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For a long time no-one knew if Sabrina was still alive, where she might be living, or what she was doing. But in 2003 she contacted the sabrinastuff site and we have had a wonderful opportunity to fill in the gaps in our understanding of Sabrina.

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Sabrina on the phone

Bullet 4 April 2003 - First contact - notes on that first phone call

Bullet (Email - 4:35 PM, Saturday, 3 May 2003 - L.A. time)

Hi Mark, I've just spent the last hour looking through some more of the Sabrina website.
I'm amazed and overwhelmed at the extent of the material on the site and interest from my fans which until now I never realised existed.

I am deeply touched by this and am sending my love and thanks to both yourself and all the fans out there.

Love Sabrina x x x

Bullet (Email - Wed May 28 12:43:44 2003 )

I want to send a big hug to all the people who remembered me on my birthday. I received many beautiful cards which helped to make my birthday one of the best I've had.

Love and hugs to you all. God Bless. Sabrina x x

Bullet 22 Sep 2003 - A letter from Sabrina (22 September 2003)

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes
Sabrina's autograph, 2003 style

Bullet 2 Oct 2003 - An Interview with Sabrina

Bullet 18 April 2004 - An Easter Card from Sabrina... click it to see it in full

Sabrina - Norma Ann Sykes

Bullet 1 July 2004 - A message from Steve, Sabrina's friend

Hello Mark,
I have to say that Sabrina was over the moon with the flowers you sent her for her birthday, she was well impressed. Sabrina is doing well, she has her ups and downs with her back problem but she's been doing much better than usual. Every time I take her out she always gets someone coming up and complementing her on how beautiful she is or asking if she's a movie star. She still has bags of charisma.
There were a couple of small pieces in The Daily Mail around the beginning of May and also a small piece in the Stockport Express . Also there was a documentary on Prince Charles' early years on British TV and apparently ther was some old footage of Prince Charles and Sabrina . It was apparently on Prince Charles' bachelor days and his former girlfriends, Sabby supposedly being one of them, although Sabby says they were just friends and went on a couple of dates.
I'm sorry Sabby doesn't reply to the many emails received from your site. Unfortunately I haven't been here much and she doesn't do computers or email. I do print them and pass on messages to her.
Hope to hear from you soon mate. God Bless..... Steve.

Christmas 2006 - a card from Sabrina. The first contact for a LONG time...

 Card from Sabrina

28 January 2007 - a 152 minute phone call from Sabby in which I learned some very interesting things. The most interesting things had to be left out for her personal wellbeing ("D'OH!" you cry, but maybe one day the story can be told in full).
27 September 2011 - phone interview #3 -recorded

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