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Sabrina being seen with various people

In which we see Sabrina being conspicuously seen with people

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Sabrina being seen with particular people

Sabrina being seen with Arthur Askey

Sabrina being seen with Dick van Dyke 1960

Sabrina being seen with Steve Cochran

Please let me know if you can you help identify unknown people or unknown events seen with Sabrina.


From Pix in 1966, one of Sabrina's last appearances - but only to publicise Australian singer Barry O'Dowd.

Sabrina and Barry O'Dowd 1966

Sabrina and Tommy Yeardye interrupted by a gorilla om tje Stocrk Room, London 1959

Sabrina and strong-man Tommy Yeardye interrupted by a gorilla in the Stork Room, London, 1959.

Read more about Tommy Yeardye

Because... yeah. Gorilla.

Tommy Yeardye

(Full size)


Here's a lovely new pic of Sabrina being seen with flowers, men and a delighted little girl.

BILL BOHR manager
at the "RITZ" Birkenhead, approx. mid 1950s.

Sabrina with flowers, men and a girl

The caption on the back reads:

"Sabrina" ARTHER [sic] ASKEY discovered her"

25 May 1960

Police hero Lieutenant Mario Biaggi meets Sabrina, the bosomy British TV and Film actress, at the benefit premiere of the Hollywood picture "Pay or Die" at New York's Warner Theatre 25 May 1960 . The proceeds of the premiere went to the scholarship fund of the Columbia Association of the New York Police Department.

Lieutenant Biaggi, a New York City Police detective, will be awarded the New York Police Department Medal of Honour for his capture of an armed bandit in New York earlier one morning last year after a gun battle in which the detective was wounded in the hand. Biaggo shot another armed bandit dead in the gun battle.

Sabrina waving

I've lost track of the identity of the chap (please get in touch if you know him) but he looks like all his Christmases have come at once.

1956 - Sabrina with Bob Monkhouse and an anonymous beauty queen winner

11 March 2024

Sabrina with Barbara Roscoe and Bob Monkhouse at the Miss Venus 1956 Beauty Contest

Sabrina with Barbara Roscoe and Bob Monkhouse Miss Venus 1956


Circa 1957

Sabrina in Sexquisite

Gagger goes ga-ga

Trinder just wrapped his Chin around her and ran out of Gags. You lucky Trinder.

Tommy Trinder, 1909-1989, British Comedian


22 June 1960 - Hamilton, Ohio, Journal , p.12

Sabrina and bandleader Vincent Lopez 1960

His own story - Bandleader Vincent Lopez seems to have eyes only for British model Sabrina at a cocktail party in New York. the happy occasion celebrated publication of Lopez's autobiography, "Lopez Speaking," which gives the lowdown on the music world and its celebrities.


Thanks again to Stevie Page for another pic from 1957 in the Warley News.

IT'S not often we have the chance to picture a local man relaxing intimately with one of the top stars, but here we show two stars who are well out in front. The man with the golden trumpet? — Ken Rattenbury, voted Trumpet Player of the Year for the B.B.C's jazz festival. The glamorous girl? That goes without saying. It could only be Sabrina.

Sabrina and Abner Kenou

Thanks to Stevie Page for this pic from 1957. Sabrina looks rather confused. The caption reads:

As our jazz column on the opposite pages tells, it [sic] paid a visit to see trumpet star Ken Rattenbury - and Sabrina - at Wootton Country Club. Here during an interval rock 'n roll vocalist Abner Kenou "has a go" at stepping out with Sabrina. But Sabrina, we fear, was gowned for wolf whistles only - she found it just too tight to co-operate.


25 March 1956

Sabrina running with Don Cornell.

Sabrina ran round Green Park, London yesterday - with American singer Don Cornell . He runs round the park most mornings, but finds it lonely without company. So yesterday (25.3.56) Sabrina went running too. Later, Don caught a plane to Glasgow. He is singing there in a show that opens tomorrow. He will still take his morning run - and he would still like company.


Sabrina with Lee Gordon and Sammy Davis Jr at Lees Theatre restaurant, 27 April 1959.

I'm not sure what drugs the girl on the right was taking, but I'd like some...

