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Sabrina in a turtleneck!


including the Trafalgar Square Walkabout series

I think some of the outdoor "walkabout" shots were taken in Rome in November 1958.
I know some were in Trafalgar Square around 1955 - especially the ones with the little suitcase..
Same turtleneck, however!

Anyone who was there, I'd love some advice!

Sabrina, signed

A nice signed pic of turtle-necked Sabrina - found in 2020

Tempo 1957-04-30

Even overseas in England, they are starting to return to their senses.
What does their national sensation, the fabulous Sabrina choose when she really wants to look glamorous?
Take a look and see for yourselves.

Below: You can tell she's in love with that dress.

Sabrina stares at a dress


Turtleneck in Trafalgar Square - 1955?
Going Walkabout
Longer hair in this series... black skirt, black belt with studs, suitcase...

Sabrina on a walkabout

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Sabrina on a walkabout

Important shots for two reasons...

Sabrina on a walkabout
1. An important picture in Spick & Span 1957 that gives some context to some of the mysterious shots on this page. It seems the event was a photo shoot by American Russ Meyer. The S&S article also features shots from the "Lace" collection , and the Flannelette series so they might be Meyer shots too. It must have been a very busy day for Sabby!

2. Important, too, for Terry who wrote on 3 May 2008...

"I was amazed and delighted to find a photograph of me with Sabrina at a photoshoot in Trafalgar Square around 1955. In the picture I am the airman on the left, in the peaked cap, with my friend in the beret. It means a lot to me as I lost all photos taken while in the RAF. If Sabrina sees this e-mail, I would love to hear from her, as we were born in the same year. But I understand she can't reply to everyone. I wish her very good health and happiness. - Best wishes, Terry F"

Sabrina on a walkabout

'GI's are the same everywhere, she says.'

Sabrina on a walkabout

Sabrina on a walkabout

Sabrina on a walkabout

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina on a walkabout Sabrina on a walkabout

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Turtleneck in Rome

November 1958. Shorter hair? Different belt. Slacks...

Iconic Sabrina in Rome
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Iconic Turtleneck

I think this is one of my top-three all-time favourite Sabrina shots.
What are yours?

The iconic shot I call Queen Sabrina is now SUPERSIZED and UNCROPPED!

Queen Sabrina

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And this is why I call the shot 'Queen Sabrina'. I know it's a bit cheeky, but I couldn't resist it.

Sabrina Regina

Miscellaneous turtleneck

Sabrina in a turtleneck

The pic above was found in 2017 by Countess Anastasia Arden of West Siberia

Sabrina poses with Geoff

Sabrina - back from Australia, 1959

Back in windy Britain in 1959 after her Australian visit

Sabrina in a Turtleneck

Found by Sir Tim in Modern Man , June 1956

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina in a turtleneck being measured

Sabrina in a turtleneck

In November 2018, I found an uncropped version of the pic above. It shows Sabrina on a boat, and the caption says "Sabrina... strange choice to appear before the Queen at next month's Royal Variety Performance in London" - placing the pic before 5 Nov 1956.

Sabrina in a turtleneck

Young Sabrina in a turtleneck

Sabrina looks very young in this shot

Sabrina with Arthur Askey in Before Your Very Eyes

With Arfur

Sabrina in her dressing room

Taken at a turbulent time, accused of being The Other Woman in an adultery case

Sabrina cited in divorce case


Pic upgraded a little - 2014-09-03 (fullsized)

Sabrina - turtle neck

Another view with more detail, added 2020-10-02

Added 5 July 2007

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Seems to be from the same photoshoot as the pouty glory below.

Sabrina - Norma Sykes
Pouty lips, backlighting. Ahhh.

Sabrina in a turtleneck and shorts

Sabrina leapfrogs a bollard

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