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Just My Luck


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Sabrina in Just My Luck

On the set of Just My Luck with Norma Wisdom who seems to be impersonating Adolf Hitler in a particularly bad mood.

19 November 2003: After 6 months of searching the late-night TV guides, 'Just My Luck' finally appeared. Setting 2 videos to record it (don't want to take chances), it took a LOT of fast-forwarding to capture Sabrina's five-second appearance and single line of dialogue.

Just my luck! A Norman Wisdom film! [Ed.]

Oh God - not another Norman Wisdom film!

 "Norman is secretly in love with Anne, the girl who works across the road and he seeks a way to express his love. ".

 "Norman Wisdom wants to scrape together enough money to marry his girl (maybe he needs to buy her a lobotomy). Thank goodness Margaret Rutherford puts in an appearance to give this film some interest for non-Wisdom fans. [and isn't that everybody ? Ed.] "

Script: Alfred Shaughnessy, Peter Blackmore. Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Players: Jill Dixon, Leslie Phillips, Delphi Lawrence, Edward Chapman, Joan Sims, Peter Copley, Michael Ward, Bill Fraser, Campbell Cotts, Robin Bailey, Sabrina , Marjorie Rhodes, Sam Kydd, Stringer Davis.

Our local reporter, Roger, reports: "Just my Luck - tiny part by Sabrina - doesn't look worth getting.

Sabrina in Just My Luck

Found on eBay, 9 Jan 2003: Sabrina with Norman Wisdom during the filming of "Just My Luck".
Pic greatly upgraded 20 April 2017

A bad copy of a newspaper article from 1 Dec 1957

Sabrina in Just My Luck

Norman Wisdom relax on the set between takes of
a horse lacing picture, She has on the gown and hat
she wore on a well-publicized visit to the Ascot Races
where she shared the spotlight with Queen Elizabeth.

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