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Pix 27 January 1962

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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Sabrina works out

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Sabrina works out
"Two places I need to concentrate on most are waist and hips. The rest of me seems to take care of itself."

Life isn't dull around town any more since this shapely daughter of a respectable middle-class Manchester family lit up the country with her electrifying version of The Twist. Locked deeply in her mind are many secrets. One, faithfully kept, is why Sabrina wears rings on her marriage finger. Her secret diet, for keeping that most-talked-about figure, is on the next page.

Sabrina looked through long, dark lashes, favoured us with a pre-occupied smile and said, "Last week, I lost five pounds. I dieted."

Curled up in a crimson swimsuit in her suite on the topmost floor of a King's Cross hotel, her figure was a small bright flame, surrounded by large contemporary furniture.

"Of course," she mused, "the extra weight I had acquired was not to be wondered at. I had a smashing New Year's Eve with Elvis Presley and a crowd from Hollywood." Her eyes assumed a far-away-from-Sydney expression.

We reminded her that two years ago in Australia, Sabrina told a reporter her dimensions, then 41-18-35½, needed no supervision to keep in shape, and asked what caused the change. She laughed and drew the curtains against Sydney's panorama of sunwashed Harbour. She hates heights.

Leaning back gracefully on the chaise-longue, the 24 year old Sabrina explained.

[She would actually have been 26 - Ed.]

With the help of daily exercise, her ambition, 42-18-35, has now been reached. Any sign of extra weight is controlled by dieting. This happens rarely.

"Diet is the darndest thing," she drawled in a more-or-less American accent. "And I adore good food. Everything excepting oysters and frogs' legs. They are too, too revolting."

In general, her diet is two meals a day, comprising grilled steak, green salads and fresh ripe fruit - a popular weight reducer with film and stage stars. Slow, but reliable.

But there is another, more drastic diet, which until this interview had been kept a secret.

This is it:

Breakfast , served between 11am and 12 noon: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 slices dry toast, 1 cup black coffee or tea, no sugar.

Elevenses , served at 4pm: 1 long glass fresh fruit juice with 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls glucose added, no sugar.

Dinner , served at 7pm or after the show, is the same as breakfast, with one piece fresh fruit (apple, pear or peach). No alcohol of any description. A third meal, exactly the same, may be taken if desired. this would have to be spaced between the other two meals.

Physically, Sabrina is still a comparatively short*, svelte, blue-eyed baby doll with an extremely sensitive skin. (She daren't even tan.) From the top of her Nordic-blonde hair, usually encased in a becoming blonde wig when travelling, to the bottom of her lissom legs, often enveloped in tight tapered slacks, she is a graceful silhouette.

Looking at her abundantly beautiful figure, one can understand why she has been admired and dated by the Duke of Kent, the Marquis of Milford-Haven and Prince Christian of the House of Hanover.

Attractive? Yes. Charming? Yes. Vivacious? No. She hasn't changed one whit since 1958.

It's hard to tell if that last paragraph is a compliment or not! - Ed.

* Five foot 6 inches

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