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Sabrina's Beehive (1962-1965)

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Several of these were found in Yahoo Groups

I really, really hate this 1960s beehive do. Really I do!

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

1962, around the time of the very confusing wedding plans with Sonny King

Found August 2020 - a beehive with a rare white bow!

Sabrina in beehive with white bow


Sabby in a beehive on a bed

English model and actress Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) (1936-2016) posed in a bedroom at the Dorchester Hotel in London on 18th March 1963.

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina in a beehive

Provided by Steve Page in 2016

In Cuba, 1962, the beehive was starting to evolve


You have to hand it to Sabrina.
She knew how to pose perfectly.

2 June 1966 - "Customs man told Sabrina she wasn't officially here. 'How can any man say I'm not here?' Britain's dumb blonde commented in reply."

Sabrina at Knottingley Carnival 4 July 1964

Thanks to Jon for this pic. More info .

On the 4th July 1964 the Carnival Queen Joan Tunningley was crowned by lusciously 'pneumatic' Sabrina, who opened the event and also presented cups to the Queen’s attendants and gave a kiss to lucky page boy, Kevin Eades.

Sabrina - Knottingley Carnival 1964

Sabrina with Jon's parents

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Best of our Beautiful Sabrina - VIP access

These were taken at the Dorchester Hotel on 18 March 1963 when she was rehearsing with Arthur Askey for a performance at 'Sunday Night At the Palladium'

Sabrina in a beehive Sabrina in a beehive

Sabrina in a beehive



Sabrina in a beehive Sabrina in a beehive

Apparently the photos above were date-stamped 1965, in Sweden.

Sabrina in a beehive Sabrina in a beehive

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

The shot above is, I believe, the worst ever taken of our Sabrina.

And here is another, taken an instant afterwards... slightly more smily

Sabrina, Las Vegas 1962, beehive

Sabby in Las Vegas, 1962

Sabrina in a beehive Sabrina in a beehive

17 March 1963

Sabrina in a beehive

(Supersized 20 Sept 2018)

Sabrina beehive

Zoomed in

Sabrina in a beehive with mirror

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

This one was found and sent in by Paul. Thanks, Paul!

 Sabrina in a beehive

The caption reads:

"Sabrina, away from England for 4 years, shows she has lost none of her charm. She is pictured at her London Hotel soon after flying in from Los Angeles to appear next Sunday with comedian Arthur Askey in a TV show at the London Palledium (sic). It was with Arthur Askey that Sabrina became famous - without saying a word. She just walked on stage in his TV Show. Her figure spoke for her."

Thanks to 'The Guy From the Netherlands' for the pic!

18 March 1963

'Back in London after 5 years in America'

Sabrina in a beehive Sabrina in a beehive Sabrina in a beehive

Sabrina - Norma Sykes

ceguah said: This photo [above]is from Rekord-Magasinet, a Swedish magazine directed to (young) men, mainly devoted to sports and short stories of suspense and adventure, always holding a high moral profile. The stories were generally followed by a ”bon mot” like ”Remember - crime doesn’t pay” and the like. If I remember right, the pic was accompanied by some words about Sabrina's trip to the USA, "but now the British are happy to to have their bosom queen back home again" or something like that. Exactly which issue and what year I don't know, but it is from the early sixties.

These are not the greatest photos of our Sabby - focus and composition are not good, and they were probably binned by the photographer or editor. Nevertheless, they are part of Our Sabrina's life. - Mark

And in August of The Year of The Plague 2020, we found a slightly extended remix of the arms-akimbo shot above - good for knee and thigh fans :-)

Sabrina in a beehive on a stool

In 1964, Sabby's beehive was devolving

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

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