nylon.net is here to bring you happy memories of Norma Ann Sykes - Sabrina

but it also has lots of milky goodness for the whole family...

R.E.M. magazine articles

How to create an ALT newsgroup in Usenet. Old - very very old.

Brand New Australian Myths and Legends. Sort of stories.

Covergirls from nylon.net. They're all weird.

The Goon Show - a fan page

Iron Chef Japan - still sharing the goodness

Just a Minute - the BBC radio game show still kicking on

Classic pinups - Elvgren, Vargas, Bettie Page etc

Worst Verse - bad poetry from the internet is dissected

Transport Tycoon - a classic simulator that lives on

And if you want to buy EHH3.com... call me

Contact the president of nylon.net

nylon.net was registered on 27 April 1998

and still thinks that using tables for formatting is a BLOODY GOOD IDEA.

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