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Sabrina Visits Dorincourt

for the

Queen Elizabeth Foundation

Thanks to Bouke - 'The Guy from the Netherlands' - for pointing me to these great photos.
And thanks to Queen Elizabeth for inviting Sabrina.

At some point in the 1950s, Sabrina visited Dorincourt, a part of Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People.
Since she used to make jewellery when she was ill in hospital, she showed Dorincourt trainees how to make their own.

Sabrina assembling a sample article of jewellery with trainee and shop director.

A trainee jewellery maker and shop director with 1950s actress and glamour model, Sabrina.

This is not the most flattering picture ever taken of Sabby.
For our media-savvy Sabby's built-in camera detector to fail is a very rare event.

And - click! The camera detector is working once more.

In the next photos, Sabby is in a different outfit, so she might have visited Dorincourt twice.

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