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Samba Sabrina

The Sabrina Music by Denny Boyce!

Also see the Samba Sabrina article in Nelson Leader - Friday 20 January 1956, page 4

10 July 2012 - Frank wrote...

my late father Alan Ashworth and Albert Morris wrote a score called the sabrina Samba for her visit to the Nelson Imperial Ballroom in the early 50's I have a couple of photos taken at that time If you would like copy's let me Know.
Frank Ashworth

Sabrina prepares for Samba Sabrina

Sabrina Imperial Ballroom 1955

GEOFF CRAMBIE: Sex goddess Sabrina visited Nelson Imp

The year is 1955 and here at the piano is my old friend Albert J. Morris and the most famous blonde in Great Britain.

Yes, here in this week's nostalgic picture, given to me many years ago by the genial Albert, we can see the sex-symbol of the 1950s, Sabrina, who was here in Nelson to appear at our very own Imperial Ballroom. Albert had written a song especially for the "Blonde Bombshell" which was entitled " Sabrina Samba " and here they both are at the piano going through the score of Albert's song.

At the Imp, Sabrina was a complete sell-out and hundreds of local red-blooded males tried to invade the stage, many falling down in the melee to get closer to the star.

Sabrina's best-known asset was her hour-glass figure and her most vital statistic was reported to be between 42 to 50 inches!

Sabrina herself, then starring in films in 1957, said on the set of "St Trinian's", "My bosom has been the cause of much speculation - however, I can reveal to you it measures exactly 30 inches more than my waist!"

Sabrina, what a girl!


One cold June 2005 day, I espied an oddity on eBay: 'Samba Sabrina' - the sheet music. Unable to control my Palpayments, I bid on and won this Superlative Sabrina Strangeness.

Samba Sabrina cover

Now, thanks to Money™ you can see some of the effect that Sabrina had on 1956 Britain.

And, trusting the musical talent of our global readership, we hope to present a musical interpretation of the Samba Sabrina !

Yes! Although I can type quite accurately and can configure ferrets in fine configurations, I CANNOT play a musical instrument except for the banjo, which most musicians agree is not really a musical instrument, regardless of how quickly it is played.

So I rely on REAL musicians such as Mundell Lowe who might restore the Samba Sabrina to its rightful place in the pantheon of great musical achievements, and possibly lead to a Sabrina musical revival fit to rival that of ...ummm... well... I told you I wasn't really very musical.

The SAMBA SABRINA sheet music

Samba Sabrina sheet music

Page 1

Samba Sabrina sheet music

Page 2

Please compose your interpretation of SAMBA SABRINA on whatever instruments you deem most appropriate (bagpipes, steel drums, and ulelele are BANNED) and submit your finished tune to email me .

The winner will receive a big kiss from me, and maybe a handshake from Sabrina.

Contest Conditions


1 April 2008 : Well, it certainly has been exciting waiting for the winning entry to arrive. Since 1 July 2005, we have been glued to our email and we're sure it will arrive soon ! We'll only keep this competition running for another THREE YEARS, so hurry to your keyboard and synth. Time is short, and sometimes syncopated.

6 June 2008 - we have our first great entry! Arranged by Meggs, this rendition makes you wish Sabrina were here for some Samba Sinfulness! You can insert the obligatory cries of "Sabrina!" yourself, when indicated by the scores shown below. Thanks, Meggs!

Listen to Meggs' arrangement of Samba Sabrina ! (7M, MP3)

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