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Sabrina Spotting

Read up on the bitchy battles between the busty blonde bombshells

As the search goes on for Sabrina stuff, one must be constantly alert for pseudosabrina material: fakes, forgeries, fabrications, and folk who might fool the keen sabrinasleuth.

This is a short guide to what to keep in mind for a successful sabrinasearch.

Once you've studied the course, please apply it on the Sabrina Maybe page where you get to say - is it Sabrina, or not?


1.The Most Distinguishing Features


In case you had not noticed yet, Sabrina has a couple of quite distinguishing frontal features. No, Herbert, not her eyes, though one person noted how large Sabrina's eyes were. And I must agree - they are large eyes!

Spotting Sabrina
Figure 1: "What a figure!" our volunteer reported after successfully locating the features in question.

The real Sabrina's features measure 41½ inches in circumference.
For European feature hunters, that translates to 105.41cm.

Warning to dedicated Sabrinaspotters: I would warn against measuring buxom blondes' busts in public places, just in case they might be Sabrina's. I have seventeen restraining orders against me as evidence of that.


2. The Face


Spotting Sabrina
Figure 2: the relevant facial parts identified.

2a) The blonde hair is a trademark of Sabrina. If you ever see it in a delicate shade of green or magenta, you will know for sure it is not Sabrina. While Sabrina was naturally blonde, she did wear occasionally wigs to confuse predators.

Spotting Sabrina
Figure 2B: Sabrinawig

While Figure 2 illustrates the typical sabrinastyle, be aware that Sabrina was known to alter the coiffure.

Spotting Sabrina Spotting Sabrina

Spotting Sabrina Spotting Sabrina

Spotting Sabrina

2b) The arched and tapering eyebrows tend to be a distinctive Sabrinafeature, even from her earliest days.

Spotting Sabrina

Figure 3: Sabrina (with her eyebrows) in the SPICK beauty line, circa 1955.

2c) The Mouth : cursèd be the swine who, in a review of Satan in High Heels , referred to Sabrina as an " orthodontically challenged sexpot ". Sabrina's smile was often coy, sometimes cheesy, but at any time is a good guide to the determined sabrinaspotter. Look for the slightly raised lip on the left side of her mouth (i.e. the right side of most photos, unless they've been flipped horizontally by an editor.)

Spotting Sabrina
Figure 4: the blue lines indicate measurements of lip separation, in pixels, along the canines.
Note the left side of the smile is 2 pixels more beaming than the right side.

2d) The Ears : because of Sabrina's distinctive hairstyle, her ears are rarely seen in public. However, there is photographic evidence that she had two: one on each side of the head.


3. False alarms

The greatest peril to budding Sabrinaspotters is the false alarm . A big bosom, in itself, is not the sole criterion for spotting the true Sabrina. Without due care in this regard, you could end up sending me pictures of Queen Victoria!


Can you imagine my excitement when I found this during a search. It was from The Australian Women's Weekly from 7 October 1959...

They Sail the Harbour with Sabrina

Sabrina was stripped - nearly ready to go into the water - and Deidre Macpherson and Margaret Crowther were just scrubbing her side.

SHE'LL need a couple of coats of varnish, now," said Deidre, sitting back to look fondly at Sabrina's sleek lines. Sabrina measured 3 ft. 6in. across the beam and 11 ft. 6in. stem to stern - standard asurements of a VJ sailing boat.

Curses. 'Sabrina' was a yacht...

The other annoying false alarms are:

False Bombshells

Monique van Vooren

From 25 March 1927 to 25 January 25 she was a Belgian-American actress and dancer who may have led some Sabrinaspotters into murky waters.

Joi Lansing

Joi Lansing

Suggested by Julian of the USA, Joi (1929-1972) was seven years older than Sabrina, and was also B-movie actress, nightclub singer, and pinup model. Her movies frequently dressed her in skimpy costumes and bikinis.

