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Weekend - 1959-04-18

It's no fun being a celebrity. You can be beautiful, rich and famous, but there are times when you wish you could go out for a little while without anyone spotting you, go out somewhere in old clothes and relax.

That's what Sabrina told me and I believed her. I've seen how she's mobbed and stared at wherever she goes. "If there was some way I could disguise myself..." she sighed.

Her wish came true. From the female impersonator in Sabrina's show, handsome young Frenchman Jackie Monnier, we borrowed a brunette wig. With it Sabrina looked completely different. No one recognised her and here's what happened when Jackie took her shopping at Sydney's crowded King's Cross.

Sabrina shopping in disguise in Sydney

Male heads turned when Sabby strolled the The Cross arm in arm with Jackie. But they were the heads that turn when any pretty girl passes by...

It's not everyone who can say he's helped Sabby pick out a set of frilly underwear. Jackie said: "You should have seen the black fluffies we chose!"

"I never dared go near a fruit barrow in London," Sabby told Jackie. "This is fun - I'll get some grapes."

"Righto, MISSUS!" the barrowman said. And he didn't bat an eyelid when he passed over the bag of fruit to one of the biggest names in show business.

Shopping's thirsty work. And when Sabby and Jackie stopped for a drink at The Rex, one smart barfly said to his mate: "I'll bet a quit that's Sabrina!" He was probably an accountant with a good head for figures.

And it was with regret that Sabby said farewell to the cosmopolitan island in Sydney called The Cross. "You just don't know how much I wanted to come here," she said. "But I wasn't game. It was a terrific thrill."

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