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"Don't Dress Like Sabrina"

Advice for Women by Dr Graham

The Sydney Morning Herald 22 Apr 1959

Dr Billy Graham, the American evangelist, told women in a record weekday crowd of 33,000 at the Sydney Showground last night that they should not dress like Sabrina.

He said women should make themselves as attractive as possible to their husbands, but they should not dress like Sabrina or "paint themselves like a Jezebel."

He said wives should run out and greet their husbands with a kiss when they came home from work.

Dr Graham spoke on home life and religion for an hour — twice as long as his usual address.

Last night's crowd brought the total of his Sydney Crusade attendances to 290,500, the biggest number for the first nine days of any of his

A small grey-haired woman in a wheelchair was the first of 2.017 people to make "decisions for Christ" last night.

"Decisions" in the Sydney Crusade now total 20,034.

Basis For Happy Marriage

Dr Graham said a happy marriage was based on:—

  • A benevolent, industrious, trustworthy wife and a loyal, honest husband in perfect command of his tongue.
  • A wife who made an effort to look attractive and keep the house dean.
  • A husband who gave his wife a small amount of money each week for her own use.
  • A home that was the centre of activity which kept children from "running off to joints."

Dr Graham said this"recipe" would not be successful without a full home life with God.

Estimated Cost To Be Exceeded

The secretary of the Sydney Crusade executive, Mr A. Gilchrist, told the crowd it would cost more than the estimated £77,500 to finance the Crusade.

He said later that the unexpected response to Dr Graham's invitations to "decide for Christ" would increase the cost.

"Follow-up" work by churchmen and counsellors would cost more than was expected.

Mr Gilchrist said he could not say how much money had been received at the meetings so far. Full details would be published after the Crusade.

Canon H. M. Arrowsmith, who is in charge of Bible sales at the Showground. said the demand for Bibles was "wonderful." Four branch stalls for Bible sales had been opened around the ground.

The Leader of the Opposition, Mr P. H. Morton, said yesterday that the Premier, Mr Cahill, should consider giving a State function in honour of Dr Graham.

Mr Cahill said he knew of no suggestion for a function for Dr Graham, and he was not aware that tradition required it.

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