The way for Sabrinaspotters to distinguish Joi is by her sadly-inferior 34D bust.

Donalda Jordan

Donalda Jordan

Thanks to Countess Anastasia Arden for pointing out this lady who bears a haughty resemblence to our Sabrina.


Corinne Grey

The girl who replaced Sabrina on the TV show 'Home James' when Sabrina failed to appear for an audition.

Corinne went on to appear at the Blackpool pier and some TV work.

A Sabrina... Not THE Sabrina!

Thanks to classic wrestling articles

Bev Williams (aka Delia Klaasen) wrestled under the name 'Sabrina' in New Zealand - and confused MANY people in the process.

Aroused many - to be sure - but still confused many.

I can't imagine OUR Sabrina wrestling, gripping flesh, moaning, straining...

Excuse me.

I need to lie down for a minute.

An article in New Zealand Sports Digest – November 1972 said, in part...

- she spoke with a well-modulated girls’ school accent


- Delia Klaassen, her name is, and she’s from Whangarei [New Zealand].

- she had, during her girlhood, roped calves and milked cows on her parents’ farm near Whangarei

- Sabrina ... that’s her professional name

- Sabrina was flying out of Wellington bound for Aussie, where she was to be introduced to the American girls’ wrestling circus there under promoter James Barnett, an American entrepreneur who works out of Sydney.

Just that one final, 64-dollar question: “Are they real?” I asked.


- Her finishing move was the Sabrina Splash - a splash off the turnbuckles.

- She won 5 Australasian wrestling titles and the Australian Womens Championship.

- She wrestled in Singapore and Malaysia, and was a crowd favourite.

- She retired after nearly ten years as the top New Zealand womens wrestler.

Lesley Carole

She may not look so much like Sabrina, but Carole Lesley's biography has spooky similarities like that of another spooky case .
Betty Brosmer
Betty Brosmer
Spotting Sabrina
Diana Dors
Spotting Sabrina
Jayne Mansfield
Spotting Sabrina
Mamie van Doren
Spotting Sabrina
June Wilkinson - Sabrina's arch nemesis!
Spotting Sabrina
Anita Ekberg
Spotting Sabrina

Sheree Winton

Kindly supplied by Nigel C

Spotting Sabrina

Dagmar , a.k.a. Virginia Ruth Egnor, alias Jennie Lewis

Americans often disparagingly referred to Sabrina as "just another Dagmar" for her bosomy walk-on roles.

Spotting Sabrina
That damned pre-adult supernatural female who makes Sabrinagoogling so hard.
Spotting Sabrina Spotting Sabrina
And those irritatingly popular films of Sabrina in 1954 and 1995

Bubbles Darlene, spotlights the new burlesque show which opens at, the Casino today. Co- starring with Miss Darlene will be Sabrina, another exotic dancer who also will be making her first appearance at the Diamond Street theater.

Bubbles Darlene false alarm for Sabrina

A frustrating false alarm from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA) from 16 November 1956.
Spotting Sabrina

And of course, Dawn Wells , Mary-Ann from Gilligan's Island .

Thinks: Or is it just I who confuses her with Sabrina? Oh well...


Why search for Sabrina?



Examine the statistics:

Anita Ekberg 40-22-37
Jayne Mansfield 41-20-35
Sabrina 42-17-36

Following Sabrina just makes good statistical sense !

Spotting Sabrina
Wayne helped with this collage of Sabrina, Diana Dors, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe, just to help you see the difference.
Thanks, Wayne!

Shawn from Philadelphia sent in this interesting lesson (23 Oct 2004):

I stumbled on to your site by accident, but it grabbed my attention (of course!). While looking through the photos I saw the one of Sabrina in the hall wearing the gold pants…. Stop the music! I know her! When I was a kid, (early 60's) I remember this album my dad had, with this gorgeous girl on it (Title was still burned into my brain!) Anyway sure looks like Sabrina

. Spotting Sabrina


4. The Name


Arthur Askey is said to have selected Sabrina's stage name, from the play 'Sabrina Fair.' It was an unfortunate choice for us. Do a Google for 'Sabrina' and you get a ragbag collection of cats, comicbook characters, porn queens, beanie babies, dolls, missing children and strange young women showing bits you probably don't want to see. Our Sabrina never did that !

