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Battles of the Blonde Bombshells

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There are many blonde beauties with big busts in history. For a budding Sabrinaphile, they can often be confused, so you might want to refer to the Spotting Sabrina Guide.

This page is dedicated to the jealous competition these contestants had between each other to be considered the ultimate busty blonde bombshell.

The Contenders

June Wilkinson
Jayne Mansfield
Diana Dors

Junita Davis

Junita Davis 1956

No, I had never heard of her either, but here's an article from the Mirror in Perth in 1956 comparing Junita Davis from Perth, Sabrina and Jayne Mansfield . Junita asks: Where will the battle of the bosoms all end?

June Wilkinson

June and Sabrina are natural enemies. June said that Sabrina's famous tape measure was rigged to show more inches, and Sabrina has little time for June's claims that when June borrowed one of Sabrina's dresses, she had to let out the bustline so she could get into it.

14 January 1958 - Found in the Galveston Daily News .

British Show Girl Proves Size Real

Jume Wilkinson LONDON (UP) - The biggest bust in British show business is flying to Chicago Wednesday.

Behind it will be fan dancer June Wilkinson , who frankly admits her 43-inch — repeat 43-inch — bosom has done "everything" for her.

To present the full figures, June is 17 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and from top to bottom measures 43-23-37.
That 43, she was asked, real?
She whipped off her brassiere. "There!" It was real.

She is flying to Chicago to take part in a trade fair and to do a television show. To keep admirers at a proper distance "mummy is coming too."

The idea of going to the United States came from Chicago businessman Joseph L. Sholkin. Here on vacation wilh a group of his employees, he saw June perform in a night club and decided she was just what Chicago needed.

His company will sponsor her at the trade fair for the title of "Miss Plastics Hardware." The connection is baffling, but there it is.

Shulkin looked over the famed Bluebell Girls in Paris and Britain's busty film girl Sabrina but decided nobody quite measured up to June.

"I am thrilled," said June. "I know being a girl wilh a big bust has done all this for me, but I realized long ago that as long as there were men in this world I could make good."

June is the red-haired ("I was a blonde last week") daughter of an Eastbourne window cleaner. She started ballet classes at the age of 6 and got her first professional part in a pantomime at 12.

At 15 she started as a "windmill Girl" (in London's Windmill Theater where girls, stand on stage stark nude). She left after 15 months and since has worked in night spots, with TV shows thrown in.

Asked how much she attributed her success to her measurements, she said "100 per cent."

Did he take any special measures to ensure keeping her figure? "Certainly not," she flashed. "It is all perfectly natural."

"I stuff myself wilh candy and steak,'' she added, "and I have never been on a diet."

Hmphh! Our Sabby definitely wouldn't rip off her bra for reporters!

June also claimed that Sabrina's tape measure was 'doctored'. From 'Blond Bombshells ' - "... pinup legend June Wilkinson , who was a friend of Sabrina's during those early days. "I liked Sabrina, she was always nice to me," says June. I remember that she had a favorite trick of using a special tape measure . She had a tiny waist anyway, but this tape measure exaggerated her bust measurement and gave her a smaller waist because it had longer inches on one side and shorter on the other. Very clever!"

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Hear Sabrina pooh-pooh June's claims about the magic tape measure

30 January 1965 - Winnipeg Free Press

June's Double

They searched five continents, then returned to England for a home-grown beauty to replace June Wilkinson (43-20-36) in the American stage musical Pajama Tops. Equally-famous, if slightly smaller (42-18-35) is her replacement — Sabrina. Here, said June Wilkinson: "Those odd inches between us made a difference. When Sabrina tried on my costumes, they didn't fit."

In our first interview, Sabrina disagrees!

Jayne Mansfield

The Independent (U.S.A.) , 1 October 1957

Jayne Won't Measure Off, Says Sabrina

Jayne LONDON. (INS) Britain's blonde and curvy Sabrina has challenged Jayne Mansfield to let the tape measure determine the winner of the 1957 Battle of he Bulge.

The top heavy British favorite (42-18-36) sighed regretfully last night, however, that America's gift of art lovers everywhere has refused to pick up the gauntlet.

"I would love to meet her to prove my measurements" said Sabrina, backstage at the Prince of Wales Theater.

"But she has refused."

Although it appeared that what could have been the meeting of the century never will come down to the tape. Sabrina was not bitter about it.

"London is a big city." she said, "with enough room for both of us.'


Consensus ol British newsmen was that Jayne is a bit heavy where it counted most.

Sabrina, who in recent months added one inch to her bust measurements, not long ago was asked for her views, of Janyne's measurements.

"What's she got on me?" Sabrina asked.

