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17 JANUARY 1959, cover story

Hello, dear SabrinaFans. I need your help.

Recently I found on eBay an ad for an issue of Truth newspaper, a smutty rag from Melbourne, from 17 January 1959. It had a front-page article about a reporter's dinner date with Sabrina, and seemed quite interesting (from a Sabrina viewpoint at least).

The ad featured photos of two pages from the paper, but the photos were not very high resolution and the text was just barely legible. Some parts can be deciphered, but other parts are a blurry mess.

Even after using Photoshop to change the photos' levels, sharpness, colour mode (and even using a magnifying glass on the screen) much of the article is impossible for me to read.

So, I am asking those of you with sharper eyes, better Photoshop skills, or more patience than I if you can help with the humanitarian task of deciphering this article.

You can download the original untouched images by clicking the thumbnails here...

If you can help translate even a part of this newspaper, please get in touch and I will be mightily grateful!

Regards, Mark, the SabrinaMaster. 21 Feb 2021.


Below is that I managed to transcribe.

Sabrina has a beautiful nose, fragile hands and exquisite ankles.

I know this because I took her to supper after her Tivoli show one night this week.

Quite an assignment, collecting Sabrina in her pink-draped dressing room, wining and dining her, and driving her home at two o'clock in the morning!

? ? ? and middleaged journalist


Sabrina... "I like a man to boss me around, provided I like the man" ... "Apart from tonight I've not been on a single date in Melbourne" ... ""She has a distinct yen for Elvis Presley, Marlin Brando types are neat. She likes Panda (?), Bert Newton needs more experiences ("in interviewing ME on TV, anyway").

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