Only one hit in a thousand is the real Sabrina. Sabrinasearching is not a job for the faint of heart.

The Internet Movie Database reports 298 Sabrinas in films, 16 of whom are known only as "Sabrina." Luckily for us, our Sabrina is number 1 in the single-name list (search IMDB for 'Sabrina I'.

The most common false alarms you will get on the Internet will be for Ferilli, Matthews, and Setlur, and increasing numbers of porn actresses.
Then there's that damned teenage witch and two 'Sabrina' films starring Bogart and Ford.

My Google search terms for Sabrina look like this:

Searching for Sabrina

but I still get 99% dud leads.

For ebay, I find this search term reduces the chaff:

Searching for Sabrina

And I recently found one can simplify this by using wildcards such as sabrina (195*,196*) etc.

Another place to look is news:alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.vintage . Occasionally a pic will turn up there, but you have to wade through a lot of naked ladies to find it.


5. Where to look


Some places to get started in your Sabrinasearch...

If you find other juicy sources, please let me know !


6. Quite SPOOKY...


At 16 she hitched a ride to **** to try to break into show business. Picked from 200 girls, Sabrina became a presenter for **** TV station before appearing in a programme called *****.
In 19** she released her first single . Of course, Sabrina's ample frontage has won her a lot of attention and Sabrina admits she likes to tease.
"I am a womanly woman. I have certain charms and I like to wear clothes that display them. I will not hide myself. People know when Sabrina is around."
Sabrina's bosom is so spectacular that certain scurrilous people have suggested that her assets may not be all her own . This makes her very upset.
"But that is nonsense. Listen, I have been like this since I was 16. My body just went boom boom and there they were. I am exactly as my mother and father made me. There has been no surgeon's knife on me. It is all natural ."
But although she's becoming a sex goddess, Sabrina says her life is very lonely at the moment and she doesn't have a boyfriend.
"You see, there is no time for men. I am too busy to go out with anybody."
"So far you have seen the one side of Sabrina, but there is lots more to me. I have been classically trained as a singer and dancer , so I want that side to come out as well. Those people who say Sabrina is a bimbo can go and shoo themselves away."
Sabrina uncrosses her long legs and leans across to show me. I think I've just died and gone to heaven.

Does this story sound familiar? In fact, it is about a modern Pseudo Sabrina, who recorded 'Sexy Girl', and 'Boys (Summertime Love)' in Italy 40 years after OUR Sabrina released her first (and only) songs.

Spotting Sabrina

See the modern faker's full SPOOKY story here

A practical example for Sabrinaspotters

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Again, a find by Nigel. As he says: " Not a great picture but an 'important' one as it is of Sabrina working as a Hostess on Hughie Green's "Double Your Money" show in the 1960's !

This is a tough one. I doubt it is her. When I asked Sabrina about it, she could not remember the show. Sabby's memory was (annoyingly) sketchy, but surely she'd remember appearing on such a well-known show.

The picture is lacking definition of vital Sabrinastats - particularly her bust, and her smile, which I mainly use as her main defining characteristic. She had a distinctive ever-so-slightly lop-sided smile.
And even at a distance, the hair style is not typical of hers, and the shape of her face does not ring true - too round.
And I doubt she would ever agree to wear such a loose dress: she would be in a skin-tight sheath dress!

Also, I have never found any other corroborating evidence of her being on the show.

Good luck, sabrinasleuths!
Keep the pictures and news coming in!

If you find Sabrina stuff, please report in to HQ .

Now you know SabrinaSpotting theory, apply it on the Sabrina Maybe page where you get to say - is it Sabrina, or not?


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