"A half inch," she was lold.

''Well, quality is more important than quantity," she replied.

21 April 1960 - "Whatever Jayne Mansfield is, I'm half an inch more," Sabrina announced.

3 October 1957

Jayne Mansfield "fat" Sabrina in a shoe shop.

"Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt." London, England... the above quotation from Shakespeare - Hamlet's first soliloquy was voiced by none other than Hollywood's Jayne Mansfield (left) after the British oress gave her a going over proportion-wise and concluding "She's just too fat." It was further quoted in British columns that Jayne's agents refused to let her pose beside Britain's well-rounded Sabrina (Norma Sykes). For those who delight in numbers Miss Mansfield's vital statistics are 41-18-35. Miss Sabrina (right photo) measures 42-22-36. Pick a number or take your cherce [sic],

8 October 1957 - Mansfield News-Journal (USA)

Jayne vs Sabrina

JAYNE VS. SABRINA —The fat is in the fire as far as British comments on actress Jayne Mansfield are concerned. When she arrived in London, newsmen commented that Jayne was a bit on the hefty side.

They now have additional ammunition as Jayne's agents refused to let her pose with Britain's Norma Sykes (right), known as Sabrina.

British Decide Jayne Mansfield Is 'Too Fat'

By Leonard Leddington

LONDON. Sept. 29 (AP) Britons who got their first live look at Jayne Mansfield last week simmered down Sunday to the conclusion that she's... well, just too fat.

"Whisper it softly," said the London Sunday newspaper, The People. "Jayne is putting on weight!"

The tabloid Sunday pictorial filled its front page with a broad backside view of the visiting American glamor girl.


The pictorial captioned that whopping photo with a quotation from Jayne that "men now like to see girls walk away from them, if you know what I mean.

And the pictorial purred cattily, "Women may also prefer this angle; it shows so much more of the dress."

Pictorial society columnist Rex North took note of the situation too: "41-18-35 - personally, I don't believe it"

Columnist Arthur Helliwell writing in The People said Jayne's press agents had refused to let her pose beside Britain's own entry in the busty sweepstakes, a 42-22-36 blond known as Sabrina.


"They were scared of the competition," Helliwell insisted. "They dare not risk putting their five million dollar sex-port in against the British champ.
"Sabrina may be three times as dumb — but she is twice as lovely."

Jayne herself appeared on British television Sunday, wearing a shimmering black sequin dress.

The show appeared devoted mainly to proving her cultural talents. She recited Shakespeare and, between shimmers, played the violin and piano.

And Jayne's own quotations from Shakespeare - Hamlet's first soliloquy she announced included the line:
"Oh that this too, too solid flesh should melt."

Added from the version in Tucson Daily Citizen , 30 September 1957

Heliiwell said he tried to arrange a meeting between his two really bosom pals — Miss Mansfield and busty British TV actress Sabrina, but was turned down.

"I felt these two gals with such a lot in common just had to meet," he said. "Why the picture alone would have made history."

He said a member of Miss Mansfield's publicity entourage rejected the idea with a horrified: "Sabrina! Good heavens, no... Out of the question ... Anyone else but Sabrina."

From Australia Post, 23 June 1960 -

SABRINA has carried on a feud with glamor star Jayne Mansfield for years. The feud began when Jayne first visited London.

Sabrina says:

One of London's top columnists invited us both to lunch so that he could report the meeting of the top glamor girls of two continents. I accepted.
Jayne Mansfield turned down the invitation and added: "Who is Sabrina anyway?"
That was it. The gloves were off. I made up my mind that one day I would get my own back.

I got my revenge at the premiere of "On the Beach," in Hollywood. Jayne and I practically bumped into each other in the foyer. She almost pushed me into the theatre. It was a bad mistake - almost all the press photographers were inside.
Jayne had to wait outside while the photographers turned their backs on her, took picture after picture of me.

When they finally let me go, they felt they had enough pictures of blonde glamor girls. Jayne came in - and hardly a single picture of her was taken .

23 January 1963 - Mike Connelly - MIKE'S MAILBAG

Dear Mike: A friend of mine bet me $50 that Sabrina, the English actress, has larger measurements than Jayne Mansfield. To settle it, we wrote to both actresses. Jayne wrote back that her measurements are: Bust: 41 inches; waist: 20 inches; hips: 35 inches.

Sabrina wrote back that hers are 4l½-18-36. Our letters to the actresses were identical. Neither mentioned a bet of any kind or gave any evidence that one was competing with the other. On the strength of these letters, I lost $50.

