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Dating Sabrina

Names socially or romantically
connected with Sabrina

Notes Legend:

1 = claimed by Sabrina
2 = claimed by magazine, unconfirmed by Sabrina
3 = claimed in magazine interview with Sabrina
4=claimed by a (supposedly) reputable source (e.g. newspaper)

Johnny Ray

Johnny Ray


Joe DiMaggio
Sabrina Friend

Baseballer, Monroe-husband

Steve Cochran
Steve Cochran

Actor (1917-1965) ... Career info

Steve was renowned for his prodigously-sized (ahem) manhood and for his affairs with the likes of Mae West, Jayne Mansfield, Barbara Payton, Joan Crawford, Merle Oberon, Kay Kendall, Virginia Lord, Ida Lupino and most famously Mamie Van Doren. O, yes: and apparently with Sabrina.

2 (many sources)
Harold Ludwig Melsheimer
Harold Ludwig Melsheimer

Surgeon & husband (1967-1977)

Learn more facts about Doctor Melsheimer and his t roubled romatic history with Sabrina and others

(Yay! It only took 20 years to find a picture of Doctor M - 2021-03-03)

Sean Connery
Sean Connery


Prince Christian of Hanover

Sabrina and Prince Christian of Hanover 1957

Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access


Prince Christian was well-known in London social circles in the late 1950's. At various times he was reported in the company of such girls as Noelle Adam, the French dancer, Ingrid Scharfenberg, a German beauty queen and Sabrina, the entertainer .

Read Sabrina's account of the publicity-driven affair .




Prince Charles
A Prince

Professional Prince

Prince Philip
A Duke


Kerry Packer
A Mogul

Australian Media Mogul (died 2005, worth $AUS8 billion)

Abby Mann
Abby Mann


Duke of Kent
A Duke


Marquis of Milford-Haven
David Mountbatten

David Mountbatten, Third Marquess of Milford-Haven

Frank Sinatra

Singer, actor, mobster? ... Read about Sabrina and Frank

Billy Smart Jr

Billy Smart Jr

Circus Playboy (1934-2005)

Living a playboy life from his 46ft-long living trailer, he would receive members of the Royal family, such as Princess Margaret. Had a number of well-publicised liaisons with glamorous women, including Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors, Shirley Bassey and the busty singer Sabrina , to whom he gave a leopard called Chico.

He named one of his elephants after Sabrina - and another after Shirley Bassey.

Source - www.telegraph.co.uk

Sabrina and Chico

Not too pleased with Chico?

Sabrina and Chico


Sabrina and toy Chico

BOOBS icon

Ah... that's more like it!

Sabtrina and a pet of Chico the leopard

Happy now!

From the notes on the back of the third photo:

Pet leopard for Sabrina 23 Feb 1958

Actress Sabrina is pictured with her pet leopard called Chico at Billy Smart's Circus winter quarters at Winkfield, Berkshire, this afternoon. Bill, junior, a genial, stockily built 24-year-old, who recently went to Paris with her, gave her the leopard.

Sabrina and Chimp at Billy Smart circus 1963

Sabrina's New Partner?

The British sex-bomb Sabrina has discovered a new sphere. It appears now - for three nights only - in the Billy Smart circus. Our picture shows her with a "colleague", also an attraction of the circus. 5 April 1963.


Sonny King

1922 - 2006

Sonny King

This is a really strange one: Sabrina claimed they were engaged. He denied it. Most odd! Read the entire peculiar tale from 1962.

Before he was a local lounge institution and Jimmy Durante's sidekick, it was King who introduced Dean Martin to Jerry Lewis in the 1940s. In the 1960s, he ran with The Rat Pack. He died of cancer in February 2006, aged 83

Tommy Yeardye Tommy Yeardye
(Full size)

The brunette is June Wilkinson, and Richard tells me the man is Tommy Yeardye (18 July 1930 - 21 April 2004) of whom Sabrina supposedly said "Tommy can have the key to my safe any time he wants."

I have no evidence that they were romantically attached. Tommy was famously entangled with Diana Dors (as was Billy Smart Jr). For more details, visit the " Sabrina With... " page.

We do, however, know that Sabby and June were natural enemies!

19 September 1958 - The Montreal Gazette reported:

British muscleman Tommy Yeardye's defection from Diana Dors to Sabrina recalls the coincidenca that Dennis Hamilton, Diana's ex-husband, also segued to Sabrina, and Dickie Dawson, Diana's present beau, was once Sabrina's property. Obviously those three gentlemen don't just prefer blondes, they prefer the SAME blondes.

Michael Colclough-Hoey
Michael Colclough-Hoey

"Debonair playboy."

From Daily Express - 31 January 1961:

DEBONAIR playboy Michael Colclough-Hoey was notorious for chasing the West End's glamour girls. Diana Dors. Shani Wallis, Sabrina , he escorted them all.
Last night another Hoey chase was on.
But this time Hoey was the quarry, with police as the hunters. For Hoey was the man who passed an 8mm Lebel to "Scotch Jackie" on the neon-lighted pavement outside the Pitalle Restaurant last September.
And with that gun "Scotch Jackie" — 27-year-old West End thug John James Buggy — shot down 33-year-old Mr. Charles Robert Reeder, of Berkshire-Road, Homerton...

[Hoey] disappeared last October three days before the end of his Old Bailey trial for a £24,000 bubble-gum machine swindle.
He was convicted in his absence on 20 charges of fraud.

And the others...
  • Ron Randall
  • Walter Chiari - film comedian
  • Dickie Dawson
  • Harold Rothschild - banker
  • Dennis Hamilton
  • George Bevan - surf champion
  • Ray Bolwell - manager
  • Lou Levin - restaurateur
  • Michael Rennie - Brit actor
  • Hans Holzner
  • Bob Lee - safari operator
  • Leonard Burton - producer of SIHH
  • Jackie Hartnett - writer
  • George de Witt - singer, comedian
  • Lucky Arpa - doorman at the Embers
  • Lee Winston - doctor
  • Rad Fulton - actor
  • Tommy Gallagher - boxing trainer

*No attempt has been made to determine whether the relationships were fantasy, romance, friendships, or just calculated publicity events.
I'll let you ponder those details.

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