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Encyclopedia Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes)

Sabrina in Lingerie

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For those with a superior lingerie knowledge than my own, I flipflop between calling her costume a 'bustier' and a 'corset' and other randomly desperate appelations.

Does anyone know for sure the name of the device that circumnavigates her upper quadrant?

Please get in touch.

Sabrina had the good sense to provide the world with pictures of her in various items of lingerie.

Thank heaven for that.

The Black Lingerie

18 March 2006 - normal image now supersized and BOOBS version also available, thanks to Sir H
There was an interesting stamp on the back of this photo...

Russ Meyer, renowned tits-man and director/producer of the classic arthouse film Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!, bragged that he shagged all of his models. Did he take this pic, I wonder?

Here's another one, but this bears the St Trinians school logo. Odd!

Shagpile Sabrina with St Trinians branding

Sabrina in a teddy

Same shoot, I suspect, with the shagpile cut out

Sabrina on shagpileSabrina on shagpile carpet

I suspect the shot above was very popular with the magazines!

Sabrina on shagpile

Sabrina on shagpile carpetSabrina - shagpile seriesSabrina on shagpile


sabrina side on border=

VIP members only!

Sabrina quips

Thanks to David Jackson again for this nice pic. He says it was from an American mag called 'Comedy' Vol 8 Number 56 from November 1960. Thanks, David!

Actually, I've just noticed it's a flipped version of sabrina-blackcorset4...

Sabrina - Black corset

BOOBS version of Sabrina in black corset\

sabrina in black corset

BOOBS version of Sabrina in black corset\

sabrina in a black corset

SabrinaSabrina - Norma SykesSabrinaSabrina


BOOBS version of Sabrina in black corset\

From Sabrina, Beautiful Britons #20, June 1957, thanks to Sir David J

Sabrina 1957Sabrina 1957Sabrina 1957Sabrina 1957

SabrinaSabrinaSabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina in Bolero magazine\ 1962

Bolero magazine, 1962

Sabrina in a Marilyn Monroe pose

Sabrina VIP



A lovely find - a 35mm colour slide from a series found by Scott P. Thanks, Scott!
I toned down that magenta cast in the full-sized and BOOBS images...


SabrinaSabrinaSabrina in underwear and a hatSabrina in underwear and a hatSabrina - Norma Sykes

Sabrina SabrinaSabrina
Is there a difference between the first two coy shots? The lips look a little more pursed in the second pic.

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ceguah said: Second photo of "Sabrina again"

Sabrina on the telephone

Sabrina on the telephone - VIP version


Sabrina near the telephone - VIP version

The original caption read: 'The TV star's measurements have changed recently from 39-24-37 to 40-23-36. We wonder where it will all end.'

[Probably at 41½-18-36]


The White Lingerie

Sabrina in LingerieSabrina - Norma SykesSabrinaSabrina fur

SabrinaSabrina in lingerieSabrina lingerie white

Do you have any Sabrina stuff? Please let me know

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