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The Curious Incident of

Sabrina's Misconduct?

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Divorce Plea!

APRIL 9, 1958

Sabrina is
Named in
Divorce Plea

LONDON - Sabrina, a 21-year old blonde who made her name by letting her figure speak for itself, has been named in a divorce petition filed by the wife of Canadian-born actor Paul Carpenter.

The petition, filed last week, alleges that Britain's "dumb blonde" who has just returned from a tour of the United States, and Carpenter committed misconduct two years ago. Both deny the allegations.

Sabrina, born Norma Sykes, was then on her way up the show latter on the basis of appearing in a television show without saying a word. Her 41-inch bust and other vital statistics to fit helped to make her the most publicized blonde in the realm.

British newspapers quote her as scornfully denying the allegations of actress Kim Parker, Carpenter's Austrian-born wife.

Carpenter, 38-year-old six-footer from Montreal, and Miss Parker, 25, were married three years ago. She came to Britain in 1945 as a refugee from Vienna after being interned in a German concentration camp.

Carpenter, a former war correspondent, hockey player and crooner, first was married to Pauline Black, daughter of London impressario George Black. The marriage was dissolved in 1953.

And the news spread as far as Florida!

Sabrina divorce plea

The same article also appeared on the same day in The Florence Times, established 1869 ("Dedicated to the Interest of the People of the Muscle Shoals District") Alabama

Sabrina appeared in Stock Car with both Paul Carpenter and Kim Parker.

He might also be the Paul Carpenter who presented the topical film show .

9 April 1958 - Daily Express

Sabrina denies divorce charge


SABRINA, the shapely dumb blonde of show business, is named in a divorce petition brought by actress Kim Parker against her husband, film and TV star Paul Carpenter .

Goodman, Monroe and Company, solicitors for 31-year-old Miss Parker, said yesterday: "The petition was filed last week. Mis­conduct is alleged with Sabrina. The writs are with process servers "


Misconduct with 21-year-old Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes) is alleged at the Grand Hotel. Paddington, and Paul Carpenter's flat at Kenton Court, Kensington High-street, in January ,1956.

Dark, elfin-figured Miss Parker, married for three years to 38-year-old Canadian-born Paul Carpenter, is living in a £6 6s-a-week flatlet at the White House. Albany Street. Marylebone,

Sweater-clad Sabrina, just back from a tour of America, was first told of the divorce petition after kicking off at the Show Biz XI versus Cardew Robinson's Cads charity Soccer match at Hendon on Sunday.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina at the soccer match on Sunday

She said: " I deny the allegation emphatically. I shall fight it to the end. My conscience is clear."

Over to Kenton court. Six-footer Paul Carpenter, nursing a cold, sipped a large whisky and said : "I shall fight the allegation too."


Over Albany street. Trouser-clad Miss Parker, also nursing a cold, sipped a cup of strong lea and said : "The pro­ceedings were started last Thurs­day I expect my husband to receive his copy of the petition soon. My solicitor has instructed me not to make any further comments."

On to mid-morning yesterday. Mrs. Sykes, Sabrina's mother, said on the telephone from their Hyde Park-square flat: " Sabrina is still in bed. She is. suffering from the shock of the week-end news. She is feeling it badly."

And last night, calls to Sabrina at the Prince of Wales Theatre were taken by a man who said "She is now acting under legal advice."

Bullet 9 April 1958 - Sabrina is named as the adultress in divorce plea involving Paul Carpenter . Sabrina denied it was true.

Listen to Sabrina discuss it in our 2011 interview.

Sabrina cited in divorce case

SABRINA, widely known for her excellent figure, is denying strenuously claims targeted at her by the actress Kim Parker during the divorce proceedings against her husband, the film and TV star Paul Carpenter .