I wrote to Jayne about this matter. She wrote back that she personally feels that Sabrina is not as large as Sabrina claims, and I agree with Jayne. I want your unbiased opinion on the comparisons and I am writing to you at Jayne's suggestion. Bob Jensen; Atlanta, Ga. (CC: Jayne Mansfield).

Dear Bob: My unbiased opinion is that you should chalk up the loss up to experience, lay off your studies in female anatomy for a while and start studying female psychology.

Diana Dors

icon 25 April 1958 - Singapore Straits Times - Page 8

Diana Dors

Battle of the Blondes - if it comes off

LONDON, Thurs - An independent studio wants to sign up Diana Dors and television's favourite dumb blonde, Sabrina, for what would be the biggest British film - in its class - ever.

Sabrina has said: "I don't mind. After all, I'm an actress now."

But Diana, whose impressive vital statistics still do not shape up to Sabrina's, is not so sure. "I don't think I could make the weight." she cracked.

I love the following story. It's delightfully catty and witty.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes 22 August 1960 - Star-News , Pasadena

British star Sabrina signed an autograph with her usual quick sketch of her own profile, plus her signature. The fan jostled Sabrina's arm during the sketching session. The profile sagged, giving the sketch a double chin.

Sabrina, remembering some unpleasantries with her old rival In British films, signed the sketch: "Sincerely, Diana Dors ."

Sabrina self-caricature

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes 18 September 1958 - The Hamilton Journal

British muscleman Tommy Yeardye's latest defection from Diana Dors to Sabrina recalls the coincidence that Dennis Hamilton , Diana's ex-husband, also segued to Sabrina, and Dickie Dawson , Diana's present beau, was once Sabrina's property. Obviously, these three gentlemen don't just prefer blondes, they prefer the SAME blondes . . .

From ' Blonde Bombshells ' -

Sabrina's feelings of frustration with her career in England were symbolized by her self-generated rivalry with Diana Dors . Sabrina made a point of driving a converted Cadillac that was a foot longer than Diana's, making it "the longest vehicle on British roads." Since Sabrina's bosom was allegedly some six inches larger than Diana's thirty-five-inch bust, she also took it upon herself to personally mail out eight-by-ten photos of her torso as compared to her rival's to prove the point to the press. One publication declared an appropriate epitaph for her campaign: "Di Dors has more talent in her little finger than Sabrina does in her bra cups!"

Mamie van Doren

8 December 1958 - Behind the Scenes by Harrison Carroll - Vidette Messenger - Valvaraiso, Indiana (USA)

WITHOUT so much as a telegram of warning, British actress Sabrina flew in to see Steve Cochran , who used to date her in London in 1955.

Steve already had asked Mamie Van Doren to go out that night, so Sabrina and Sandra Giles (they met on the plane) went to the Slate Brothers club with Chuck Livingstone and Lee Fleishman.

Steve tossed Sabrina a party at his house the next night.
"How did Mamie take all this?" I asked Steve.
"She was sort of non-committal," he replied.

But it has also been horribly suggested that all of the busty blondes were living on borrowed time... after all, Twiggy did come along soon after.

Stars and Stripes , 27 September 1957

As Jayne Bustles into London

Paper Detects Bust in Boom of Bosoms

LONDON (AP)-The Daily Mirror said Jayne Mansfield may be the last famous bust to make a splash in Britain.

Seeking to confirm a suspicion that Britons are bored with bosoms, the Mirror announced a poll of its readers on this question: "Has the bust had it?"

Inspiration for the poll was the arrival of the Hollywood star and her 41-18-35½ statistics to boost her latest film. Interviews and photographs were splashed all aver the morning papers.

But the Mirror, professing to detect a slightly jaded atmosphere, asked: "Can you still win friends and influence people with a tape measure? Has inflation gone too far?"

Just Wondering

"We don't, of course, mean finally. We do not advocate a bustless world. But we're just wondering.
"London airport has become the bust-ling, bust-y rendezvous of the world.
"Famous beauties, with their even more famous busts, fly in (or out) almost every day.
"38 inches of Sophia Loren (the well-known bosom from Rome).
"42 inches of Sabrina (the notable bosom from Blackpool).
"38 inches of Marilyn Monroe (the distinguished bosom from Beverly Hills).
"And 36½ inches of Diana Dors (the celebrated bosom from Bray).
"Ladies and gentlemen—have we had it?"

Sabrina, nee Norma Sykes, is known as British television's dumb blond. Her main statistic used to be 41, but was upped to 42 recently not long alter Miss Mansfield made known her plans for a visit to London.

In spite of its suggestion that the impact of bosoms is lessening, the Mirror devoted its front-page banner, 28 inches of print and five photographs to Miss Mansfield.

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