Sabrina, Lee Gordon, Sammy Davis Jr circa 1962

Sabrina at Lee's theatre restaurant 27 April 1959

Fortunately, the caption on the picture above alerted us to the fact that Sabrina was the one on the left .

Sabrina at Lee's theatre restaurant 27 April 1959

Sabrina Sydney 1959 - Sammy Davis event


Sabrina with Victor Rogers

A new player on the "With Sabrina" page - Victor Rogers.
From the (undated) caption on the back:

Victor Rogers, who appeared in the film "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and more recently has been doing cabaret, pictured Sabrina (real name Norma Sykes), famous for her generous figure and one TV's best-known blonde. She now appears on the stage and in clubs.


Sabrina with Carlo Giusdini (Giustini?), an Italian star who was in England filming "The Baby on the Battleship" on 1 March 1956 for the UK premiere of the movie "A Town Like Alice" at the Odeon Theatre, Leicester Square.

Sabrina with Carlo Giusdini, 1 March 1956

Sabrina and Bertl Unger

"Thank you so much for accompanying me at this event in Los Angeles, California, probably in 1959, actor Bertl Unger."

Sabrina and Bertl Unger 1959

"Yes. I do look GREAT, thank you. You can stand back a bit, please."


"Isn't this a lovely evening?"


"You can leave now."


"Ah, already I feel the gaze of a prowling man"

Sabrina and Betty Lawrence

Sabrina and Betty Lawrence (whomever she is) at some event, somewhere at some stage.
And that's authoritative. Prove me wrong.

I have tried finding out who Betty was, with no luck. Please tell me if you know anything about her.

Sabrina - cut out for success!

From the Blackpool Gazette (2013-07-31), this rather creepy oddity.
Gerald and David Bryan meet Sabrina in winter gardens - or is it a cutout?

The article in full:

Sabrina cutout pic

Was Sabrina cut out for entertainment?

The question could well be asked by Gerald Bryan, of Crossland Road, Marton, pictured here in his early teens with a glamorous companion and older brother David.

Gerald, who will be 72 in September, says: "The picture was taken in the Olympia Hall of the Winter Gardens, where there used to be an indoor funfair and arcades, although to be honest I cannot recall it.

"My brother claims we were stood with entertainer Sabrina, but I am sure it was a full size cardboard cut out"

Now Gerald is hoping readers are able to throw some light on what Sabrina (or her cut-out) were up to in Blackpool in the mid 1950s.

Sabrina was the stage name of well-endowed Blackpool waitress Norma Sykes, who was discovered and launched on TV as a sex symbol by comedian Arthur Askey.

According to the second volume of showbusiness historian Barry Band's Blackpool's Century of Stars, Sabrina's "occasional local show appearances ended with a top-of-the-bill spot in variety week at the Queen's Theatre in October 1964".


Sabrina with actors

Sabrina with Kenneth More, Nigel Stock, and Windsor Davies and two ladies...
but I don't know why, where or when.

Newsflash 2024!

I may have found the why, where and when of this mystery pic.

Sabrina and 10 stars 1964

Why: to plug ITV's autumn shows: "All are scheduled to appear in shows for ABC TV are (l-r) Jeremy Brett, Diana Rigg, Ian Carmichael, Vanessa Redgrave, Francesca Annis, Kenneth More, Sabrina, Nigel Stock, Pauline Yates and Donald Churchill."

Where: Hyde Park, London

When: 23 September 1964

So. That's what I achieved today (2024-03-13). What did you manage?


Sabrina, with the Miss Hialeah contestants (a beauty contest in Florida, USA, which feeds into the Miss Florida competition, apparently). The back of the photos bore the date stamp 4 September 1966, but whether this was the date the photo was taken, or the date when it was used by a newspaper, I cannot say.

Sabrina and Miss Hialeah contest

Sabrina and Miss Hialeah contestants


Sabrina seen with Liberace in 1956 preparing for the aborted Royal Command performance .

