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Nude Sabrina Jigsaw

Who would be interested in a jigsaw of our Sabrina in the altogether?

If you are interested, please get in touch . There is no obligation to buy.

4 February 2022 - My A3 sized nude Sabrina jigsaw has finally arrived. 40x30cm - 300 Pieces of black and white naked perfection. Noone has been in touch yet about wanting to buy one, so I will put it on eBay. It's a limited edition - I will sell no more than three of these. Note - the white strip at the top and left sides are a piece of paper behind the jigsaw.

Above, the actual jigsaw. The pen is for scale.
The white strips top and left are an A3 piece of poster paper behind the jigsaw.

In her pre-Sabrina days, Norma Sykes was a young lass from Northern England living in the hustle and bustle of busy London with a hungry dog, and little money. She subsisted on the wages of a waitress in a greasy spoon café, eating little so she she could feed Shane, her beloved German Shepherd.

Desperate for food, she agreed to pose nude for photographer Russell Gay. The shots drew the attention of people at the BBC, leading to her career as Sabrina , but the pictures (so it is said by her) haunted her for the rest of her life.

Whether she did in fact hate them and publicly destroy them when she found them on sale is open to debate. Steve Cochran, her onetime arm-candy, suggested that her outrage was not as genuine as it seemed and that sh e delighted in the publicity.

I came across a set of the infamous glossy photos some years back (don't ask how), but never published them unredacted, out of consideration for Sabrina's sensitivities when she was still with us. But now she has been gone for a while, I think her fans might want to enjoy the mystery of those forbidden images.

In jigsaw format*.

Please get in touch if you might be interested in investing in a jigsaw of nude Sabrina. If there is sufficient interest I may offer the other other three nude shots in the same way.

They are not cheap to commission, so early estimates suggest that one will cost approximately $AU50, $US35, £GB27 or €32 plus postage .

All proceeds from sales will go towards paying for domain registration, site hosting and purchases of new Sabrinastuff.

If you want a special order, I can have any other text added to the jigsaw for yourself or a gift recipient.
( Extra time and money will apply)

Its assembled size is 16x12 inches (40x30cm) in 300 pieces.
No picture of the solved puzzle comes with the jigsaw. You need to assemble it blind.

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