The covergirls

Since appeared in 1894 we were waiting for the internet to appear. Our founder had more foresight than Tim Berners-Lee. In 1998 we began the parade of pulchritudinous ladies that welcome discerning visitors to our famous site.

Here you will find some of the lovely lasses who have brought you's front page over the many years.

Click the thumbnails to see the BIG girls! covergirl

Our first covergirl from 1998, Bettie Page - always a good sport, and a real devil when playing Twister around the office. 
12 December 2008 - we sadly bade farewell to Bettie Page our first and best covergirl.. covergirl

This gorgeous lass enraptured the hearts of many visitors covergirl
This red-headed vixen pops up sometimes at our Christmas parties. We still don't know who she is. covergirl
The girls disappeared briefly in the 1990s during the unpleasant legal battles following the corporate coup. covergirl
Our 1920 leading lady, whose name was lost during the 1936 baby oil explosion in our Jakarta office. covergirl

In 2002, we welcomed our newest recruit with the second-tallest shoes we've ever seen. covergirl
Poise? Style? That's 2002! covergirl covergirl
A naughty girl from October 2002 covergirl
Lily Damita popped into our Berlin office for one of our most memorable covergirl shots. She had a few more fans in the office when she was finished! Hubba Hubba! covergirl covergirl

when Tempest blew in, she always caused a Storm! covergirl

And Gypsy Rose Lee certainly added a new dimension to our Friday strip poker games covergirl
Merry nylon Christmas 2002 covergirl
A Swedish delight for the new year! covergirl
This young lass stole our hearts, our beer fridge and most of the furniture at HQ. covergirl

And this beauty - who turned out to be a VERY undercover cop arrested the young lass, recovered the beer fridge - and arrested most of the management for unspecified crimes against decency. Fair enough. covergirl

Lydia, O Lydia... Lydia Johnson the tattooed lady... A really strange woman. covergirl
She said that after paying for the fur, she couldn't afford any clothes. Of course the 1924 editor (my great grandfather) was polite enough to take her coat when she visited. covergirl
Julie Newmar was kind enough to host the 1963 annual charity ball in aid of young girls who can't afford genuine nylons. covergirl

'Erotic' comes in many different sizes and flavours, I have found. covergirl
She was a dirty little girl with no morals, no scruples, and a degenerate sense of fun. O how I miss her. covergirl
Sometimes all you need is a boa and some nylons. covergirl

She got quite animated on the subject of Equal Opportunity. covergirl

This pretty lass was a little confused when we asked her to wear fishnets to the photo shoot. covergirl

Our fashion designer (pictured above), was quickly sacked after THIS suggestion for a cover, pictured below. After all, does have some standards. covergirl covergirl
In January 2004 we advertised for a 'swinger'.
We got her.
Sigh. covergirl

Sarah popped in for a floral arrangement, and we gave her a GOOD one! covergirl

We offered her a chair. She declined.
We still don't know how she managed this pose. covergirl

And good ol' Sister Joan Collins came in to tell us it was 2006. Many people forget what a boppable babe she was.
But I don't, and I have the scars to prove it. covergirl

And we spent a month with April - ah!
Thirty days of going to bed at a sensible hour...
eight times a day. covergirl

And this is May. We have NO idea what she was doing, but she did it every day, naked, and with extraordinary zeal.
That's the style! covergirl

May's twin sister, our September 2006 beauty, wearing true stockings.
And yes, they were identical twins.
They even writhed the same. covergirl

And this athletic young lass was very popular in the office.

covergirl picture 25

Our horse trainer earned quite a lot of our money.
Quite a lot, considering we didn't have any horses. covergirl
We like EXCITING adventures! covergirl

Gilda, our Miss January 2007, was very serious on the subject of shoes. She set a record by staying our covergirl for 10 months!

Our normal limit is 8.9 months, for obvious reasons, but Gilda refused to accept child support. For that, we love her. covergirl
This high-powered beauty arrived in October 2007 and blew us away. Thanks to Planet Terror for letting her play with us. It'll be a shame to lose her because we could never find another girl of the same calibre.