Sabrina and Liberace 1956, London

And again here

Sabrina and Liberace

And with more people here. The photo caption reads:

ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE CANCELLED. Artists who were to appear in last night's Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium discussing the decision to cancel the show because of the international situation. L. to R.: Jerry Colonna, Harry Secombe, Liberace, Beryl Reid and Sabrina.



Sabrina seen with Lee Sharon - September 1959

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina and Lee Sharon


From Beautiful Britons #8, June 1956

Beautiful Britons #8 1956

Sabrina, well-stocked with British glamour, meets up with LEE SHARON, pert pinup from the States at a Mayfair hotel. Looks like they're exchanging mutual admiration, in which case a bouquet to both of them for being such nice girls.

Lee Sharon also featured in Sabrina's second visit to Australia . In that article it mentions that Sabrina was the guest for three or four weeks of entrepreneur LEE GORDON , who was "the former fiance of stripper Lee Sharon."

Sabrina kisses Ivan Mauger 1964

Sabrina kisses the 1964 winner of the Sabrina Trophy (motorcycle racing), Ivan Mauger

See more on the Sabrina Life 1964 page


9 December 1957

Sabrina and Prince Christian of Hanover 1957

Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access

London, England, United Kingdom - NORMA ANN SYKES has a laugh with PRINCE CHRISTIAN of Hanover over dinner at the Colony Restaurant

20 June 1958

Sabina Tony Dalli 20 June 1958

London, England, United Kingdom - NORMA ANN SYKES with TONY DALLI [sic] arrive at the midnight premier of the film "The Goddess" at the Odeon Theatre

Sabrina and Tony Dalli
Sabrina and Italian singing star, Toni Dali .

Is this Toni Dali below? If so, it's from 1958. (I'm not good with face recognition. Lassie and Sinatra seem much the same to me...)
Anyway, they seem to be promoting one of England's insane mid-century cars?


10 July 2012 - Frank wrote...

My late father Alan Ashworth and Albert Morris wrote a score called the Sabrina Samba for her visit to the Nelson Imperial Ballroom in the early 50's I have a couple of photos taken at that time If you would like copies let me know.
Frank Ashworth

Sabrina prepares for Samba Sabrina

Sabrina Samba 6

Sabrina and her statue by Assen Peikov 1958

VIP members


ROME: Getting the proper perspective on his work, Bulgarian-born sculptor Assen Peikov compares bosomy British actress Sabrina with the bust of her he's just created. Many stars of stage and screen visit Peikov's studio to have themselves "immortalized" in clay. 21 November 1958.

See more of Sabby in Rome


Sabrina and Marty Wilde , father of Kim Wilde, 7 October 1957

Sabrina and Marty Wilde 1957 Sabrina and Marty Wilde 1957

Sunday School Girl or Sabrina? Marty Chose Sabrina.

Thanks to Herr David for the translation of the German caption:

He who is spoilt for choice has, as is well-known, a tough time making that choice.

Here a new rock 'n' roll star, Marty Wilde, is agonising over it. While he sang "Honeycomb you're my baby" to Sabrina at a rehearsal, his girlfriend Rosemary Reid (19) was teaching at Sunday School. She had made him choose between fame and her friendship. For the time being he's decided in favour of his stage career and a salary of DM 1800 instead of DM 72, and Sabrina was very impressed by him. But deep in his heart Rosemary does remain the best, who, as he puts it: "is a simple girl and fears losing me to the star-crazy girls. But I am just a simple guy and don't want to be famous.
Picture: Marty serenades Sabrina – nevertheless his mind's more on Rosemary.


Found at the Victoria and Albert Museum site, thanks to a tip from Paul W. They were photographed by Harry Hammond in 1955. Thanks, Paul!

Sabrina and the Four Aces . Did they work together, or was it just an opportunistic photoshoot? I can find no information of The Four Aces working with Sabrina.

Sabrina and the Four Aces

Sabrina 1955

Sabrina and the Four Aces Sabrina and the Four Aces

Sabrina and the Four Aces

26 January 2018 . Mark wrote to say:

Hi Mark, May I inform you that the photograph of four men in formal [stagewear) suits are NOT the Four Aces, as captioned, but the Canadian trio THE THREE DEUCES plus another guy on picture right, who was a singer, but nothing to do with the Deuces! How he got into the picture is a mystery to me. I am the good-looking one on Sabrina's immediate left.

