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Sabrina with Steve Cochran

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Sabrina and Steve in Sexquisite

Sabrina with Steve Cochran

At a formal affair

Sabrina, Steve Cochran, telescope

Sabrina's vital statistics are even more "vital" when viewed through a telescope by Steve Cochran.

Huge thanks to "The Guy From the Netherlands" for this great scan.

13 April 1957 - Photo Journal (Translated using schoolboy French and Google Translate)

Sabrina is still being talked about.

Actor Steve Cochran has just finished his role in the film "Il Grido", shot in Italy, and went to the Bavarians Alps to rest for a weekend.

He was soon joined there by Sabrina, the hottest young beauty in Britain today. Rumor has it that the two young people are considering marriage.

On the left, Steve and Sabrina stroll through the streets of Garmish, accompanied by the actor German Jurgen Frundt. Steve and Sabrina have become inseparable since he met her in London, where he finished his film.

In the second picture, they are photographed at the Carnival Ball, after a day devoted to skiing.
In the third photo, Steve demonstrates, to Chef Levano and actress Alida Valli, how poultry is prepared. Finally, right, Steve and Sabrina dance to the sound of a German orchestra.

Sabrina and Steve Cochran new-year partying in Germany - 1957

Sabrina Steve CochranSabrina and Steve Cochran 1957 Sabrina and Steve Cochrane and - a banana?

German Caption, dated 21 Feb 1957.

Is that a banana or a sausage?

Sabrina Steve Cochran beer 1957 Sabrina and Steve Cochran 1957

From the back of the photo: Steve Cochran, a Hollywood Actor, finished his role in his last film in Italy, and took of for a week end at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a dual-town at the base of the Bavarian (German) Alps.
There he was joined by Sabrina - England's Number One to be Steve's Number One girl friend.
Photo is dated 1/1/1957

Sabrina Steve Cochran

Sabrina wine Germany 1957

Caption: Sabrina samples a glass of German wine with a tousle-headed guest at the Ball.
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Sabrina skiiing Austria Steve Cochran 1957 Sabrina skiiing Austria Steve Cochran 1957

And of course they went skiing.

From the caption on the back of one of the photos:

A few days ago Sabrina, a TV star from England, came to Munich to:
1) immerse herself in the action of Munich's carnival season;
2) to see mountains up close and real for the first time in her life, and thirdly to meet her future director, Steve Cochran, who came from Hollywood.

Our picture: Sabrina and Steve Cochran have managed to immerse themselves in the Munich Carnival scene. While Steve gets some refreshment from a "Flaschenbier" [bottled beer], Sabrina waits for the famous Munich white sausages.

Picture 2: the sampling turns out very awkwardly/unfavourably/inauspiciously – for the white sausages!

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Munich, Germany. February 20 1957.

British television star Sabrina enjoys a hearty laugh with Hollywood movie actor Steve Cochran at the models' ball here tonight, Sabrina is presently on holiday in Bavaria .

Sabrina and Steve dancing on 19 February 1957.
Note how Sabrina is so completely unaware of the camera.

Sabrina, Steve Cochran 1957

Picture wired from Munich today, together again, and just to prove it here is television personality girl Sabrina seemingly enjoying the dance with American actor Steve Cochran . The couple is pictured nestling together at Munich Schwabing's nightclub 'Siegesgarten' (Victory Garden) Schwabing being the artist quarter of the city. Sabrina hurried from London by air last night, 18 February 1957, following a call from Cochran.


Steve Cochran helps Sabrina with her coat

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Sabrina & Steve-15feb1957-West-End-Ball-London-Lyceum

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15 Feb 1957 - London, England, United Kingdom - NORMA ANN SYKES and STEVE COCHRAN arrive at the West End Ball in the London Lyceum.

Photo caption:

Sabrina is escorted by Steve Cochran - at West End Ball. Sabrina - the curvaceous stage and T.V. girl - attended a ball at the London Lyceum last evening - with film star Steve Cochran as her escort. Sabrina met Steve when he arrived at London Airport earlier in the day. She denied rumours of romance. Steve has been twice married - and Sabrina says, "I don't want to be thirds at anything. I want to be the first."

