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Sabrina Collectibles

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Sabrina B.O.O.B.S. material!

Lucky Fred!

Thanks to Anastasia Arden of Siberia for this shot

A Sabrina autograph

Sabrina with eyelashes - signed

Sabrina signed photo

Sabrina, autographed for Lyndie

Lyndie wrote in 2016 to say: "I sent you a photo of Sabrina and my father, Stan love, taken at The Bay Hotel, Pevensey Bay, Sussex, England..which you have on your website... These 2 are in my autograph book which I had forgotten about..She gave one to me. and one to my sister, both autographed.
She stayed with us for a few nights whilst touring the south coast..and brightened up many peoples lives!!!!"


Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access


Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access


Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access


A Sabrinacard used during her stay with 'Pleasures of Paris' at the Prince of Wales theatre.
You can print a copy and fill in your own loving message to yourself from Sabrina!

Sabrina autographed caricature 1966

Lucky old Vic got this treasure

Sabrina publicity shot

I believe this (unflattering, IMO) shot was taken in Melbourne and used as an autograph card.

Sabrina Greetings autographed

Sabrina's Toy Tiger (signed)

A signed photo from Gary

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