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Paul Popper a Czech-born magazine writer and editor, emigrated to London and, building on his professional relationship with many European photographers and his own wide-ranging journalistic talents, established both a photo and literary agency and began to amass a photographic collection which has endured - and flourished - for nearly three-quarters of a century. He wrote features and took photos himself whilst his wife Erica sold them up and down Fleet Street. With Paul Popper's death in 1969, the company was sold. Source

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In February of 2011, a remarkable series of photos started appearing on eBay. I managed to grab the first of them for only $25 (thanks, B.O.O.B.S. contributors!) but then the internet exploded. The second sold for $78. The next hit over $80. The next over $100. One fetched $158! Truly amazing. I have managed to buy a few more since then, but the prices are often prohibitive.

Many thanks to:
- Simeon for improving the images posted on eBay
- Noble Herr Dave N for translating the German captions on the backs of the photos
- The Guy From the Netherlands , for sending me huge scans of the Popper pix he managed to buy

Sabrina's gown

From the Stockcar movie era - 1955.

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