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(AKA, The 'Tatters' Series)

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The 'Tatters' Series
24 June 1955

Read what Sabrina said at the photoshoot regarding her upcoming music hall tour .

24 June 1955 - The famous Park Lane photoshoot. Boy, was Sabby a busy girl that day.

Sabrina in Park Lane 1955
Finally, in June 2016 I found a bigger (albeit watermarked) version of this charming little pic.

Sabrina 1955

Sabrina B.O.O.B.S. material!

3 Dec 2010 - A full-page photo of Sabrina from Night and Day, Jan 56 (American). It was larger than A4 size, so Sabby's belly had to be scanned and stitched on. Sorry, Sabby!

Another glossy version of this classic pic...

Sabrina Park Lane photoshoot

ceguah said : This one is from a 1958 Swedish Photo Year Book or some sort. This pic is already on the site in an uncut version. However my copy has no holes from old staples in the middle. It has been folded though, and that is visible in the scan. I have not cut this picture, this is how it appeared in the book. Found it in a second hand shop in the midsixties. Just tore out the page, turning my back and coughing hard to hide my doings from the shop owner…I am not exactly proud of this, and it is not (and never was) my normal behaviour when visiting stores. I put the blame on Sabrina… ]

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Pic was accompanied by the following words (my translation): "Worship of the female bust got more and more commercial. The American pin up queens were distanced by the Italian movie stars, and after that old England took up the competition. When the British television audience chose a new favourite, young Sabrina, the genre had got an unpleasant air of disability comedy. She got even more famous when she was cherished by a crowd of people and a man stepped on the hem of her evening gown, causing it to slip off. Sabrina fainted.”

(Disability comedy is when you make fun of disabled, crippled or physically deformed people. I don’t know if there is a special expression for this in English. There is in Swedish.)

Pseudo-intellectual rubbish with the scornful attitude typical of the ”moral majority” and self-proclaimed defenders of so called good taste of the time.

Sabrina photoshoot - Park Lane Hotel 1955

Sabrina Britain's answer to Jayne Mansfield poses for cameramen at the Park Lane Hotel in 1955

And another related pic was found in January 2019

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

From 'Bold' magazine, 1960

A publicity shoot at the first press conference of the 19 year old Sabrina, held on 24 June 1955. They must have been popular shots because they reappear in other magazines of later years.

Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Here's the full version of the pic above

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes

And in 2024 here's another, in front of Stanhope Gate

Sabrina 1955 uncropped

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes

And in 2024 I found a better shot of the middle pic

Sabrina - Tatters series

The snarky text reads:

Sabrina, the girl who is bending over, is one of our favorite people. When Sabrina straightens up she is an English girl who is on the stage. In fact she is sort of the talk of London. In case you are worried about Sabrina having lumbago or something, don't. She just likes to go around town in a half crouch.

Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes Sabrina - Norma Sykes
These 3 seem be flipped/resized dupes

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

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