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Junita in Perth.
Where will it all end?

Mirror (Perth, Western Australia) 17 March 1956

You may have seen Junita Junita Davis 1956

'The bosom-boomers have gone too far. Girls have become distorted — their sense of values are all lopsided.'

Junita, agrees that publicity is of some importance to an actress — some importance like an arm or a leg or a head — and admits her own 39 inch dimension has been no handicap in a theatrical career.

'But,' she hastens to add, 'I wouldn't dream of emphasising things the way some of these overseas stars do.
'A few years ago Jane really plunged to new depths.'


Junita was obviously thinking of Jayne Mansfield and Norma Sykes — Sabrina to you and me. Jayne and Norma have really plunged.

Jayne has won herself a million dollars' worth of free publicity by announcing she will be the first girl in the world to be painted in 3D.

Arthur d'Artois , a respected and talented French-Canadian painter, has perfected a new painting process. Applying paint inches thick with a knife instead of a brush he achieves paintings which have real, physical depth as well as height and width. Miss Mansfield has convinced him she is just the girl to make the depth interesting by...

  • Posing in a transparent nightgown
  • Posing in a transparent pyjama top.
  • Posing in an opaque shirt — the shirt unbuttoned.

Miss Mansfield has been chosen 'Miss American Negligee.'
Miss Mansfield is the most photographed girl in America at the moment.
'I won't pose nude like that woman Monroe,' she told reporters. Miss Mansfield is not missing a trick.
If she can help it those 40 inches will never be forgotten.

Immortalised Jayne Mansfield

They will be immortalised by 3-D d'Artois because as Miss Mansfield insists, on explaining, 'I'm the only girl in the world who can do 3D Justice.'

Norma Sykes does not agree. Norma Sykes, or Sabrina is the girl who promoted 39 and a half inches of English girlhood into a fortune on British TV. The critics say she can't dance, act, or even talk but she's the best-paid dummy in British theatrical history.

Sabrina doesn't have to talk. She just sits there in front of the cameras in a tight, low-cut sweater and breathes deeply.


'It's awe-inspiring,' wrote one bemused Londoner after her TV debut on the Arthur Askey show.

'It is nature unleashed in all its primeval magnificence.' It was all Sabrina.
The little lady proved it by oh-so-sorrowfuliy confessing to the newspapers: 'When I was young and I was poor and I was a struggling model I posed for nude photographs.
'Now they're selling them... '
They were, indeed — like hot cakes.

And, like Marilyn, Sabrina was launched in a flood of fame and fortune. Periodically she reminds England of the priceless photos. Always, when discussing herself she adds, 'Don't forget the half inch.'


Sabrina and Jayne Mansfield are two of the 'girls whose well-publicised measurements have projected them into eminently successful theatrical careers. Sabrina is a 'wow' in London television and in America, Jayne is a Monroe-style stage sensation.

Junita Davis ... Water Follies beauty who can compare with the best when it comes to inches. But she thinks they're over publicised.

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