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A word from Mark, the SabrinaMaster

At the end of 1965 Sabrina left England to appear in America - onstage in "legitimate" theatre - but using her British bombshell credentials as collateral. She surprised many by demonstrating considerable competence as an actor in Pajama Tops .

That'll teach 'em 'gainst disrespectin' our Sabby.

In 1966, Sabrina toured the USA and Canada with the play ' The Loving Couch' with Virginia Mayo. Sabrina sent her scrapbook of articles and photos from those days to me to share with you. Thanks, Sabrina!

The story ends with Rattle of a Simple Mind in August 1966.

And after that, once again, the trail goes cold - until the next scrapbook arrives, maybe.

The only drawback in the scrapbook is that Sabrina didn't expect a daft Australian to be trying to assemble these articles into a coherent historical whole forty-two years later and she rarely wrote the date or location on the press clippings. I have gleaned some clues from the articles (and often from the back of the articles) but if you have further clarification, I'd be delighted if you let me know .

An Attempted Chronology

Play 1 - Pajama tops

Baltimore - 25 Dec 1965 - 11 Jan 1966

St Louis, Missouri (American Theatre), Jan 15 1966 - Jan 30 1966

According to 'Bombshells' - "In December 1964, a worldwide search for a bosomy successor to June Wilkinson (who was leaving to make a movie) in the bedroom-comedy stage hit Pajama Tops ended in the selection of Sabrina. But it soon became apparent that when it came to theatrical comedy talent, Sabrina did not quite measure up to her old friend and rival, and the show quickly closed."

Play 2 - The Loving Couch

0. "Record-breaking run in Hollywood" - there is no scrapbook material on this.

1. ST LOUIS, MISSOURI = American Theatre - Mon April 11 - Sat Apr 23 1966

2. COLUMBUS, OHIO = Hartman Theatre - April 25 - April 30 1966

3. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA - Penn Theater Auditorium - May 16 to Sat May 21

4. Norfolk, VIRGINIA = Center Theatre,

5. New Haven, VIRGINIA = Shubert Theatre

[To confuse matters further, there are NEW HAVENS in both Virginia and Connecticut]

[Clarity starts to appear - the SHUBERT theatres are a CHAIN, not a single theatre - and one is in New Haven CT and one is in Hollywood! Hmmm]

Sab definitely appeared in t he SHUBERT, NEW HAVEN. Perhaps the 'Hollywood' season was also in a Shubert - in Hollywood?

Wikipedia says "There are former Shubert-owned theatres across the United States that are still referred to by the Shubert name. One of the most famous is the New Haven Shubert , the second theater ever built by the Shubert Organization. Until the 1970s it was traditionally where major Broadway producers would premiere their shows before opening in New York (such as A Streetcar Named Desire ). It was immortalized in many mid-20th century films, such as All About Eve ."

>>> CANADA >>>

1. TORONTO - ROYAL ALEXANDRA Mon, June 6 - Sat, June 18 [1966]

2. FREDERICTON, Playhouse = July 5 - 6

3. HALIFAX - Queen Elizabeth

Play 3 - Rattle of a Simple Man

1. HOLLYWOOD - Ivar theatre. Previews: August 2-7 1966. Runs 9-12 August (at least)

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