<rimshot> covergirl

Our introduction to 2008 required recovery from the liver-mutilating new year. Our first 2008 cutie was very fond of making us all a good strong cup of tea. covergirl

Our beauty of March 2008 loved rolling naked on mink.
Funny that... so did all of our male staff. covergirl

In April 2008, Naomi Johnson stopped by to show us her lovely maiden bonnet. I took it off, and enjoyed her maiden head. covergirl

At the end of September 2008, Barbara's enticing fur was passed around the office to the delight of all. covergirl

And plain old Jayne brought 'er harp
And we all liked to have a jolly good pluck.

December 2008 - We bid farewell to our first and best covergirl, Bettie Page who died 12 December aged 85.
You'll always be our First Page here at

Bettie Page covergirl Jane Powell

Jane Powell neé Suzanne Lorraine Burce
Believed spinster life to be a curse.
So she married men
Again and again,
Five times in all (which turned out worse) covergirl

Hilarity ensued when Candy Barr turned up for her index page photoshoot
and we had to tell her that the '' writing was added later with Photoshop.
The tattoo was not required.
Golly gee did we laugh! covergirl

Our 2009 covergirl gave a new and expensive twist to going ho ho ho at our Christmas orgy! covergirl

Feb 2010: When Jenny Ellison was hired to impose disciplinary measures at, punishable offences amongst male staff rose by 3200%. Even our vicar reported himself for photocopying the office cat's nose without due care and attention and demanded to be punished. In the end, we had to impose a limit of 5 sackable offences per man per week, to prevent Jennifer becoming exhausted. covergirl

Meet the ' fan club', March 2010. Sigh.

We really should make our photographic invitations a little more unambiguous from now on. covergirl

Martha offered her services as a photocopier repair technician. We had our doubts about her skills, but once we saw how well she handled our reproduction equipment, we were convinced. covergirl

One day, see, this Ava broad sashays into nylon net squad room and says she done wrong. We probed her, see? Many, many times.

She was right. She was a bad, bad girl.
And for that, we love her. covergirl

Norma was hired to sing Happy Birthday to the President of on Friday May 18, 1962.
She later confessed it gave her a good idea for her gig with Mr Kennedy the next day.

XRay Covergirl

Miss X (as she shall be known) would not let us show her outward appearance, due to her religious convictions.

Those convictions, however, did not prevent us getting to know her internally... deeply internally.

Lily's Execution

Lily, our coffee girl and part-time chief financial officer, played the lead role in's amateur production of Breaker Morant in 2010. When it came to the dramatic firing squad scene, she took creative control.
When she put on the blindfold, hoisted her skirts and cried the final line, "Shoot straight, you bastards" there wasn't a dry pair of trousers in the house.

Lady Gaga goes nylon

At the inter-office olympics, Lady G came second in the 100m Naked Skating in Sensible Shoes final. After the medal presentation, she was gracious enough to congratulate Oprah who won. covergirl

We're not exactly sure who she was, but she insisted on interrogating everyone at She was brutal and insatiable, and we ended up having to limit staff to just three interrogations a week, just to be fair. covergirl

When we advertised a position at, Belinda showed us one of her own. We preferred hers.

Covergirl 45

Sister Tilly came to the bar as a wimpled bride of Christ collecting for fallen girls.
We soon got her out of that habit.
Nun better!

Rabbit covergirl

When Flopsy Lapin was undecided whether to become a nun or a playboy model, she came for an interview at for the position of receptionist. We let her design her own uniform. covergirl 47

The 1962 Annual Dinner Dance briefly became a full-contact blood sport when someone suggested that Gilda's dancing was "dull."
Gilda went on to face Rocky Marciano in the 1963 paso doble finals. covergirl

Meet the staff.
Part 1: Our hard-working call centre. chairman 1925

In 1925, was struggling to stay solvent during our long wait for the internet to be invented. In the interim, notable chairmen such as Mr. William Stanley Moore were forced to generate revenue in unorthodox ways.

Eschewing the traditional path of creating witty anachronistic biographies with Dreamweaver and Photoshop, William took in the direction of narcotics dealership, specialising in large quantities of faked opium and cocaine. Working with well-intentioned waterfront thieves and drug traders, William led through the roaring 20s and into our most fertile phase during the second world war.

