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Nelson Leader - Friday 20 January 1956, page 4

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Sabrina Samba!

When Sabrina, the 19-year-old girl who rocketed to fame as the "dumb blonde" in Arthur Askey's television show, leaves Nelson after appearing at the Imperial Ballroom to-night, she will take with her the orchestral score of a new dance tune, "Sabrina Samba," which two local men have composed to mark her visit to the town.
A few weeks ago, Mr. Albert J. Morris, the Leeds Road photographer, noticed that Askey towards the end of his TV programme remarked, "We'll now nave the 'Serenade to Sabrina.' " and the producer's reply was: " I'm afraid there is no such tune." This sprang to his mind when he saw the first announcement of Sabrina's forthcoming visit to Nelson, and, in collaboration with Mr. Alan Ashworth, a butcher who also has his business premises in Leeds Road, he set to work on the composition which Tommy Daykin and his orchestra will play to-night at the Imperial before the score is presented to Sabrina as a memento of her visit. The words are printed at the foot of column five on this page, and Messrs. Morris and Ashworth hope that intending patrons of the dance will cut them out and heartily join in to-night's singing of the "Sabrina Samba".

Sabrina Samba

It's Sabrina — you have seen her;
Oh, what hair, what looks, what curves.
Not a feature of this creature
Should be passed by unobserved.

She's so charming, so disarming
When I'm watching "televish."
She allures me, never bores me,
She is just my dish of fish.

I could write a rhapsody about this lovely girl,
She sets me all a-whirl, makes my eyebrows curl,
De Bussey wrote a melody to "The Girl with the flaxen hair,"
But I'd rather concentrate upon Sabrina Fair — so:

To Sabrina let us drink a Toast: here's health and wealth and life;
Down the hatch now—that's the latch: wow,
Switch her off — here comes the wife!


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