope you enjoy your Order Of Sabrina!



Not sure if this is a satinbed pic, but the background looks familiar


From Quick. April 1960





This shot from the interview with the smarmy bald guy leads me to suspect it was taken in Sabrina's home, and is therefore her own bed.


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