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Sabrina in

House of (the) Black Death

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(Never released until 1975 when it was sold straight to television.) The video label calls it "House of Black Death" but the film itself includes the "the".

Sabrina in 'House of Black Death'

 Click to see Sabrina dancing for Satan (5M, WMV )

Sabrina, 'introduced' again in the credits, dances for Satan and helps Belial accomplish his demonic purposes in 1966.

Three scenes, as usual Sabrina does not speak, but when Sabrina dances... who needs a load of chat??

One must wonder how a good Church of England girl got involved in so many satanic movies!

OK. It might have taken five weeks for the video to arrive from America.

And it MIGHT have taken five hours to sample the original video and filter it through at least a dozen AVI/MPG/WMV programs to get the final clip...

But I assure you I am NOT obsessed. Really, I'm not. Honest to Dog...

Really... truly... I'm NOT!

It's interesting to note that the last scene seems to deliberately avoid a frontal shot. It very badly cuts whenever Sabrina's front region dares to approach the lens. Either they'd had enough of Sabrina's front region (hardly likely) or some (legal?moral?) issue intervened. Another interesting question for Sabrina herself, I suppose.

Sabrina in 'House of Black Death'

Tauius, 73mins. BW. US.

Also Known as:
Blood of the Man Beast
Blood Of the Man-Devil
Night of the Beast
The Widderburn Terror.

Dir: Harold Daniels & Reginald De Borg; Prod: William White & Richard Shotwell;
Ex.Prod: Eldon C. Tollett; Sc: Richard Mahoney, Ph: Murray De Atley.
Cast : John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jnr., Andrea King, Tom Drake, Dolores Faith,
Sabrina , Jerome Thor, Sherwood Keith, Catherine Petty, George Andre, Kathrin Victor, Margaret Shinn.

The critics raved!

Bullet "Chaney and Carradine (who never appear on screen together) play warlock brothers locked in a struggle of good against evil. Notable for the belly dancing scenes." [some of them by Sabrina! - Ed]

Bullet "Despite the presence of the two stars, this awful film never puts both of them in the same shot suggesting that they filmed their scenes at different times. A terrible script just adds to the confusion and inconsistencies, while some pointless dance sequences [hold on! Some of them are Sabrina's!] seem to imply devil worship. Never released until 1975 when it was sold straight to television."

Sabrina in 'House of Black Death'
Lon Chaney prepares to do a little sacrificing on his satanic altar. Love those horns!

Bullet "A weird little low-budget item featuring Lon Chaney, Jr. and John Carradine as the DeSarde brothers. This lackluster production is hampered by a weak story overstuffed with metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and spiced up with belly-dancers [who include Sabrina! - Ed] and cut-price werewolves, and it keeps its dueling warlocks (who look decidedly bored with the entire ordeal) from sharing any scenes together. Apparently three separate directors contributed footage to this project; the resulting lack of cohesion is obvious."

Lycanthropy! Satanism! Sabrina! What else could you want??

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