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Sabrina's Act will be a Surprise

Even she doesn't know yet what it is

(The Park Lane Press Conference 1955)

Daily Mirror, 25 June 1955

by Norman Martlew

Sabrina's Park Lane press conference 1955 AH, well. Sabrina fair, TV's 119-pound blonde bombshell, has spoken at last.
She held her first big Press conference with Mum in London's Park-lane yesterday.
It was the big send-off before she takes up her first show business contract —topping the bill in London, the Midlands, and the North — starting July 4.
Norma Sykes, as she Is known back home in Blackpool, was asked: "What are you going to do on the stage, Sabrina?"

She sighed, fluttered her long curling eyelashes, and said : "Don't know."
One of her managers said hurriedly: "This girl is so phenomenal we've got to work out a routine for her, you see. It has got to be something very special."
Sabrina said: "I have a surprise item at the end of my act — so I'm told."
We took up our notebooks.
"But I don't know what it will be," she went on.
Sabrina perched her shapely self on a table. She said plaintively; "I want to go to Blackpool. I LIKE Blackpool. Am I going to Blackpool?"

A manager said: " Yes, dear, you'll be in Blackpool in September."
Sabrina turned to Mum Sykes and said: "We're going to Blackpool."

Sabrina didn't know it then but she was told: "Apart from London, you'll be visiting Nottingham, Leicester. Scunthorpe, Manchester and Reading."

White Shorts

She went out to change into a very tight pair of white shorts and a plunging white sweater that stretched to 39½ inches....
"Norma doesn't care about men," said Mum as her nineteen-year-old daughter strolled round the room.
"Plenty of wolves after her... all the time. Phone never stops ringing. Norma does speak to people on the phone."
Sabrina left with Mum a few minutes later for a week-end rest. She will later rehearse whatever it is she has to do...
"Goodbye," she said.

Photo caption: Sabrina, the "dumb blonde" of TV is going going on a music hall tour. She said yesterday that she did not know yet what her act would be — but with a figure like this who cares?

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