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Sabrina - maybe

Photos that need a second opinion

OK. Now it's time for audience participation. You've read the Spotting Sabrina page to learn basic T echniques for I dentifying and T argeting S abrina (an unfortunate acronym arises, but that can't be helped)?

Now the Sabrinastuff site needs your skill to determine which of the the following photos may or may not be Sabrina. It's not a quiz - I don't know which are really her.

Off you go, keen Herbert. Scrutinise them with an intense scrute and report your findings to the Sabrinasite. Please refer to pictures by their name when reporting in!

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Thanks, Sabrinafans!

Mark, the Sabrinastuff Master

Sabrina? No

Found in 2015 - it has all the busty hallmarks of our Sabrina.

What do you think?

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One mystery solved

Eric of Chicago reports - 8 Jan 06

Unfortunately it's not Sabrina, but I can tell you who she is. Her name is Monique and you can find her at www.maskme.com . It's pay site that specializes in masks. They also have a small free gallery area. I'm not into masks, but I like Monique's ballistic Sabrina-like bosom. I can easily see why Monique crossed both of our paths.

He sent a few images to prove his point(s)...

Sabrina? No

Whoa, Nelly! Thanks, Eric!

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