You've missed out vital facts in the Sabrina saga... In 1955/6 we (the 3 Deuces) were engaged by her original manager, a wealthy Leeds garment-factory owner to teach Sabrina stage presentation and how to actually sing!

She was a sweet and modest girl but while endowed with an unnaturally large bosom and tiny waist, she had no talent whatsoever! We persevered however, painfully rehearsing for a month or more and managed to craft a semblance of a singer and poseuse. No audience could possibly have been interested in her weak and rhythmless vocal 'style' but her boobs were spectacle enough!

In her first variety tour we stood behind her on a separate mic and sang her entire song (the only one she knew at that time), which was called 'Do It Again', while she breathed and simpered into her mic. She was something of an embarrassment, I can tell you! But to her credit, she was subsequently able to create her own solo act and tour it extensively!!

We liked her a lot but felt sorry for her, feeling her to be a kind of mammary freak-show with pretensions to talent as a singer...

But she was a modest young girl, projected into a world of tacky 'glamour' which she simply did not understand.

She was certainly not promiscuous though, despite overwhelming attention from a myriad chancers and other male breast-obsessed sex-merchants.

I was really sorry to hear she died penniless in the USA. Predictable I suppose, as she never made any real money....I tell the full story in my autobiog, (as yet unpublished), although the Sabby episode was a mere blip in my unique and fascinatingly serendipitous life...

There you go Mark...Stay in touch!

Sabrina and Phil Green
Sabrina and Phil Green

Sabrina and singer Phil Green

Sabrina and Julius la Rosa

Sabrina and Julius la Rosa , American singer

Sabrina and Ronald Searle

Finally, in 2024, I have started the process of putting the restricted VIP versions of images on the site. This is the first.

23 Oct 2010 - Hi Mark, I've been fortunate enough to get to know legendary cartoonist/illustrator Ronald Searle over the past couple years. He allowed me access to his extensive & meticulously catalogued personal archive where I found the attached photo of him drawing Sabrina on the set of Blue Murder at St. Trinians . It's a different angle to the publicity still you have on the site . I also have a beter version of that angle if you like? BTW great work on the Sabrina site-she's a fascinating character once you start reading around all the articles you've collated. Matt J


Sabrina meets Stirling Moss at the 1958 Melbourne Grand Prix.
See the whole thing and the video!

Sabrina and Stirling Moss 1958

Sabrina and Stirling Moss 1958

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes


With Frankie Vaughan, co-star of Ramsbottom Rides Again , at the Oldham Carnival, 26 May 1956. Appeared in The Oldham Chronicle 2 June 1956.

Sabrina,Frankie Vaughan,1956

Sabrina,Frankie Vaughan,1956

Please find attached two photos of Sabrina with Frankie Vaughan taking part in Oldham, Lancashire, carnival on 26 May 1956.
The larger close up photo is from the Oldham Chronicle.
The other photo was taken by my friend John Hughes on his 7th birthday. Kind Regards Martin Riley .

Thanks, Martin! Added 24 Jan 2010


Sabrina got a look-in on Australian Story in April 2009 during a feature on cricketer Keith Miller . Thanks to Stuart for the heads up on this one!

Sabrina and Keith Miller

See the Australian Story video - DivX, 7M

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina and Barry Sullivan in a PR photo taken during the London filming of Another Time, Another Place in 1957. Oddly, it's the irrelevant girl on the left whose photobomb captures one's attention.

See the video

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

The brunette is June Wilkinson, and Richard tells me the man is Tommy Yeardye of whom Sabrina supposedly said "Tommy can have the key to my safe any time he wants" - also see the Dating Sabrina page .

Sabrina bikini

(Full size)

"Busty Sabrina is a Yeardye admirer. She says, "Tommy can have the key to my safe any time he wants"

Tommy Yeardye , (18 July 1930 - 21 April 2004). Entrepreneur and lover of Diana Dors. The reference to the safe, apparently is when Dors dumped him and demanded that he opened his safe deposit box so she could see if he was hiding money from her. Yeardye invited the police to be present.