"If there were a sweeter mug shot ever taken, I've yet to see it," said Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson, the arresting officer, on 1 May 1925. covergirl 51

Since the United Nations' recognition of as an independent constitutional monarchy, our first step was to prepare for the London Olympics. Our team selection, however, took a bad turn when Ingrid was chosen to lift weights in the super-heavyweight class. Sadly, she was crushed like a twig on her first day of training.

Elusive Sabrina

For our 2012 'Tribute To Sabrina' page, we hired Sabrina Ferrili to appear on's homepage. After seeing pictures of the original Sabrina's majestic physique, she ran from the camera and was never heard of again.

Covergirl Marguerite Chapman

When Marguerite Chapman came to be interviewed for a job at, we asked her what position she was seeking. She showed us...


Our 54th covergirl was SMOKIN'
and when we finished with her, we still had her butt to admire.


I said to my Art Director, we need a chick... a CHICK!
OK, so he got what I wanted... then he got fired
because I don't put up with fowl nudity or poultry puns.

Discipline Girl

When's management found discipline in the organisation was getting lax (let's be honest - the stuff was dripping down the walls) we called in Madame Fouet Peitsche to bring some discipline to the workforce. And it worked. By God it worked...

The new head of

In 1931 high court prosecutions and severe public outrage prompted a shake-up at, and the Board of Directors was charged with finding a new head for the corporation. She eventually did.


God Dammit! We hire a new art director and give him the key to the liquor cabinet and he comes up with THIS monstrous abomination in August 2014. Needless to say, he was given to the recent covergirl, Madame Fouet Peitsche, for some urgently-needed professional therapy. His fluids are still dripping from the walls of conference room 2 and he now feels much better.

HR Manager

The process of firing psychopathic, alcoholic and useless employees is a daily chore at HQ. Until we hired our new Human Resources manager who made firing a joy for both the management and the victim. covergirl november 2014

Uncle Rayon had the unenviable task of choosing covergirls in the 1960s. I believe it was a difficult job because he kept telling me how it made him a hard man.
A very hard man.
Poor Uncle Rayon.

nylon Christmas 2014

Great Aunt Gladys was invited to light our headquarters' Christmas tree in 2014. It's really funny, but until that day I thought her "conviction for pyromania" referred to a dedication to baking pies. Sigh.

Newyear girls

During the 2014 new year office party, the general manager, Benito Siegheil, was hanging around the dancing girls. Later he was found hanging around a meat hook.

Covergirl 2015

During her interview for the position of Chief Jollity Officer, Sheree said she would bend over backwards to be a good employee, which didn't impress anyone on the interview panel. We changed our minds when she bent over forwards....


You know how annoying it is when you get a haircut and the cut hair falls into your collar and annoys until your manservant bathes you?'s resident barber cleverly solved the problem for female customers by requiring them to disrobe entirely.
The male customers still have to put up with itchy necks.

Covergirl - 1 Aug 2015

One day we opened the staff fridge and were horrified to see what was in it. I mean - it's unforgivable. Who in their right mind puts bananas into a refrigerator?
The Fridge Security Girl was a complete waste of time.

We very nearly gave this Estonian girl a job, but it turned out that she had meant to say, "I love sucking tentacles.'

Christmas 2015 coversanta

Even at the end of 2015, we still are required by strict contractual obligations to publish that "The jolly chairman of made the 1963 corporate Christmas party a festive occasion for all ages." covergirls

Judging the annual winner of the Miss Nylon Net beauty pageant was just as hard as it has always been. It takes so long for for the thirteen judges to take each of the contestants out to dinner and 'see what happens' that we've only judged up to 1965.

So, is proud to give the latest 'Miss Nylon.Net' award to...
Elizabeth Taylor!

The favourite for the 2016 water olympics was disqualified after it was determined that her shade of lipstick was ineligible.
Oh. Also, she drowned.

Glennis,'s Manager of Stuff, said she wanted to table a motion at the weekly administrative meeting. And she did.

When we had to hire a new tea lady (after the disastrous controversy caused by the previous incumbent), we chose conservatively, and Betty proved to be a stable and maternal influence at

Even in a crisis, we could rely on Betty - our British tea lady - to always keep a pair of stiff upper lips.

Being a firm believer in equal opportunity employment, does not resile from hiring female window cleaners.

