nylon.net is here to bring you happy memories of Norma Ann Sykes - Sabrina

but it also has lots of milky goodness for the whole family...

R.E.M. magazine articles

How to create an ALT newsgroup in Usenet. Old - very old.

Brand New Australian Myths and Legends. Sort of stories.

Covergirls from nylon.net. They're all weird.
And as of 2021-11-18, they're finally finished.

The Goon Show - a fan page

Iron Chef Japan

Just a Minute - the BBC radio game show is still kicking on after 50 years

Classic pinups - Elvgren, Vargas, Bettie Page etc

Worst Verse - bad poetry from the internet is dissected

Transport Tycoon - a classic simulator that lives on

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nylon.net was registered on 27 April 1998 and still thinks that using tables for formatting is a BLOODY GOOD IDEA.

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