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20 April 1957 - Picturegoer (in an article about Steve Cochran)


"I'm getting fed up with all this talk about Sabrina and me," said Steve Cochran. " I went to buy some souvenirs the other day and was mobbed by hordes of women. 'That's Sabrina's boy friend,' they were shouting.
Will he marry her? "I don't think so," he says. "Anyway, she would have to do the proposing ... I NEVER propose.
"She's fun to be with and all that. But I don't think I'll marry her."
He was saying that as he picked up the phone to talk to her. It was lucky that she didn't hear...

5 June 1957 - London, England, United Kingdom - NORMA ANN SYKES with STEVE COCHRAN take a day off and take photos.

Sabrina and Steve Cochran relaxing

Sabrina, Zugsmith, Cochrane 1958

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

This pic was undated, but was taken just before Sabby left for Australia in 1958. Found on the back of the photo was this caption:

HOLLYWOOD EYE-FUL is presented by British actress Sabrina, a visitor at MGM this week with Steve Cochran , right, and producer Albert Zugsmith during filming of 'THE BEAT GENERATION'.

Presented with a gold key to the studio, the generously endowed English lass is enroute to Australia with her own revue, then is being beckoned by Zugsmith to return to Hollywood for a co-starring film with Cochran.

Sabrina Steve Cochran Beat Generation

Sabrina and Steve Cochran Beat Generation

Sabrina takes the opportunity to strip off the dress shown above to put on a T-shirt to promote the movie Beat Generation ( IMDB ) with Steve Cochran at MGM in 1956. Steve starred in the movie with Mamie van Doren. Why not girlfriend Sabrina, I wonder?? Hmmm!

Sabrina and Steve Cochran

24 November 1958 - HOLLYWOOD: Britain's buxom actress, Sabrina, poses in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre while actor Steve Cochran (foreground, back to camera) takes her picture. Sabrina, who at one time was billed as Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe, is en route to Australia where she will appear in her own follies show. She stopped off here to see Cochran, an old friend.



The new Grauman's Theatre pix were found in 2015

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

14 February 1957

A kiss results when Sabrina meets actor Steve Corhran [sic] on his arrival at London Airport this evening from Munich . Today being St Valentine's Day too , Steve was one of those lucky lads who did not forget his lady love although he probably has a good press agent to remind him of these things . 14 February 1957

Sabrina and Steve Sabrina kissed by Steve Cochran

16 Feb 1957 - British television star Sabrina is kissed by American actor Cochran at London Airport on Cochran's arrival from Germany. The blond star was on hand to meet her Yank and holds the valentine he brought her.

Another caption read : Arriving at London Airport on St Valentine's Day was Steve Cochran , who came over to receive "The Most Popular Actor of the Year " Award . This time beautiful Sabrina did meet him at the airport and Steve had a present for her - a Valentines card . Cochran only stayed for 24 hours but during that time he earned the privilaee of being the first boyfriend to enter Sabrina's new flat . 14 February 1957

Found at The Singapore Free Press, 1 March 1957

TOGETHER AGAIN -Sabrina and Hollywood film star. Meve Locnran*. They're sticking to what they said a few days ago: "No romance." But they're oh so happy as they meet at Munich airport after Sabrina had flown out to Germany to join him. Sabrina is to have a ski-ing holiday at...

(I think 'Meve Locnran' is meant to be 'Steve Cochran' before the OCR accident)

18 February 1957

Sabrina off to Munich

Sabrina, shapely TV personality, leaves London Airport this evening for Munich, where she will be on holiday for a few days . Asked if she would be seeing actor Steve Cohran [sic] , Sabrina replied: "No comment". 18 February 1957

[Steve was not liked by OCR, apparently]

Sabrina dances with Steve Cochran Sabrina gets weary while she dances with Steve Cochran

At the Pigalle Restaurant 1957

Steve Cochran kisses Sabrina

Glamorous radio and Television star Sabrina arriving at the Gaumont Cinema Haymarket London to attend the premiere of the film To Hell and Back 3rd November 1955

Steve Cochran and Sabrina head to a premiere


Steve Cochran and Sabrina

Sabrina at the Artists & Models Ball 1962 New York

At the Artists and Models Ball, 1962 in New York

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