In October 2016, we fondly remember Mario Pissanti, chairman of in 1962, who valiantly insisted on using human paperweights in order to improve the country's employment statistics. Bless him.

Robyn was hired as's Circus Entertainment Executive for February 2017, but unexpected staff changes led to her reassignment to Child Care. Sadly, her skill set remained unalterable, and she had to be dismissed.

As soon as Miss Dewey uttered her spine-tingling "Shhhhh" during her interview, we were sold.

Her professional noise-nullifation technique ensured she would become's chief librarian - even though we only held three books, and two of those were local phone directories.

What was strange was that we had not actually advertised the position of 'chief librarian'

But after her employment, and the announcement of the STRICT and INFLEXIBLE penalties she exacted for overdue loans, the waiting time for being punished now exceeds three years.

And our library still holds only three books.
And one chief librarian.

Another eager job applicant at in June 2017 said she would "Bend over backwards to satisfy our every need." And she did. Daily.
Funnily enough, we still don't know her actual job title or what her responsibilities are. But she turns up every day.
So, hey. You know.

She is flexible. admin can be too.

In December 2017, when challenged by the Australian Equal Opportunity Commission, management was proud to declare that 95% of their staff were female. They were also young, beautiful, and graduates of Russian contortion schools. Equality at last!
To celebrate, is expecting another container of flexible Russian blondes in January 2018.

Well, after some internal debate (and unfortunate yet entertaining bloodshed) in the boardroom, on 10 July 2018 the board decided to reinstate the traditional index page and covergirls. To celebrate, we invited our lighting engineer, Prometheus, to pose for our first new cover for 2018. Yay.

In October 2018 we hired a nutritionist for the canteen. Now, for some reason, the entire staff are morbidly obese.

When the Transport Department girls get together - they really get together.

December 2018 - When the mistress of discipline at cracks the whip with employees, they know they've been cracked. She is currently booked out, but hopes to be available for whippings in the new year.

When management travel over the Christmas break, we carefully pack our most important items.

In 1948, when CEO Rupert Montmorency Hugh-Jampton described the size of his Hammond organ to the ladies of the Musical Society, they were all-aquiver with the anticipation of getting their hands on it.

When Olga became Head Instructor at the gym, staff enrolments for personal gym training rose by 500%. Sadly, many of them died from fractured vertebrae on the first day.

But it was so funny.

When the 1945 CEO of was brought up on charges of public indecency, his crack legal team immediately gathered to prepare his defence.

They lost.

In the days of social distancing in 2020, one of our staff members discovered a new way to keep people away from her.

But honestly, her personality was already fully up to the job.


During virus lockdown, our fan maintenance technician had to prove her employability flexibility.
Many, many times a day.

Our receptionist in August 2020 got rather dismayed by social distancing and began to attract male attention in a most subtle manner.

Our CFO showed how flexible she could be when filling out the tax return for the 2019/2020 financial year.

Our 2020 lockdown nutritionist suggested that we enjoy Grenouille Dans La Bouche for every meal.

It didn't catch on.

When Covid-19 involved blood tests at, we hired only the best.

When we hired our new Covergirl Manager in October 2020, he assured us he had been working in graphics since the 1990s. Sadly, he never progressed from there. "Photowhat? Photostore? Nah...what's that?"

And at the end of 2020, finished up bent and twisted. As always.

When people complained in 2021 that was "inappropriate for children" we knew exactly what the little kiddies would like...

OK. Yes, we hired her. Yes, we directed her photoshoot. But does anyone know what the hell this means? We think it had something to do with the international day of something or other. covergirl April 2021

In April 2021, management decided to loosen up and celebrate a kiddies Easter covergirl. This happened.

Our big 1960 nylonacola product launch failed dismally, but all our male staff stood upright behind our model.

This lovely lady, Betty Jane Hess, is here because she could well be the grandmother of our beautiful Countess Anastasia of Siberia.

In June 2021, our corporate chef laid on a seafood platter. She also lay on the boardroom table and many desks that day.

And so it passed that on 18 November 2021, chose to give up on posting its covergirls - and pretty much everything else to do with this site.

Because, as was announced in an official statement, "After 23 years - no one could give a flying fuck any more."

Pictured below: the surviving staff bid you a fond farewell.

The last covergirls

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