Sabrina and Tommy Yeardye

A Sabrina Exclusive from Ron

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

"I've enjoyed surfing through your wonderful Sabrina site and am sending you an exclusive pic taken at Woodend, Victoria, Australia, horse race meeting in 1959. That's me without the hat in case you're wondering. The other one is Sabrina, in the exact outfit she had worn to Royal Ascot previously. Sabrina's mother is looking over my shoulder, keeping an eye on things. Sabrina was a lovely lass, with no airs and graces.......very natural." Ron.

Thanks, Ron! Read more about Ron's experience and see his autographed pic on the Memories of Sabrina page.

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Stuart sent in this one on 10 Sept 02. Thanks, Stuart!
Sabrina snatches a sandwich as she chats with British comic Tony Hancock during a function at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 1955.

Image upgraded 22 Sept 2015.

Listen to references to Sabrina in Hancock's Half Hour and the Goon Show


Sabrina - Norma Sykes

(Full size).
With D. Boyce , whom the internet has forgotten.
Was he a band leader?

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Found on eBay: Sabrina with that annoying little man Norman Wisdom during the filming of "Just My Luck". Can you believe the seller wanted a starting price of $US20 for the photo?
See here for more Sabrina Cinema Stuff. Added 9 Jan 03.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

A better scan, but cropped. Added 2007

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina and Troy Donahue 1967 - co-stars in The Phantom Gunslinger

Sabrina and Dave Whitfield 1956 Sabrina and Dave Whitfield 1956

Sabby and David Whitfield , 5 Nov 1956, at the ill-fated Royal Variety Performance rehearsal at the London Palladium.

And a sharper version found on Amazon.com

Sabrina and Dave Whitfield 1956

British Starlet Sabrina photographed in Hollywood with Mario Costello, heir to the King Ranch in Texas.

Sabrina and Mario Costello

Sabrina and mario costello

Sabrina and mario costello

Sabrina and mario costello

Sabrina and mario costello

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina and Barry Crocker ("Bazza McKenzie") from his autobiography, " Bazza : The Adventures of Barry Crocker "

Sabrina and Fred Wood portrait

Sabrina had her portrait painted by Blackpool artist Fred Wood on 4 September 1956.
Fred was president of the Blackpool and Flyde Art Society. The portrait was for display at the Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool.

Another view of the famous portrait. Upgraded 5 June 2020

Sabrina portrait by Fred Wood - v2

And another upgrade on 16 April 2024

Sabrina portrait by Fred Wood - v3

Sabrina and Aliki Vougiouklaki

From the back of the photo:

Reception in London for Greek film star

A reception was held this afternoon at the Dorchester Hotel for the Greek film star Aliki Vougiouklaki who is in London for the premiere of her film ALIKI. Keystone photo shows: Aliki meets SABRINA at the reception this afternoon. Stamped: Received 10 June 1963

Aliki (born 20 July 1934) died on 23 July 1996 from pancreatic cancer.

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Major Christopher Draper , DFC ("The Mad Major") with Sabrina. She was his passenger on several flights.

Kindly supplied by Nigel Cullinan.
For more details on the Mad Major, see http://people.aero.und.edu/~draper/mad-major.html

In his autobiography, he recalls:

When Joe Matthews was manager for that stage personality "Sabrina" he often asked me to fly her on the odd occasions when the only way she could fulfil two appearances in one day would be to go by air. It seemed she had the habit of signing up for any offer to make a Personal Appearance quite regardless of the time factor. On one of these occasions I flew her from Southend to Birmingham. She had been engaged to open a Conservative Fete at 2 p.m. at a place called Maldon in Essex and was also due for a TV show in Birmingham the same evening.

She had telephoned me to ask if I could take her by air, and I had said that in order to get her to Birmingham at the right time we must be air-borne at Southend by 3 p.m. She was only an hour and fifty minutes late! It was most important that I should get the aeroplane back to Croydon before dark so I was very angry with her and pushed her into the machine in a most undignified manner. Wherever she appeared in public she would soon be surrounded by silly fans all in a panic to get her autograph, and I had these people to cope with as well.