It's claimed that Sabrina and Mr Carpenter committed adultery in a hotel in Paddington, London, and in Mr Carpenter's apartment in Kensington, London, in December 1956. (Sabrina's real name is incidentally Norma Sykes.) The two of them "have a clear conscience and will contest the allegations". Kim Parker "continues to admire her husband as an artist, whatever may have happened." She has been married to 38-year-old Paul Carpenter (who was born in Canada) for three years. Kim Parker suffered a miscarriage in February.

Picture: Sabrina, blond and with an enviable bust measurement, who was named in the divorce proceedings. 9th April 1958 .

Thanks to Herr N for the translation of the German caption.

2 July 1958 - Daily Express

Kim Parker Kim Parker goes to divorce court

Actress Kim Parker, aged 25, went to the Divorce Court yesterday for a two-hour hearing concerning the divorce action she has filed against her husband, singer Paul Carpenter.

The hearing — over an order made by a registrar — was in private in Mr. Justice Wallington's chambers.

Miss Parker has named 21-year-old Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes) in her divorce petition.

Sabrina is intervening to deny the allegation.

Bullet 30 July 1958 - it was announced in the Daily Express that Kim Parker had been awarded £17 a week (£10 after tax) as support by the court pending a divorce action against Paul Carpenter. It said she was unemployed and had to keep herself, her mother and a £16 6s flatlet in Marylebone on that money.

29 October 1959 - The Bulletin (Glasgow)

Paul Carpenter wants wife back

Actor Paul Carpenter (37), who is petitioning for restitution of conjugal rights against his wife Kim Parker, the 26-year-old actress. Canadian-born Mr Carpenter married Miss Parker in 1955.

On July 29 last year, in alimony proceedings before the Court of Appeal, it was stated that Miss Norma Sykes (Sabrina) had denied Mrs Carpenter's allegation

Yesterday solicitors acting for Paul Carpenter and Sabrina said that on Mr Carpenter's application, Miss Sykes has automatically bean dismissed from the suit.

Sadly, the source of following article is unknown.


A British divorce court Judge today ordered Austrian-born actress Kim Parker to return to her Canadian husband within 14 days.

The court granted a decree for restitution of conjugal rights to the Husband, actor Paul Carpenter who lives in Britain. Miss Parker did not contest the suit.

Attorneys told the court she has started divorce proceedings against Carpenter in Nevada.

In 1958 Miss Parker started a divorce suit in London charging Carpenter committed adultery with Sabrina , a singer and showgirl with a 41-inch bosom. Sabrina — whose real name is Norma Sykes — intervened in the suit to deny the allegation.

Carpenter denied it too and Miss Parker withdrew the suit.

Finally (17 Sep 2012), we have a dated source...

15 December 1959 - Daily Express

Kim Says: I Won't Return Home

A DIVORCE COURT judge yesterday ordered actress Kim Parker to return to her husband, Paul Carpenter, within 14 days.
And, as he stepped from the court, rugged Canadian-born 34-year-old Carpenter shrugged his shoulders and said: "We'll just have to wait and see what happens."

BUT in Las Vegas last night Miss Parker said: "I shall not return to England."
She also said: "I divorced my husband in Nevada on November 24. The charge was mental cruelty. He did not answer it." Twenty-six-year-old Miss Parker, former refugee from Vienna, did not defend Mr. Carpenter's petition for restitution of conjugal rights, which was granted by Judge Sir Edgar Dale.
Mr. Carpenter alleged that Miss Parker "walked out" on him in March, 1958, while he was doing a television show.

His petition asking a judge to order his wife to return was filed in May 1958. In the same month. Miss Parker also filed a petition.
In it she alleged misconduct and cruelty and named 22-year-old Sabrina who denied the charge. A registrar dismissed the petition last October and Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes) was automatically dismissed from the suit.

Another petition was filed by Miss Parker in Las Vegas three months ago alleging extreme mental cruelty. But Mr. Carpenter said by yesterday that he was taking no action as he considered the Nevada courts had no jurisdiction.

Mr. Carpenter, whose marriage to impresario George Black's daughter, Pauline, was dissolved in 1950, married Miss Parker in 1955.

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