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Sabrina in Melbourne 1958-1959

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21 July 2017 - Thanks to Countess Anastasia of West Siberia, we have some great new pix of Sabrina in Melbourne.

Sadly there is no date or identification of the publication. The text reads:

Sabrina gets a chance to relax at home

It's better than television in Hansen St, East Brighton, some Sunday afternoons.
For neighbours only have to glance across one of the living room windows to see Sabrina at home.

Out of the public eye as she sat on the floor today with her long blonde hair round her shoulders, Sabrina sighed contentedly.
"I love to relax with friends - and I hardly ever have the time."

Sabrina's sanctuary is the home of Mr and Mrs Simon Shinberg.
At present it's the only place where she can forget she's a celebrity.

Even thought she accepts philosophically all the stares from the crowds that gather round whenever she goes ("after all, I chose this sort of life") the blonde with the fabulous figure loves to have an 'away-from-it-all' Sunday.
"At home in England I usually go for a ride or a walk with friends, or watch television (I love television) or go to a movie," she said.


And with her friends in Hansen St, she watches TV, plays with the children, or just sits and talks.
But once outside the house it's different. Take the group of young locals who gathered round one Sunday to get autographed photos.
One little boy took his photo, then asked Mr Shinberg if Sabrina was a dancer.
"Why do you want my photo if you don't know what I am?" asked Sabrina.
The admirer looked at the flash of mauve in the driveway and said: "Well, you've got a beaut car!"

Sabrina and Debra Shinberg

Picture caption: LIVING the simple life, Sabrina gives Debra Shinberg a ride on a rocking horse.

Sabrina and the Shinberg children in Melbourne
Sabrina and Debra Shinberg, Melbourne 1959 Sabrina and a Shinberg baby

Sabrina at Melbourne dress fitting

Sabrina in Melbourne 1959

See more pix of Sabrina and her Melbourne pillar

Sabrina on a horse

Thanks to the eagle eye of Sir Chris Keating we have a collection of photos of Sabrina's appearance on The Late Show with Bert Newton in Melbourne in 1958. Transported in Vauxhall luxury (it even has a push-button radio!), Sabrina was the highlight of the show, along with some buck-toothed cowboy whom I cannot identify.

Sabrina arrives in style and the crowd goes wild


That push-button radio is the epitome of 1958 automotive desirability


Sabrina arrives onstage



Sabrina, the Vauxhall, and Bert on stage

Sabrina and Bert Newton
Who is this chap?
Another unknown chap
Many unknown chaps
Golly. What a lot of smily chaps there are when Sabrina is around

At the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, December1958




Sabrina often visited sick children, especially those with polio.
Here, she is in Melbourne in December 1958, accompanied by an unknown footballing chap.

The Hickory Dock must have been a nice place for a young chap to lurk... but why?
The shop is in Camberwell, Melbourne, and was established in 1946...


At Dickory Dock our personal fitting service is an elegant alternative that ensures your bra will give you the utmost support, comfort and is perfectly suited to your individual shape. Every woman is different. Our team of skilled corsetieres can work wonders with all shapes. With a range of sizes AA-J cups, adjustments are made on the premises to provide you with a bra that makes you feel and look your best. "

So that explains Sabrina's visit! If anyone needed expert handling of her - um - err - cough - professional equipment , it was she.



Notice how Sabrina poses identically, regardless of the chapettes around her.

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