When the I.T.V. people found out what she was up to they rang me up and said she could not do this Conservative Fete, that they had an audience of over 5 million and they wanted her at Birmingham for rehearsal at 5 p.m. I explained that this was really nothing to do with me—I had simply undertaken
to fly her from A to B, so they had better get on to her about it. Apparently it turned out all right, as we landed at Birmingham just before 6 p.m. The TV people whisked her away in a car but I doubt very much if there was a rehearsal for the show was at 7 p.m. I refuelled and crossed London just as the lights were coming up.

Next day, when I told this story to some friends one man said : "I would have given you ten pounds to have had the spare seat next to her". Such it is to have a "famous figure!" Joe also looked after the well known American Film Star Steve Cochran when the latter was in England. In March 1957 I had
the pleasure of taking him up for half an hour in a Hornet Moth at Croydon. Steve was also a pilot and he wanted to know something about the British Light Aircraft.

Sabrina with Joe Matthews

Ron C wrote to say that this is Sabrina with "Joe Matthews of Matthews News And Photo Agency (148 Lambeth Walk ) it was taken after Joe had flown under the bridges with Major Draper."

Sabrina with Robert Beatty

"The guy is the fine Canadian-born actor Robert Beatty (1909-1992) who regularly appeared on radio, tv and films in the UK." - JP Stoke-on-Trent, UK.
Thanks, JP! 9 June 07

Sabrina with Johnny Ray

Thanks to Nigel, I now know this is Johnny Ray

Sabrina and Johnnie Ray
The hard-hugging jray again

Sabrina and Johnnie Ray

Sabrina with Jimmy Young

The dog is Shane, and Nigel tells me the man is Jimmy Young , singer and radio presenter. Hyde Park, 6 August 1955

Here's a much bigger version, albeit watermarked by Getty.

Television personality Sabrina, the girl who made a million fans without uttering a sound, gets some tips on recording technique from singer Jimmy Young with the help of a tape recorder in London's Hyde Park. Sabrina is to show that she really does have a voice by making some records soon and who is there better able to give her advice on the subject than Jimmy Young? His record of 'Unchained Melody' is Britain's top selling disc and has already passed the 100,000 mark in sales.

Sabrina and Jimmy Young 6 August 1955

Above: upgraded 2024-04-16 without watermark

Sabrina and dog Shane

VIP access

[Sabrina and Shane]

C.S.M. Frederick Lonsdale and Sergeant Bill Eckersley presented Sabrina on behalf of the Cheshire Regiment with a plaque in admiration of her early fight against polio. They also presented her with a very correct salute.

Sabrina and the Cheshire soldiers Sabrina and the Cheshire soldiers

Sabrina and the Cheshire soldiers Sabrina and the Cheshire soldiers

Sabrina and Cheshire soldiers

A Plaque for the Fabulous Sabrina

Yesterday, two soldiers from Stockport, Lancashire, journeyed specially to London to meet the famous variety girl Sabrina who is now appearing at the Price of Wales theatre, and present her with a plaque in admiration of her splendid fight against adversity and for winning through to high success. Sabrina was struck down with polio in her early teens, and was in hospital for three years. The men were from the 7th Battalion, Cheshire regiment, the men of whom are keen to "adopt" Sabrina again.

Photo shows: Sabrina is kissed as she was presented with the plaque by Company Sgt. Major F. Lonsdale (on left) and Colour Sgt. William Eckersley before she went on stage at the Prince of Wales last night. 29 May 1957



Can you help identify them?

I have no idea what's going on with these 3 pix.
Who is that hairy chap who seems to be interviewing Sabby?

Sabrina with unknown person

Sabrina with unknown person

Sabrina with unknown person

Sabrina with unknown persons
Sabrina with unknown person
(Full Size)
Who are these people? Where and when and why?

Sabrina with unknown persons

VIP material

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

A 2004 contribution from That Guy In the Netherlands.
The unknown man looks stunned.

Sabrina and 2 unknown men

"Sabrina and two unknown men".
Unknown, maybe, but happy to be there!

Do you have any Sabrina stuff? Please let me know

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