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Sabrina's Movies

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The motherlode of Sabrina's film history.

  1. Stock Car (1955) - not tragically lost forever, it seems! We finally got it - digitally restored - in 2010 . Alas, Sabrina's dialogue was dubbed and the restoration could not restore many things, but not her original voice.
  2. Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1956) - a silent Sabrina, school swot
  3. Ramsbottom Rides Again (1956) - Sabrina rides with Arthur. We got a copy in 2009
  4. Just My Luck (1957) barely a glimpse, but any glimpse of Sabrina is A Good Thing . Unfortunately, it contains a lot of Norman Wisdom.
  5. Make Mine a Million (1959) wherein Sabrina gives Arthur Askey the shakes
  6. Satan in High Heels (1962) - the Sabrinabitch is back! Hear Sabrina acting and singing ! Her most famous movie role.
  7. House of (the) Black Death (1965) with Sabrina's sexy devil-dancing !
  8. The Phantom Gunslinger (1967) - Yes. We now have 'El Pistolero Fantasma'! Digitally remastered! Truly, truly weird.
  9. Mountains of the Moon (1967) - a double Tarzan episode! 'Me Tarzan. You Sabrina.'
  10. The Ice House (1969) in which Sabrina is murdered ! So, so very sixties.

The ones that got away

Sabrina was slated to appear in othe films that never saw the light of day. In 1958 she was reportedly signed by Steve Cochran to do 10 films, 2 per year. The missed films include:

  • Adam And Eve (due 1958 - never made) with Steve Cochran
  • On the Beach (made in 1958, without Sabrina)
  • The Hood (due 1959 - never made) with Steve

And let's not forget

Sabrina's Newsreels

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Sabrina on TV

Or, if you like aural sexiness, hear Sabrina acting 1 and acting 2 (gulp!)

Getting the right Sabrina

The IMDb reports 167 Sabrinas. Be sure you get the right one! Make sure you look for "Sabrina (I)" when searching. At least she's first amongst the mononomenclaturial Sabrinas!

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